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Multi-Glad Returning, Looking for opinions

26 October 2014 - 05:14 AM

Hi friends, to those of the many DK's i've helped in the past and you remember me, please say hi.

I'm looking for opinions on DK's come the next expansion for pvp and RBGs. I'm looking to casually return and play.

I boosted a monk to 90, they look extremely fun. Gear sucks but still fun to play.

I have a druid i've gotten glad with before in the past as well, and feral looks extremely fun.

I am torn between what I want to do next expansion. From what I can understand we've lost necrotic strike but our abilities don't rely on diseases anymore?

Also, very lost on all this new stats and stuff. Could someone help me out or forward me to an FAQ? Will Unholys been mastery main stats? haste? what is multistrike and versiltility? Also, I see that scourge strike can now be called casino strike again as it can strike twice again, as like it did in season 7 if I remember.

Anyways, i'll keep this post short and sweet.

Thanks fellas.

Multi-Glad Returning to the game for Xpan looking for team

23 October 2014 - 06:52 PM

Hello, to anyone that remembers me, hi!

I'm looking to return to the game for arenas and pvp/rated battlegrounds next expansion and looking for some people/friends to play with. I'm looking to play either my DK again or a monk. Unsure.

Also looking for some old friends i've played with. None are on sargeras anymore. If you recognize me, message me and say hi.