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#4075510 Yas Tourny Discussion thread

Posted dj_abdullah on 10 March 2014 - 04:05 AM

View PostROKMODE, on 09 March 2014 - 08:03 PM, said:

LSD makes this xpac more exciting
yesss go team wizard




#4074730 Yas Tourny Discussion thread

Posted Dizzeeyo on 08 March 2014 - 11:53 PM

View PostTrillebårtom, on 08 March 2014 - 11:33 PM, said:

Have to admit I lost a bit of respect for you guys not wanting a replay there, but I get it. It's money on the line! :)
because if the situation was reversed, you would have instantly stopped playing and asked for a replay?
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

#4074622 Yas Tourny Discussion thread

Posted Marshmellow on 08 March 2014 - 10:42 PM

View PostStructural, on 08 March 2014 - 10:40 PM, said:

i have a question

how come i see people get banned who say EU sucks but when they say Murica sucks they don't get banned?

the truth hurts

#4070849 WoD Racial Traits

Posted Lolflay on 04 March 2014 - 05:11 AM

Rofl, with all the good anouncements they did regarding WoD, they just kicked themselves in the balls with this one. Shows that they still have no clue, free magic removal on Stoneform ? Seriously ?

#4069277 Don't be an asshole

Posted flannelsoff on 01 March 2014 - 10:34 PM

View PostCakesz, on 01 March 2014 - 10:05 PM, said:

But he's not? D:
he's european

#4067549 WoD CC changes

Posted Lolflay on 28 February 2014 - 07:42 AM

What Blizzard fails to understand is that they had the winning formula as early as TBC. Not everything ( rogues/druids/locks being gods and rets/ferals/moonkins/etc being complete shit and unviable ), but the game's supporting systems definitely.

- there was relatively a handful of CC at disposal to each class

- there was a moderate amount of CC breaking abilities ( and in that world, WoTF was the stupidest thing in the game )

- numbers were actually pretty balanced ( without pve gear in the equation ). Warrior had no resources, but he could chew away at the target with no limits, mage had resources and could go oom, but in return was able to chunk huge amounts of health off somebody if he got the chance to

- healers could keep the target up without issues given that no mistakes were made, yes, but they had the limit to that ability - their pvp trinket cooldown, and the fact that they will eventually oom ( in 2s, both 2x DPS and 1DPS/1Healer teams had kill potential )

WoTLK added unhealable damage in most cases but some of the game models that were at power in TBC still worked ( you could still go OOM, etc ), and relatively the same game structure being intact was why WoTLK arena was also good, for the most part.

Combining TBC and WoTLK PvP models is their winning formula ( TBC was a diamond in the rough, while WoTLK featured more polished and responsive feeling for most of classes, resulting in a lot more specs being viable ), and if they did that correctly I'm sure many players would want to play again ( or for those still playing, would want to talk less shit of the game in public, and maybe the public opinion would go from "this game is shit" to "this game is worth playing again, the  community isn't bitter as it used to be" ).

#4067333 Something you should all know

Posted Nisslol on 28 February 2014 - 02:56 AM

oh boy this guy will be amazed when he discovers photoshop

#4066238 Popular Comps?

Posted kannetixx on 27 February 2014 - 01:33 AM

wtf is god cleave and deathplay? stahppp

#4064837 Members Posting Access

Posted Cakesz on 25 February 2014 - 03:04 PM

View Postaiba, on 25 February 2014 - 08:21 AM, said:

the forums got filled with QQ, trolling and horrible suggestions ever since members where allowed to post.

Pretty sure I remember seeing the same thing about Druids, Rogues and Warriors in TBC "All these horrible posts because its so easy to get access as x", I'm very sure I saw the exact same comment at the start of WotLK about Dks, Paladins, Hunter.

I think someone has made this exact post every season, this idea that only people who couldn't of gotten access when there were requirements and that AJ was some bastion of intellectual thought and discussion beforehand is just retarded.

So much privilege on this site. If someone makes what you think is a trolling post (or whatever), than report it, stop with this 'it's only people with access now' bullshit.

#4062071 Mists of Pandaria - Featured Guides - February

Posted Vanguards on 23 February 2014 - 03:54 AM

Mists of Pandaria - Featured Guides - February

As Mists of Pandaria is about to end I wanted to thank the users who have contributed helpful guides to the community this expansion. Each month til Warlords of Draenor one guide will be featured.

For this month I decided to feature the Windwalker Guide: "How to Walk with the Wind (5.4.7)" by Balance.

Posted Image

This guide provides extremely good information and details which should be helpful for anyone looking to try the Monk class out. An example is the macro section, other than just providing the macro itself an explanation is also attached to it:

Posted Image

Something else that makes this guide stands out more is also the effort it visibly took to make. Pictures and videos were both used to make it easier for users to understand, and it pretty much covers every basic you need to know about WindWalker Monks and more.

Posted Image

So if you ever were looking to try playing a WindWalker, make sure to check this guide out! Thanks once again Balance!

#4064204 Avarice 3v3 Tournament with potential prize pool

Posted Dyllbar on 25 February 2014 - 12:25 AM

http://us.battle.net...pic/11835933735 Check this out looks pretty cool.

Date of the tournament
3/8/2014 - 3/9/2014

Time will be talked about and we will have an answer shortly.

