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Added By: WildeHilde
Date Added: 12 April 2013 - 04:05 PM
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Summary: All relevant mage animations, tooltips and icons.
In this video I show you all important mage animations so you know what happens when you face a mage in the arena. This is the fifth video of a series about animations on all classes.

This video contains the following animations:
Alter Time, Blink, Cone of Cold, Counterspell, Deep Freeze, Evocation, Frost Armor, Mage Armor, Molten Armor, Invisibility, Ice Block, Frost Nova, Mirror Images, Polymorph, Spellsteal, Presence of Mind, Blazing Speed, Ice Floes, Temporal Shield, Ice Barrier, Ring of Frost, Ice Ward, Frostjaw, Cold Snap, Nether Tempest, Living Bomb, Frost Bomb, Incanter's Ward, Icy Veins, Water Elemental, Freeze, Frozen Orb, Pyroblast, Scorch, Combustion, Dragon's Breath, Inferno Blast, Arcane Barrage, Arcane Blast, Arcane Power, Slow.

Animations are from all three mage specializations Frost, Fire and Arcane. Also cooldowns and icons are shown.

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