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#4458413 Ingame macro to allow cheating (warlock)

Posted Wallirik on 23 July 2015 - 05:28 PM

So I was linked this nice official wow forum thread

Thread is about a macro, that you can spam, and it will not use spell lock unless your target is casting (you can actually fake this, but yeah same deal as interrupthack basically).

I recorded me trying it out, in hopes of it being fixed before the day is over.

Tweet holinka etc, get this shit fixed asap.

video description:
macro was posted on official wow forums, and ownedcore (common exploit forum). It's a recording of a recording because I dc'd, as you can see.
I am not a cheater, and I do not condone cheating - I made this video because I don't want disgusting people to use it against me. Needs to be fixed asap. #TweetHolinka

go to 00:30 where i spam the first macro.
The first macro, you spam it and it won't use spell lock until a cast starts on your target.
I don't really know anything at all about addons/macros/scripts etc, I'm sure you could change this 1st macro to also spell lock focus etc.

go to 00:57 where i activate the second macro script.
The second macro is some script that was found on ownedcore. You run the script and it will automatically spell lock your focus target whenever they start casting - on cooldown (also tries to spell lock hearthstone and other things immune to interrupt).

From what others have told me - this happens because certain elements like "CastSpellByID" is locked for player spells, but not for pet spells. So I guess that's what needs fixing.

#4452710 Idea for versa offpieces

Posted Cretch on 14 July 2015 - 04:29 AM

Withholding gear from lower rated players is a terrible idea. Akin to the 2200 weapons. Makes it that much harder for a less skilled player to climb rating if the people higher than them have better gear.

#4456181 2s players

Posted Qhrillex on 20 July 2015 - 08:14 AM

I completely agree that current 2v2 meta is pretty painful, and seeing how I myself play feral / hpaladin further contributing to the issue. It's pretty common to get abused in whisper after many of the games because it is sometimes impossible for certain comps to score kills because of playing smart / defensive whatever you wanna call it. (I understand the rage and frustration but becoming abusive especially after getting outplayed disgustingly hard is uncalled for. Sometimes we have the upper hand, still doesn´t mean that I should allow you to free dps me when you get a good cc chain off.)

I do however not feel that it isn't completely broken, I mean let´s be honest there are equally horrible comps to play against in 2v2 and just check 3v3.. You have frozen chicken cleave, shatter and wls atm? What is the difference...

And If I'm going to be completely honest from a personal PoV, I don´t feel like the ones who will really cause you nightmares aren´t exactly pub stomping the lower mmr brackets for a long time. You can´t seriously be shitting me that you queue some random dubble dps shadow priest comp on 2500 mmr + and expect to have a good time with it? Not buying that Lolflay.

There are always folks tryharding on 1800, with the most disgusting comps around because they are trying to become better at the game, that is just how it is. There are 3 different types of players in 2v2. You either cap,  play for rating or the combination of both. If you want to play to compete you actually pick something that is somewhat viable right? In TBC and Wotlk dubble dps was more competitive because of the nature of the game and you still have some comps that remain who do really well. Wanna know why it worked alot better in many of the cases? Newflash, people are alot better in general and you can´t just roflstomp them anymore like we did back in the days. Many of us were so far ahead of the curve that we could pull of completely undergeared on top levels. I remember eDogs with Flyn, Stgoerge and cant remember the rogue (Raelli smth) in s6. They were on 2600 +  without gear on their priest. You can´t blindly credit that gear didn't matter. Dubble glaive rogue hello?

I'm playing Feral / Disc together with my sister on my alt feral both are behind in gear. The struggle is so real on 2k-2k2 mmr which we fluctuate between. It´s really frustrating when you are in many ways outplaying the opponents brutally just to end up getting rekt. Trust me I know the feeling of frustration. Just move on and get right back at it. Only thing that makes me really mad is people beeing yet again abusive in whisper and emotes because we are trying to win. The most common whisper that I´ve gotten by I believe more then 5-7 different players (this season alone) is that "You are the worst feral I have ever seen". This toxic behaviour IS NOT OK. If I´d happen to be new at the game and younger this might actually have hurt me? Honestly who gives you the right to write stuff like this to another player. I was playing feral when some of these players were getting their dipers changed, just go and cry on forums or somewhere else :DDD

Also inbefore bashing my 69% winratio in 2´s this season, was pretty tired of grinding CR vs the top teams / players in europe. I know Im the scumlord for intentionally dropping abit in mmr by playing with lower mmr players, in the start of the season. Not that it mattered cuz 17-0 the other day -.-

#4455842 2s players

Posted Vengeful95 on 19 July 2015 - 03:41 PM

Soz for playing a healer and healer only for quick cap, who the fuck wants to go dps mainly just for 2s? I'd rather get trained for 20 min than instagibbing/getting instagibbed...

