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#3807853 All MMR gets reset down to 2.2 next maintenance

Posted gangstalicious on 20 November 2012 - 03:15 AM

rip regent

forever duelist

#3807840 All MMR gets reset down to 2.2 next maintenance

Posted Claynz on 20 November 2012 - 03:01 AM

This is nice, they did something right :)

So today i gona bring a unmanipulated happy picture of GC for the first time on AJ!

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#3791073 Avatar vs Stormbolt vs Bloodbath

Posted khuna on 15 October 2012 - 04:44 PM

Comparing Avatar to those two others talents is like comparing google chrome to internet explorer

#3774691 ArenaJunkies Ghostcrawler interview - post your questions

Posted Kettu on 19 September 2012 - 12:38 PM

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#3739391 Evil Geniuses hosts Raid Call World of Warcraft Invitational

Posted Rooftrellen on 06 August 2012 - 10:01 PM

conradical best commentator

#3643150 Rdruid opinions for MoP

Posted Durial on 16 February 2012 - 06:28 PM

Of course, what we see looks good on paper, but we'll wait for the final result. Hopefully rdruids are not the underdogs, because let's face it, probably the most fun class to play in Arena(from personal experience)

#2924077 Best Healer ATM

Posted Puch on 24 December 2010 - 10:00 PM

idk why everyone says druids are underpar, im loving it personally, just give undispellable barkskin and we're good to go

#2885842 Efficient method for healing battle grounds

Posted Filovirus on 11 December 2010 - 09:28 PM

bareblar03 said:

I click all of my abilities on my hot bar and I use the arrow keys to control my character when healing, it allows me to easily run in circles and die often, I definitely feel like it's a viable method to heal in Battlegrounds.

Interesting, because I could swear that 99% of pug bg healers on my team do that. Clearly a functional and effective way to heal your team.

#2677310 how do you avoid choking vs terrible teams

Posted Laserfeet on 05 October 2010 - 12:08 AM

have you tried reseting your router?

#2234687 BLC-BloodlineChampions-WoW arena without the RNG

Posted ashyo on 31 May 2010 - 05:41 PM

im currently in the beta and can give friend invitations to the beta if anyone wants in ( make sure you add your email) .. and there is no monthly fee.. and as mentioned.. this game is completely skill based and there are no overpowering classes over others... easily one of the most balanced games ive ever played.. lots of fun too!!!

#2234629 BLC-BloodlineChampions-WoW arena without the RNG

Posted Inscripted on 31 May 2010 - 05:20 PM

not sure If I should have posted this in general or off-topic, but I decided that it is very close to WoW arena so I posted it here.

Bloodline champions

Next part is not written by me, copied it from
(follow that link if you want pictures and links too)

Part One – The Journey begins
It’s been over 2 weeks now since Yiska was fortunate enough to get in to the beta of ‘Bloodline Champions’, and was doubly fortunate in meeting ESL’s James ‘2GD’ Harding in-game who then offered the staff at Hydramist each a beta key. Since that time – Yiska, Kalimist, myself and other individuals from the Hydramist staff have had our weekends completely taken over by this mind blowing game. If you’ll bare with us we’d like to take you on a journey through our experiences and, God’s willing, by the end of it we’ll have imparted even a small slice of our excitement about this gem of a game and the possibilities Stunlock Studios hold in their hands.

It’s Monday evening, we’ve all received our beta keys and navigated through the various links, verifying accounts and finally starting the download process. We huddle together on Skype and start the usual pre-beta ritual of speculative discussion based on what little we know, our attention having been forwarded to the Youtube link on the main page of the Bloodline Champions (henceforth BLC) website. We’re a bit wary approaching it, we’ve heard it all before –  games that promise better, more intense PvP action than the rest and yet fail on  delivering (AoC / WAR looking at you here). 30 minutes later, after throwing around the usual arguements of pitfalls developers fall in to when making such games, the download is complete, we’re in.

