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Added By: Vexxius
Date Added: 28 November 2011 - 08:38 AM
Views: 11,592
Summary: Patch 4.2 - 3v3 Arena
Hello fellow junkies,

I'd like to present Vexxius II - my second "formal" movie.

I decided to push this video out quick; as Patch 4.3 is imminent, I wanted to release this video before Patch 4.2 footage would be rendered irrelevant.

Team compositions featured in this video include KFC w/ Resto Druid, WLS, WMP, and WRS. All matches were played at approximately 2200 MMR (give or take; post-nerf of course).

Music details below.

  • Introduction (WCM Logo): Korn - Narcissistic Cannibal
  • Background song 1: Snip from PWW - DJ NADE - METAL STEP ()
  • Background song 2: Feint - Vision Driver
  • Background song 3: Jib Jab - We Are Loud
  • Background song 4: Snip from DJ NADE - "HIP HOP DUB" Dubstep (http://soundcloud.co...new-hip-hop-dub)
  • Background song 5: PWW - BEST House - Electro Mix by BASSNATION ()
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I hope you enjoy!

See you next season.

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Vexxius ( 05 January 2012 - 07:34 PM )


Well, first I must ask as to why you chose to skip over Deadly Calm! It's one of our best offensive cooldowns.

I can't really see what you're doing wrong in regards to dealing damage, but just make sure you're not using heroic strike when under ~65 rage, use csmash on cooldown, etc.. If you have a video of 3v3 footage, post it and I'll gladly critque.


I'm not really affiliated with Skill Capped (at least their website). I'm in Skill Capped the guild, which doesn't mean anything considering anyone at all is allowed in.

Also... my latest video is indeed not this one (I'm not 100% proud of this one). Go to http://www.youtube.c...RA8ZerjS7g&hd=1 for my newest.

Bulligerentz ( 01 January 2012 - 07:30 AM )

horribad skill capped baddie

tyree ( 26 December 2011 - 07:34 PM )

vexius great vid bro enjoyed it alot...question ive been running 2s/3s playing war/Hpally 2s and kitty cleave or tsg....for some reason im doing less damage then other warrior but i am able to still do enough for a kill..what is it that i can change in my game play to hepl damage out put...here is my armory

My link

Vexxius ( 22 December 2011 - 08:59 PM )

Slam imo, w/ 2 points in incite. Check out Hoodr's spec on KT.

brent12345 ( 21 December 2011 - 05:08 AM )

1 thing, HS or slam?

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