#4455056 [6.2] Most hated comp to fight against

Posted Absolutely on 18 July 2015 - 01:48 AM

I think a good nerf to Mage/HPally without hurting the classes too much would be to increase the CD of Fist of Justice to 45 seconds.. and maybe buff divine purpose (instant wog?) so some pallys will take more consistent healing instead of burst healing from sanctified wrath.

#4449572 I love Ashran

Posted Forumz on 08 July 2015 - 03:27 PM

Posted Image

Really good item ty

#4445510 [Bug] Psychic horror does not break on damage

Posted Lolflay on 30 June 2015 - 09:26 PM

Honestly I don't give a shit about people who cry about horror in this thread, and I hope as fuck Blizzard doesn't give a shit about you as well. Psychic Horror not breaking on damage isn't a bug.

Mortal Coil/Psychic Horror were horror effects, those never broke on damage and could always be chained off or into stuns ( Kidney Shot->Death/Mortal Coil was a viable strat for years for example ). They were put into "incapacitate" category in an effort to preserve such strats, which is honestly one of rare good Blizzard design moments.

It's the Spriest equivalent of a double melee team having multiple interrupts/stuns/etc to lock you down; until I can stand and free cast damage into your face that actually makes your HP move when you're not under CC together with your healer, double stun via horror+something else should be kept a viable strat, period.

#4443113 6.2 script help: Dispellable Debuff Border Glow

Posted Stako on 26 June 2015 - 01:17 AM

Any buff with 'Magic' dispel type is given yellow spellsteal border:

/run hooksecurefunc("TargetFrame_UpdateAuras", function(s) for i=1,MAX_TARGET_BUFFS do if select(5,UnitAura(s.unit,i)) == 'Magic' then _G[s:GetName().."Buff"..(i).."Stealable"]:Show() end end end)

Only on enemies:
/run hooksecurefunc("TargetFrame_UpdateAuras", function(s) for i=1,MAX_TARGET_BUFFS do if select(5,UnitAura(s.unit,i)) == 'Magic' and UnitIsEnemy('player',s.unit) then _G[s:GetName().."Buff"..(i).."Stealable"]:Show() end end end)

Tested on my druid today.

#4403234 Warriors broken? this game is dogshit

Posted HeyimJack on 21 March 2015 - 03:29 PM

View PostZzx, on 21 March 2015 - 02:59 PM, said:

It's not bugged it just never got nerfed when arms SD got nerfed. They reverted it. Now the warrior has Erage, both trinket procs, avatar, recklessness. shaman extra mastery, AT power from hunter, double mastery proc and then subsequently hit the sudden death jackpot.

The mage doesn't block, and you're surprised that he's dead?

Do I have to post a video every time a combat rogue gets redbuff all cd's all procs and kills someone? Oh and can't be peeled?

maybe it's better if the rogue doesn't literally sit watching the game in stealth whilst the warrrior pops every single one of his cc's on the mage, just maybe, if you cheapshot him, he might, just maybe, not kill your mage

game 2: mage stands in open as a BM hunter and fury warrior get 10+ seconds of uptime, doesn't have bock, and is surprised when he dies to a warrior with every single cd up and a bm hunter

:c:c combat rogue mage not stronk enough! maybe oh i don't know, blinding the warrior before your mage dies might have been worth even though he has trinket, or i mean even just blinding the hunter

like how does a fury warrior get that much uptime, he isn't on stun dr why aren't you running over to kidney him on all his burst? instead you're doing dps to hunter, effective meaningful damage, could crippling poison him?? nope too busy getting that 8k single target dps on hunter

warrior is full bis fury gear: http://eu.battle.net...reanni/advanced
The fact that you're even trying to defend that damage is absurd at least I can admit to combat rogue being stupidly broken as fuck

#4402422 Why the 10% damage changes make such a huge difference in gameplay.

Posted Lolflay on 19 March 2015 - 05:44 PM

I like the point you've made regarding self healing affecting actual DPS, it's not exactly rocket science or unknown around here, but the amount of people who still don't understand ( WoW devs including ) which instant heals are bad are astounding.

The only healing abilities on DPS classes that can ( and must ) remain in the game are :
- Spriest flash heal
- Elemental Shaman healing surge ( enhancement shamans should just lose the ability to heal and gain a different niche )
- Boomkins should prolly have Regrowth and Rejuvenation, remove Healing Touch and any other passive/fire and forget healing they have
- Ferals keep Healing Touch, but remove everything else.
- Windwalkers can keep Surging Mist, remove healing on expel harm, chi wave and other crap ( it's not that they heal much at all or that windwalkers are a problem, but stuff like that really has no place in the game ) - a really easy fix that they can do is for example make chi wave friendly hits give a small temporary boost to speed, like move 10% faster when hit by friendly chi wave, there's numerous creative fixes to such spells
- Ret Paladins should keep the offhealing via Flash of Light tbh, they're such potent targets to train and kill that it doesn't matter if they can offheal, for now.

