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Added By: WildeHilde
Date Added: 14 April 2013 - 08:42 PM
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Summary: All your questions about Arena Junkies discussed and most of them answered.
First Arena Junkies podcast with Vanguards, Sykeasaurus, Thaya and Hildegard. We discussed a lot of things (see below) all around Arena Junkies and World of Warcraft PvP. We had some DDOS issues, but the show went well overall.

Included are also some shots of the BWC:Shanghai showing Vanguards, Rapture, Diziet, Reckful, Kollektiv, Venruki and Zunniyaki among others. They start around 10 minutes into the video.

Drama is ok to some extent, but things like showing private data, is racist or includes threads will of course be moderated. Also drama should be relevant not pointless. It's a fine line to walk.

Banning wintraders or DDOSers aren't banned because it's impossible for AJ moderators to confirm or deny these accusations. In the rare case that someone admits to wintrading or DDOSing they will banned. Skype logs and screenshots can easily be photoshoped.

Decision about the Junkie status has not been made, yet. Rating inflation will play a huge role and AJ wants to look how it turns out. The class forums will however be accessible for everyone most likely. Also people like Lazerchicken (Moonkin guide) and Vadrak (Tournament UI) that provide quality content are considered to be given Junkie status manually even if they don't meet the requirements. Changes have to be made carefully starting with the class forums and promoting the Waiting Room first.

If you meet the requirements for Junkie status and don't have it, yet - post in this thread under Site Feedback and Vanguards will promote you within a few days.

AJ wants to provide player incentive over monetary incentives for content. People who want to be make content should be able to make it. Arena Junkies is a stage where you can make yourself a name. So getting promoted here is helping with video and stream views and this is a way AJ can help with monetization. Adding a paypal button to user profile pages is considered but it won't be done in the immediate future.

Outdated things will be removed over time. Vanguards and Rapture are working on that currently. Guides and macros need to be overworked.

Curse plans a tournament, better than the King of the Hill.

Sykeasaurus refused to sing a song on stream!

AJ wants to promote tournaments. Even smaller ones like server tournaments. Contact Vanguards if you want your tournament promoted but make sure to tell him ahead of time.

Good content should be promoted more. There are technical difficulties with promoting user content to the frontpage but reposting these topics like Tosan's video or Eldacar's resilience guide is something AJ wants to do a lot more. Contact Vanguards, Hildegard or the moderators if you have high quality content and want it promoted. This includes blogs.

Other games can be discussed in sub forums but the experiment with Guild Wars 2 failed. We won't promote content for other games on the frontpage.

RBGs are a solid topic but they suffer from balance issues, DDOS and boosting way more than arenas. Only very few classs combinations are competitive. So they will most likely not become a main topic for AJ.

Class forum moderators are considered and Vanguards as well as the mod team is looking for candidates.

We are looking for tutorials for really new players. I promised to create some guides about that. We want a new "How to improve your arena rating thread" and we want to feature people like Ardnut and Amiza that fought so hard to gain Junkie status.

“Battle” (by Jahzzar)

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