Upon logging in, we’re immediately greeted by a tribal  / earthen theme with accompanying music, somewhat reminiscent of the dark gothic theme in Blizzard’s Diablo series. We fumble around a bit in the lobby, pushing the various buttons as man does when coming up against the unknown, until we manage to organise ourselves long enough to move ourselves to a private channel so we can all find out each other’s names and go from there. Kalimist gets called to do 3s and Rottenbob still hasn’t got around to installing, so it’s just Jamsam, Olilold, Yiska and I. Undeterred we press on in our journey, Olilold gets up a game and we quickly join and organise ourselves in to two teams for a few bouts of 2v2.

The character selection process is simple. Each class is split up in to one of 4 archetypes: Melee, Ranged, Healer, and Tank. We choose our classes at random then move to the battle phase. Inside the Arena, we all quickly take the time out to read our abilities, making quick comparisons to similar spells in the WoW universe and formulating all the ways we’re going to weave our abilities together to bring a world of pain to our opponents. We run in to the middle of the arena, spot our opponents, then we’re off after their blood. It’s a hasty, messy affair over almost before it began, and we find ourselves back in the starting area ready for round 2, losers and victors alike eager for a 2nd bout. It continues this way for a few hours, we mix up which heroes we play, who’s on whose team, even the arena environments we’re playing on. By the end of the first session, we all have our favourite heroes / archetypes, and we’re pretty damn excited about what we’ve seen.

So what is it that excited us exactly? One of the first things we noticed was the aiming system. It’s like a mix between HoN / DotA with Diablo 2’s emphasis on mouse targetting. There are no auto target spells, even the heals have to be fired as projectiles and targetted correctly. This lends to the game’s feeling of immersion, as you’re constantly having to focus to make sure each and every one of your spells connects with the intended target.

Secondly, the pace of the game. The games are extremely fast paced in the heat of combat thanks to the short CDs on each ability (13 seconds is I think the longest CD on an ability that I’ve come across). It’s not about outlasting the opponents, there’s no mana resource, no long cooldowns. It’s all about getting in their face, denying their abilities by evading or disabling, then unleashing your own. You’re always on your toes, and at the risk of using this cliché: it’s not over until it’s over. I’ve seen plenty of 2v3, even 1v3 comebacks since players are able to capitalise on even a single mistake from the opponent’s carelessness and make them pay for it.

Emphasis on active use of abilities.  You have to carefully choose when to use each and every ability. The CDs are relatively short in real-time (7-10 seconds for the most part), but even 5 seconds feels like a lifetime with the pace of games in BLC. Unlike most games, there’s no auto-attack feature. Each class has a sort of main ‘auto-attack-esque’ ability with no CD bound by default to their M1(Mouse 1) button, and a specialist CD attack bound to their M2: Melee and Tanks have a ranged attack with a snare/ stun/ grip component to assist them on closing distance; Ranged have a nuke / stun hybrid ability; Healers have their heal of course which has no CD like the rest, however it has it’s own interesting limitation imposed…

New healing mechanic: Any time a player is at the receiving end of an offensive ability, they are able to be healed for a maximum of 25% of their maximum health.  Of course during combat while actively taking damage, the target is able to be healed at any time. This essentially stops healers being pidgeon-holed in to a purely spam healing role, encouraging them to make use of their various support tools, as well as not allowing teams to simply run away and reset the fights when something goes bad, which is a frequent occurrence in WoW’s Arena for example, and a point of frustration for many. An innovative solution which helps keep the pace of the game nice and fast if I may say so. It’s also impossible for a healer to outheal the damage of even a single DPSer, players are encouraged to kite / avoid damage while low to buy time for their healer to top them off.

