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Posted Embriox on 06 September 2012 - 05:50 PM

Kushi is boss

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Posted cochonhalal on 06 September 2012 - 04:32 PM

everything on one finger? holy shit respect

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Posted L0Liver on 16 June 2011 - 06:19 PM

super mario, final fantasy, chrono trigger, zelda ocarina of time, mega man, bomberman, half-life 1, onimusha, ninja gaiden, devil may cry, street fighter, secret of mana,

and worlf of warcraft.

Now wat was the difference betwen these games and wow.

The amount of skill and fun factor you achieve by clearing a content in any of those games in its current timeline was 10x higher then world of warcraft. CLearing a content in wow is not even fun the first time, even tho u havent even cleared it already, u know exactly what to do, even before u been there, like reading a fully detailed guide on how to clear the entire final fantasy series, and people used to get respect for wearing epics back in the days, cuz they read a guide, and prayed that their raid partners wouldnt fuck up.

its been like this since day 1, u kill something, u recieve loot, u have a 0.00000001% drop chanse to get a companion that looks like a normal tabby cat or a epic item that u already seen pictures of on wowhead.com and read about 10 times already, all u want is for it to drop, and if it doesnt, u have the clear the content next week, just to get a item, that u wont actually need anymore since you already done the hardest thing there is in pve WITHOUT that weapon.

This is the main problem with todays game, I find the lvling system fun, it is something that keeps you playing, explore new things, but when it comes down to this, when a game realises 100% on this system, it suddenly becomes retarded.

The game industry is destroyed, the online system ruined it mainly, when it became competive and people actually played to become better at something and gain some self confidence, but all the self confidence is flushed down the toilet when you know you wont get gladiator cuz you play a non OP viable setup and gets facerolled by tsg that will laugh at you next season to tell you how bad you are, on top of that, theres so many cheaters atm.

Theres cheaters in modern warfare, starcraft and world of warcraft. here some of the exploits you can use to increase your online reputation and get some fake respect.

Exploiting the MMR system.


Using hacks and programs like


and yes this one is working as of today, I heard about several 2700+ players using it.

Playing a overpowered class or setup or/and using pve gear.

Using shit loads of addons that helps you track everything in the game.


Using other minor hacks and exploits like dcing people from arena, gcd hack etc.

Some of those things have been fixed yes and as in many other games things gets fixed all the time, but this is just the things we actually know about, how many high rated players are using hacks or exploits that no one else knows about, ( people with a brain that dont share it to half the wow community ) I bet many of you had no idea about all this shit, everyone is talking about the MMR exploit 24/7, I can tell you now that is the least concern about the current state of arena, if it was properly balanced those people wouldnt have such a easy time to reach this kind of TEAMRATING. MMR doesnt mean shit and never did in wow, as soon as people discuss exp or realese a new video they put up their MMR on the titel, I DONT CARE ABOUT UR MMR, UR MMR CAN BE 9000, UR TEAM RATING STILL SAYS 1900, AND U AINT GETTING SHIT FOR THAT.

The first time zul gurub was added in cata I went in as a tank, I knew nothing about the instance, and it took me 10 different groups and several hours of playing to clear it, I had played with probably 30 different players ( they all left after a whipe ) when it was finished, I didnt read any guides, I didnt use any hacks, I went in, discussed the boss we just wiped on, and tried again, and ive never been so satisfied in wow as I was when it was cleared, not even when beating R1 players in 3v3.

So if your still asking urself, are the games better today then they were before? no, they are complete shit today, they are like the matrix, to get as much out of you as possible while you walk around in a dream world in your belife that your playing something that will boost your self confidence.

Its so easy to spot, so easy, and its laughable how dumb we are, just look at the leave qeue button, how many here have clicked it by misstake and lost a arena game cuz of that? WHY IS IT EVEN THERE? Theres only one reason for it to be there, for u to fuck up and do a misstake so you have to spend more time on wow and pay more money to blizzard, THATS whats games are all about today, as athene said, MONEY.


Edit: just wanna inform aswell that I never ever tried to achieve high rating with hacks, exploits or anything that is against the common sence of true gamer. And sorry for my bad spell-ing, im not a mage :)))

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Posted Avitus on 24 February 2011 - 11:59 AM

Someone smart said in another thread that WoG is necessary since Ret has no real peels. This couldn't be more true. In 2v2 if they go for your healer most DPS has so many tools to keep their healer alive. A Warrior will disarm/stun/fear/hamstring/piercing howl, a DK will death grip/perma desecrationlol/petstun/silence, a Rogue will disarm/stunlock/silence/blind/cripple, a Feral will Cyclone/Cyclone/Cyclone/Stun/Root.

Each class has a bucket full of abilities, many of which are on short cooldowns and almost all of which are not dispellable.

What will Ret do? Throw 1 WoG heal at their healer, get our amazing 1 minute CD HoJ/Repent dispelled or grounded, 2 min CD Hand of Sacrifice/HoF dispelled/purged and then watch their healer die as we fumble unable to do anything to stop the pain train. Zealotry/DP procs + WoG spam is our ONLY peel right now.

And I'm not even going to mention 1v1 or survivability as it's frankly pointless.

Holy Power as a choice between damage and healing is definition of a good, balanced mechanic. If the numbers are out of whack, adjust the numbers, don't break the mechanic.

How to fix Ret healing, pick 1 or more:

-Remove Selfless Healer.
-Move Last Word out of reach of Ret.
-Reverse the adjustment to DP proc + Eternal Glory, or just move Eternal Glory out of reach.
-If you must nerf SS, there are numbers that exist between 30 and 60. How about 40, 45?

Jeez, I hope they were just playing around with the PTR :|