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Added By: Freze
Date Added: 06 February 2011 - 05:53 AM
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Hi AJ,

Just posting a short 4 min vid, wanted to test out Fraps and Vegas junk :P

Probably going to be releasing an actual video sooner or later, MLD/MLPa and RMP post4.0.6

What to expect;
-3 matches, Mage PoV in MLPa
-Voice & Music
-BG9 2300-2500 MMR opponents (I think we hovered @ 2500-2600 MMR)
-Mistakes <3

Thought it would be cool to showcase some of our matches!

AddOns; SUF, interruptbar, omnicc, gladius, quartz, tidy-threatplates

Song; J5 - work it out

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