Herald is unable to heal himself further since his healthbar is capped. Bandaging is the only way to raise health past this point without re-engaging the enemy

Positional / environmental awareness and map control. Being aware of your position in relation to the other team is vital in BLC, as being caught in a bad spot without your escape tools off CD can swiftly lead to your untimely demise. Another interesting mechanic Stunlock Studios have introduced in to their game is the environmental and map control effects some abilities have. Tanks can literally tank damage by moving in the way of incoming projectiles and taking the hits, players are able to ‘body block’ to keep their enemies away from certain areas. Various reflect abilities keep you on your toes lest you find your own flaming projectile rocketing towards your team. Nomad’s slow moving Boomerang projectiles persist on the battlefield effectively allowing her to influence map control. It’s a new concept players coming from other games have to be aware of and again weaves itself in nicely with the other elements of the game to give a greater feeling of immersion.
Thorn unleashes an Earth Goo attack on Herald

Herald is able to predict the incoming projectile and employs a Chronoflux

Thorn is now at the receiving end of his own attack

And of course, complete emphasis on player skill as the deciding factor in games. There are no crits. There are no passive abilities. There are no procs. In short, there is no RNG, no luck factor. If you die, it’s because you or your team made a mistake, or were simply outmatched. We’ve often speculated how WoW would be if such things as crits, resists and misses etc were taken off the table, and Stunlock Studios seem to have been on the same wavelength in this regard and have taken positive initiative. This helps a great deal in BLC’s quest to become a serious name in competitive e-sports.

Diversity in classes. Every tank is unique compared to other tanks, same with the melee, ranged and healers. They each have their defining role, and changing even one Bloodline in your setup for another Bloodline of the same archetype leads to completely different playstyles.

Intuitive implementation of ‘ultimates‘. In order to unleash an ultimate in BLC, players have to successfully connect with their abilities. Each spells has an ‘energy gain’ component, telling you how much each successful hit of that ability will boost your ultimate bar (ultimate bar is the yellow bar under the red health bar seen in the screenshots). Once the bar is full, the ultimate is ready to use. This system effectively does 2 things; encourages people to want to connect their big energy-contributing moves and rewards them with an ultimate for doing so; also the fact that ultimates require time to build up means battles aren’t decided by who presses their big buttons first, like they are in HoN / DotA, and players have to choose whether to use their ultis separately or save them and unleash them all as one in a devastating flurry.

Tzimisce’s Ultimate bar (yellow bar) is ready, as confirmed on screen. He hits his opponent with his stored Ultimate.

By the end of the first night, we were still left wanting more. Unfortunately, being a Monday the servers went down in the early hours of the morning for maintenance and would not be coming back up until the following Friday. For the past 2 weeks, days leading up to Friday have been managed as best they can while we fervently counted down how long left we had to wait until the servers would finally be back online so we could continue our journeys in to all that is BLC.

Part Two – Can’t get out
Week two, shit starts getting serious. We have four days to play this week instead of one, and our meagre ranks for private games are swelled by the likes of Kalimist, Rottenbob, James ‘2GD’ Harding, even some of the Developers themselves, amongst others. We’ve moved on from 2v2 (which by the way, still has a nice pace to it unlike WoW’s 20 min and upwards stalemate games), to 3v3, which like WoW seems to be the main focus of BLC. It’s quite a step going from 2v2 to 3v3, making a mistake that you can recover from in 2v2 can be fatal in 3v3. The setups are infinite, we’re constantly mixing up who’s playing who, we’re falling over ourselves, but we’re still having fun, even if you lose you still have fun. I don’t know what it is, but PvP in this game is really addictive. We’re hooked.

During the second week, the Developers have managed to find their way in to our secret society and are keen to hear what we have to say about the game thus far. We were all quite flattered that the Developers saw it fit to ask our opinions so directly, and even more surprised when they offered to play / observe games with us. Most of the Devs come from WoW and have a solid Arena background, so their experience in that regard is similar to our own, though naturally they’ve been out of WotLK with all the time they’re spending on their own game. It’s awesome that the Devs are so involved in their own game, they all make sure to play it pretty actively and are quite high up in the division rankings despite all the work time they have to spend on making the game. This for me, and the others, was quite a big thing, as in WoW the Devs all seem to be disconnected from the game itself, or at least the PvP aspects of the game, whereas here you can actually see them beta testing the game themselves and really taking on board what the players are saying.