Everything else needs to be gone. Any Warrior self healing ? Gone. Hunters ? Gone. DKs ? Pet sac can stay, conversion = gone.

The only self healing as a DPS class ( outside of the list above ) I'd allow in arena would be arena food and bandages. Remaining 1v1 as Rogue vs Disc Priest used to be a game of bandaging and cannibalizing discs dead partner and constantly reopening and running on very low HP, for example. Both parties could win. Now ? Lolrecuperate, lolhealers doing shit damage.

Instant cast heals are fine ( Prayer of Mending, Renewing/Enveloping Mist, Renew, etc ) as long as they don't heal more than 1/3 of casted heals, also instant cast heals only became a problem once DPS classes got their ridiculous self healing, in MoP it took you 30+ seconds to kill a DPS class while the DPS class was keeping itself with numerous oh shit cooldowns and buttons, and then when healer would exit CC, he'd instantly bomb the target to full HP within 2 seconds, rofl.

#4402392 Why the 10% damage changes make such a huge difference in gameplay.

Posted Vadren on 19 March 2015 - 04:25 PM

So after damage being nerfed by 10%, and then with it reverted, I feel like a lot of people are confused about why it makes such a huge difference in match duration and overall feel of arena... Maybe even Blizzard. Some people may expect that 10% less damage means it takes 10% longer to kill an opponent in arena, but this isn't the case.

TLDR: Blizzard doesn't always think enough about what they're doing and sometimes it shows. The 10% damage nerf can increase match duration by a lot, while still not fixing the burst issue of some classes.

Disclaimer: This is napkin math without any real data. It does nothing more than illustrate the kinds of problems umbrella changes in %damage can cause and doesn't prove that the hotfix did cause these sorts of issues (although anecdotal evidence would suggest that it did).

The following is a time to live (TTL) graph and it shows how long it takes a player to die given a specific amount of health, dps and healing. The basic formula is:

TTL = health/(damage per second - healing per second)

The following is a graph with Dps along the x axis and TTL on the y axis in seconds. I've chosen some arbitrary values for health (300k) and hps (10k).

Posted Image

It's clear from the graph that below 10kdps TTL is infinity, which should be obvious because if you do less damage than healing then you aren't killing anything. The major take away from this is when dps is very close to hps, then very small changes in the dps cause a very large change in TTL.

The following graph shows the same TTL curve with the 10% damage nerf (in green):

Posted Image

Lets compare some values from the two curves.


TTL(prenerf) = 60s
TTL(nerf) = 85.7s

% increase in TTL = 42.8%

That's a huge difference in the time it takes to kill someone in arena. Of course the values I've chosen are arbitrary and arena is more dynamic, so lets look at some more examples.

If we consider a simplified situation using the most popular ideal match duration (from a poll in another post) of 4min and calculate how the 10% damage nerf affected this ideal.

Here I'm calculating how much more dps than hps to get a 4minute match.

(dps - hps) = 300000/240
(dps - hps) = 1250

Since we don't arena in a vacuum where healers are afk and people die to auto attacks over 4min we need a value for hps before applying the nerf. I'm going to choose the same an arbitrary hps value as before of 10khps. The amount of healing does affect the result.

dps = 10k + 1250
dps = 11.25kdps

TTL(nerf) = 300k/(11.25k*0.9 - 10k)
TTL(nerf) = 2400s, or 40minutes(!)

% increase in TTL = 1000%

Again, this is a very simplified situation using values I've invented instead of real data, but I think it illustrates the point. When dps is close to the hps then very small increases, or decreases, in dps cause huge changes in the feel of the game. However dampening would also prevent this from happening, but dampening shouldn't be relied upon to make the game playable.

In real arena matches dps isn't constant; it fluctuates. The above shows how much the nerf affected a low constant dps (i.e. without cooldowns or procs). We know some comps are scoring kills in 6s or less (god comp, jungle, combat rogues, etc...) Lets see how much the nerf affected these situations.

TTL(prenerf) = 6s
(dps - hps) = 300000/6
(dps - hps) = 50k

And choosing an arbitrary hps value of 10khps...

TTL(nerf) = 300000/(60k*0.9 - 10k)
TTL(nerf) = 6.82s
% increase in TTL = 13.6%

In this specific invented situation the 10% damage nerf only gave a fraction of a second of extra time to try and survive, which is less than a global.

The takeaway from this is that the nerf greatly affected situations that were already fine (constant damage pressure), and barely affected the situations that were out of control (burst during cooldowns for specific classes).

