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I have a GoFundMe Please Support it

25 July 2014 - 04:18 AM

It's an hour and 12 minutes long but that's my introduction into who I am.

This is the link to the actual GoFundMe:


Please support it and help spread it. I would really appreciate it. :)

How are you guys doing by the way? What's new with you all as well?

"Happy" aka "Keep the fire alive." New track

03 May 2014 - 02:04 AM

Ayy, how's it going AJOT?

X and Dustin made this instrumental for me to Rap to on Wednesday. I wrote to it Thursday and recorded it today. Check it out - I made a video with lyrics:

Positive and uplifitng Rap music. lolwut.


Cold as ice as I roll the dice - Livin' life ghostly like a poltergeist -
mostly with the rhythm with the misses on the mission and wishin' of uplifin' to be givin' up division
never fearin' no hesitation just the vision demonstratin' elevation -
innovation illustratin' and through chasin' my dreams I'm set to shake up the scenes of Rap today 'cuz it seems that the way to seek fame
is to be be basic n' lame - defacin' ya name just basically chained - They hear of Rap and they're laughin it's just asses and cappin'
me I'm just after maxin' back in a cabin

I wanna live good and I wanna be happy I just wanna be me
I wanna spread my wings and fly away
wishin' no one would die today
I wanna live good and I wanna be happy I just wanna be free
givin' it my all and try to say:
within' us all is fire n' flame

Keep the fire alive 'cuz when the fire has died your life is in the air like a wireless tie:
keep on pyrin' with pride dream of Veyron's to slide
Anything you want just find it inside
steada' violent be wise don't just stymy and lie
so just listen and you'll fly - hear my rhymes and be high
use your mind and be spry and when you finally die
remember why you do it and with vibrancy shine:

I wanna live good and I wanna be happy I just wanna be me
I wanna spread my wings and fly away
wishin' no one would die today
I wanna live good and I wanna be happy I just wanna be free
givin' it my all and try to say:
within' us all is fire n' flame

Aspire to be more and afire to the core
rise up through the storm and lose the violence and the scorn
blinded by the lies like a visor when you're born
always seek the truth 'cuz dire is the form
Deceitful these people and their vices devisive with devices were lifeless
so I'll write and despite this just to light up my likeness
with the height of this crisis always be yourself 'cuz life is the nicest!

Don't be anything - but you, my dear
Don't be anything - buy true, I fear

You can do anything you set your mind to.
Just believe that you can and you will.
Have faith in your ability to learn and don't to villainy turn.
Love thy neighbor and love you'd willingly earn.

2323: The Awakening - Book I am writing

25 April 2014 - 02:35 AM

Hey. I have been writing a book and I copied a good portion of what I have written to Google Docs. I lost the notebook again so I can't copy more currently.

Still, I've got it on GoogleDocs. I don't want to post it publicly but if you message me your email I will give you permission to read and comment on it.

It's called "2323: The Awakening" as the title would indicate.

It follows the story of Asher Wright, a tall, blonde German who accidentally meets and falls in love with a girl named Mira Lubova. On an impromptu 6 year anniversary trip to Boston Mira goes unconscious unexpectedly. Asher takes her to the Hospital wherein they learn that Mira has a rare form of cancer affecting her brain stem - she is given six months to live and essentially doomed to death. Nearing the end of her "term" her Oncologist contacts her with an opportunity. She accepts. Together, Asher and Mira are frozen and sent 300 years in the future to the year 2323. Mira awakens early and finds that the world is not what it used to be. Asher awakens 20 years later and sets out to find her in a world torn by the aftermath of our environmental destruction. Unbeknownst to Asher, Mira has been taken in by "The City" - a megalopolis stretching from New York City to Albany wherein a majority of the population are slaves.

If you are interested in reading what I have written so far I will be glad to send an invitation.

I'd really appreciate your thoughts.

Have a fantastic night gentlemen.

Voiceover narrated version of what I have copied over to GDocs so far:


New track "City Lights" + Updates

29 March 2014 - 08:52 AM

Hey, it's been a while but I'm back. I finally finished my first actual track. It's titled "City Lights" and is a statement toward society and our dependence on technology and lack of humanity.



I performed the track on Thursday and got invited to do another show on May 3rd. Life is good. I'm going to keep working hard and keep improving.

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on it.

"Keep the fire alive inside you." - Baron X.