Indeed, a few suggested changes that have been made over private chat / Skype calls with the Devs have mysteriously found themselves in to the next beta build. Most interesting of all though? The current top 10 ranked players of any given season will be given ‘Council’ status, and will have a direct line to the Developers to discuss the balance of the game and give suggested changes. It’s an interesting concept for sure, but advice from these Council members will need to be taken with a pinch of salt as almost everyone is biased to some extent, but I’m sure the guys at Stunlock Studios will approach game balance with integrity and come out with a solid product at the end of it.

It’s now the third week that team Hydramist has been on the beta, and we’re still burning with excitement each time we all get together ready to log on and play. By now we’ve all explored the Match-Making system, though at this point in the beta only a solo queue is available, though Team MM is supposedly around the corner. It’s an interesting experience playing MM games, similar to WoW’s arena ranking system in it’s current implementation. You have 5 different Tiers of ranked play (from Proving Grounds to League of Legends), each further broken up in to divisions, and then of course you have Seasons similar to WoW’s, when presumably prizes will be given out at the end of once the game reaches live. The current playerbase is naturally somewhat limited since it’s in Beta stage, so sometimes you play with / against people who are under / over your level of performance during rated MM games, but again once the game reaches live and the playerbase increases I don’t see this being a concern at all. At the end of each week, players are moved up / down Tiers, while you can move up / down divisions in your Tier any time you play based on your ’score’ (rating equivalent).

Despite being in it’s beta stages, competitive arena play is already being encouraged. Weekly tournaments are held every Sunday, and can be viewed here. Perhaps next week you’ll see Hydramist getting a team together and competing so make sure to catch the games! As soon as the Team MM is released I expect players will begin taking competitive play that much more serious, as having to rely on the randoms you’re playing with being better than the guys on the other team isn’t that great concept, something Blizzard should take heed of with their upcoming Rated Battleground system in Cataclysm, games are always more fun when playing with friends.

All that being said, Bloodline Champions is an inspired PvP game focusing on Arena combat, and it promises casual and hardcore gamers alike an interesting experience providing the Match-Making system is successfully implemented, with correct divisional segregation. Judging from what I’ve seen, in terms of both the current game and the level of input the Devs are giving, I have every faith that this game can find a place in professional e-sports, threatening World of Warcraft’s position in the e-sports scene if Blizzard decide to continue focusing on PvE as a priority.


''They are only focused on e-sports - the game is balanced solely around PvP and nothing will change this from what I have heard, hopefully they wont sell out to some big company as we know big companies only care about one thing.
Short Cooldowns on all abilities, you have to connect every ability and even ultimates are possible to avoid''


''I love that I can play a match in 10 minutes and then just log off, no preperation required. The chances of being frustrated in those few minutes are fairly slim as well, as there is no RNG to annoy me.''


''Even in Beta phase the game already looks pretty well balanced. Enjoyable to play and pretty straight forward, you just log in and play arenas without worrying about leveling, gearing and etc like you
need to do in WoW to stay competitive.''


''I like the way in which the game has no gear. In WoW, too many times do you lose matches purely due to the fact that x team has PVE gear, while you have PVP gear.''

The elimination of gear in the game adds to the balance, makes it a lot more fun, and also makes it much more accessable to players who are late joining.


''Best thing at the moment competitively, is how at the end of the beta weekends the community host tournaments with multiple slots and streams, with the developers get involved and even participate.
This is a good way for you to play against the best players and see yourself progress team-wise while we wait for team matchmaking system to be implemented.''

Part 3 & more of our journey in to the world of Bloodline Champions will be out after the Team Match-Making system is released.
For those of you interested in trying this game out for yourselves, sign up for chance to get a beta key here. We’ll also be hosting a competition in the near future giving away keys to Hydramist community members so stay tuned!
Yours sincerely, faithfully and last but by no means least loathingly,

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What do you think?
Looks promising to me. GIEF BETA KEY NOAW.