The safest way to blanket nerf burst is to increase health. Lets look at a 15% health increase (tldr it's going to increase the time for both situations by 15%)

TTL(burst) = 6s
TTL(burst, with extra hp) = (300k * 1.15) / (50k)
TTL(burst, with extra hp) = 6.9s

% increase in TTL = 15%

TTL(constant dps) = 240s
TTL(constant, with extra hp) = (300k * 1.15) / (1250)
TTL(constant, with extra hp) = 276s

% increase in TTL = 15%

However this causes an issue where % based heals are improved.

So what's the solution? Now that the 10% nerf has been reverted the game isn't really better, but a different kind of bad.

I have some suggestions:

1) Reduce the amount of guaranteed healing (instant heals, dps self healing, and abhorrent talents like ysera's gift and spirit bond)

2) Remove or change % health healing (warlock heals, conversion, and aforementioend ysera's gift and spirit bond)

These changes lower the amount of guaranteed healing making adjustments to overall dps less chaotic; giving more room for error when making balance changes. In cases where a class needs self healing as a survival tool then it should be counterable (casts), dispellable, or have a major dps tradeoff.

3) Adjust the burst of problem classes individually by nerfing burst cooldowns instead of making umbrella changes that affect every class and spec. Increase damage elsewhere to make the adjusted classes stay viable in PvE (this actually assures that a class still puts out decent pressure in pvp)

4) Finally some consideration should be given to changing dampening to some other mechanic that prevents matches from lasting too long. Much in the way that %dmg nerfs affect classes and comps different, so do %healing reduction during dampening. Also long drawn out matches that go into deep dampening aren't exciting.

Ok then. I actually find thinking about this stuff fun...

#4402112 10% dmg nerf reverted

Posted Nahj on 18 March 2015 - 11:09 PM

sub dream's back

#4399236 Tranq Shot Nerf

Posted Dills on 12 March 2015 - 02:13 AM

View PostPlath, on 12 March 2015 - 01:52 AM, said:

How so, Dilly?

Other specs cant use tranq at all now, and because BM has the most free focus it will still be able to utilize purge better than the other specs. The thing is tranq right now will sacrifice a lot of your damage as Marksman, and a good bit as survival. It's a choice for those specs because you'll lose a lot of damage and pressure. However that's not the case for BM, it has tons of excess focus because outside of crows and barrage, arcane and kill command aren't going to actually cause real damage, which lets you just spam purges without actually losing your pressure. And on top of that, bw cutting focus costs by 50% lets you spam even more during that time, which is why druids can get slaughtered by crows and just spam tranq since they cant even heal through 20k ticks of crows.The nerf will still lett you tranq a decent amount during bestial wrath anyways, since the focus cost will be 25. Imo the right change should have been maybe 30 focus tranq shot for BM only and making BW not effect tranq shots focus cost, along with nerfing crows scaling off of BMs mastery in PvP and focus fires attack power increase in pvp, as well as a barrage pvp only nerf.

Those changes would have fixed BM, plus made it so that you can play the other specs (survival and Marks are technically in okay spots, but because BM hunters outshine them so much, and BM hunters are fotm, you can't actually beat BM hunters if you don't play BM as well. This change just makes it even worse for the other specs, because currently BM has the best and easiest damage to set up over all the other specs. I like that they are making changes, just think that more intelligent changes could have been made.

#4399240 Feral and Hunter Nerfs Inc

Posted Odrareg on 12 March 2015 - 02:19 AM

@ Kroyfel: I'm no hunter overlord either but Bestial Wrath decreases the cost of spells by -50% focus, alongside with dmg buff on pet etc etc.

BM rotation in a nut shell: agi trinket proc -> bestial wrath -> crows -> barrage.  if you have 5 pet stacks of Frenzy that's gonna give you an extra 40% attack power and 30% haste as well!

barrage to rank 1

#4396692 Hunters

Posted Naraga on 05 March 2015 - 09:50 AM

View PostImtaz, on 05 March 2015 - 01:10 AM, said:

Survival is fine, BM is absolutely disgusting and the skillfloor couldnt be any lower either.
No it really isn't

At this point hunters need a complete overhaul to make a respectable class again. No matter what spec they play if I can't find myself to respect hunters in any way right now. Never when I lose vs a hunter team I'm like "Damn that hunter really outplayed me" cause even a 5 year old could play one of them to glad rating. There genuinely is no difference between a 2k hunter and a 2,8k hunter. The only thing I could think of is that the 2k hunter might actually manages to miss some of his traps, but that is because a 2k hunter would be +-1400 on any other class (except maybe combat Rogues).

Also interesting how Priests get hotfixed twice in 3 days yet BM hunters and ferals are still in the exact same state they were when 6.1 was released.