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View PostDoylism, on 20 December 2014 - 02:02 AM, said:

That was cast time reductions, which are now gone. MS debuffs are exactly what the tooltip says.
You seem to be right. I tested it in a duel with a friend and his flash heals went from 40k to 30k which is a 25% reduction (no trinket procs or procs of any kind were messing up the results).

Wound poison is pretty much always better unless someone else brings the MS debuff.

In Topic: Your most hated ability ingame

Yesterday, 11:59 PM

Frozen Ammo

In Topic: Should i waste my qonquest points on combat gear or assa/sub gear?

Yesterday, 08:48 PM

View PostFaskillx, on 22 December 2014 - 02:37 PM, said:

I don't know it seems to me that you are talking about rogues in theory without having actual in game experience.
Have you played arenas with a rogue at 2k+ CR?

In 2s I can't win an arena against a good Rdrood. BoS OP you say? Tell me why the drood can just spam Faerie Swarm every time I BoS and I can never catch up with him unless I use shadow cloak vanish then.
Red buff is OP you say? The thing is if you get peeled it's very easy to loose bandit's guile and against good teams I've had arenas where I've never been able to get red buff. Or where the enemy team waits for me to get red buff to full CC me. Even with ks red buff killing spree smoke bomb it's practically impossible to kill any class other than a healer (except feral and rogue) because our burst damage is so low..
In 3s (I play RMP) i've had to play like I was at 2k6+ to reach 2k. Every game is incredibly tryhard and a bad synchronisation on a burst and it's pretty much game over.

You act like red buff killing spree burst is one unavoidable tactic but it's really not. Saving the trinket for smoke bomb basically prevents the rogue from ever killing anyone apart from the healer because our dmg output is so low we can't apply any pressure when not on the healer..

It's frustrating that the Bnet feature is fucked up for EU players..
I'm not claiming to be the best rogue out there but I've reached glad several times and this season it just seems way harder than before to climb.

Now your argument about our low dmg in pve being unrelated to pvp is nonsensical. Sure we have a lot of utility but it's not normal that a full geared rogue does 5k dps less than a good hunter or monk. And this shows in arena. Even in arenas when I play perfectly well I'm constantly doing worse than other classes except perhaps frostmage in raw damage..
I've done tests where I hit a pal friend of mine with my full geared pvp rogue (3 glad pieces) and with my full ilvl 620 fury war and the war does about 50% mord dmg than the rogue even if I'm a novice warrior player so my rotation is probably suboptimal..

So stop arguing that our damage is good because it's not. The only thing we have to redeem ourselves is the 8s ks and if blizzard remove it without any compensation to our damage output we'll be crippled.

That being said I would gladly trade 2s of ks for a substantial dmg boost that would put us on par with other classes both in pvp and in pve.

I don't play with rogues, I am a rogue. Not playing combat tho.

Classes/specs are bad in PvE while being good in PvP all the time, and vice versa. I'm done trying to convince you that a 20 sec cd 8 sec stun is dumb, it's fairly self-explanatory. Combat damage is not better than, say a dk and it's not meant to be. It is pretty good, and way to high for having an 8 sec kidney. Being unpeelable during your burst is also unacceptable as it has been in the past (Bestial Wrath).

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Yesterday, 02:08 PM

I'm curious, why do you guys think mastery is good or even decent for holy? Seems to me like a pretty weak hot that won't make a difference in a game

In Topic: Should i waste my qonquest points on combat gear or assa/sub gear?

Yesterday, 01:55 PM

I'm not saying rogues are OP, I'm saying combat rogues are OP. More specifically 8 sec kidney shots every 20-30 sec is OP, unpeelable killing spree lasting 1 sec longer than in mop is OP, burst of speed is OP, red buff giving 50% dmg buff as opposed to 30% in mop is OP. You are talking like people want to remove kidney shot... no one wants kidney shot gone from the game. We want kidney shot to be 6 seconds instead of 8. Without Compensation

Also, rogue dps in raids is almost completely irrelevant to pvp viability. You usually don't kick, garrote, kidney, gouge, blind, sap or cheap shot a raid boss.