Team Qualifications
1. All players must be 2000+ rated in rated arena, RBG achievements will not count towards this.
1a. The brackets will be split due to some high rated teams wanting to play. The way it will be split is this, teams with 2/3 players above 2400 at any point will be playing in Division 1. Teams with 1/3 players may choose to play in Division 1 or 2. Division 2 will consist of teams 2000-2399 rated.

2. All team rosters and submissions must be submitted by 3/2/2014. You have plenty of time to make a team and register. Anything past this date will be ignored.
3. Your team must consist of 3-5 2000+ rated players that fit the role of DPS/DPS/Healer. You will have a 5 man roster you may change up until 3/2/2014, after this no changes may be made. Please accomadate for a team member not being able to make it suddenly, things happen. I advise having a back up healer and DPS.
4. Each player may have 2 LISTED alts or alt specs.

1. As of right now, there is no prize other than bragging rights. Reason being, we don't have the money to throw out like that. If you want to donate to a prize pool, there will be a paypal set up that you may donate to. If the prize pool reaches $50 USD, we will reward money to players. If it does not, the donations will all be refunded.
2. Gold prizes are not an option because I know I personally wouldn't enjoy xferring to a server to give someone gold, unless people donate to pay the xfer to and from there.
3. If anyone has any ideas for prizes, please let us know.

General rules
1. Be professional. If you are out of line, being an idiot spamming chats or something, your team will be disqualified. No second chances, be a good sport.
2. You must log on 30 minutes prior to your match. You have 30 minutes to test connection, macros, warm up games, anything that may need to be done.
3. Any DC's before 45 seconds will restart the point. Anything past this is fair play. If you can prove it was a DDOS attack, which you probably can't, we will restart the entire match between the 2 teams affected.
4. Understand that there will be a bracket posted, once the finalized bracket is posted, that is it. You are fighting what you are randomly matched against, and that is that. No disputes, no nothing. You want 1st place, you should be able to beat any team.
5. THERE WILL BE a 1 spec banning system FOR DIVISON 1 ONLY. Each match-up you get 1 ban to choose against them, and whatever spec you should choose can NOT be used by EITHER TEAM for that match up. Choose wisely.

All rules will be 100% set in stone by 2/26/2014. Rules are subject to change before then, keep checking back for any changes.

Registering a team!


Post below in this format:

Live main's name:
PTR character's name:
Main spec as well as 2 LISTED alts:
Team name:
Battletag or place for us to contact you, please specify:


Ayo Treelord, this tourny got pooped. Why don't you throw in the towel?

No. I have seen multiple tournaments I have helped piece together for local paintballs fields go to hell in a matter of 30 minutes, be it prize money being stolen, team bracket errors, players using fake APPA ID's, etc. It can get bad, and this tournament really didn't go to hell, but it sure can come back. Life happens, and truthfully it shows mistakes that can be made easily and ways to improve to have a solid future for hosting tournaments. We hope that the players can give this another shot and understand that !@#$ really does happen. It's not that bad, it's not to stress over. Set your ego aside and give it another go!

Any questions, please contact at the following:

[email protected]


post below.

Our battletags are:


Hope to see you on the field of Champions!

Tourney is not made or hosted by me in anyway.

#4063157 Don't be an asshole

Posted Reedztv on 24 February 2014 - 05:50 AM

u better not rat me out pouncedd

#4062503 Members Posting Access

Posted Speedymart on 23 February 2014 - 04:40 PM

Unfortunately the PvP community has dwindled so far that the actual content on the site moves extreamly slow

Stuff like the bracket section is damn near dead. I think it's more of a problem of people moving on from the game rather then posting access. A lot of people just don't play anymore, so it makes sense that the site itself is slowly dieing as well. More people with the ability to post would help, but even now with the class forums open to all they still move pretty darn slowly.

It would be better for the site as a whole to just open up the forums to everyone, but getting AJ access is a legitmate goal for a lot of people. AJ has a good history of actual competitive content. My biggest fear is that eventually the site will turn into a WoW forum clone, or even worse the mmo-champ forums.


A well done live chat feature would be nice.

This is actually a really good idea. Should focus on updating the site itself rather then changing something like posting status. Adding stuff like the arenamate features would go a long way to bringing people back to the site. Hell, start posting regular content on the front page again would do wonders.

#4062425 Members Posting Access

Posted Unseenz on 23 February 2014 - 02:03 PM

why is this in the junkies section rofl do u expect to hear a contrary opinion here

#4062152 Members Posting Access

Posted Capstone on 23 February 2014 - 06:08 AM

i think many people here are new to the game relative to the amount of time the site has existed and don't quite understand the difference in allowance in posting access

if you receive gladiator, you are a junkie on arenajunkies until you get banned.

in season 13 (applicable comparison due to team ladder system), ~15 teams got gladiator per battlegroup in 3v3 and one team got rank 1 (no gladiator teams) on each battlegroup

in season 3, ~160 teams got gladiator per battlegroup in 3v3 and ~60 teams got gladiator in 5v5 per battlegroup. ~260 teams received gladiator in 2v2

the decline in arena activity has not scaled proportionally with the decline in wow subscribers.  furthermore, whether or not the average poster has the same level of game understanding is irrelevant if there are too few players to carry an active dialogue. you have to reason with the understanding that the number of people receiving permanent posting access today that don't already have it are very few, whereas when the site was active, there was a constant influx of people

the argument that it's already easy to receive access by getting 2200 in 5s or whatever have you has always existed. the decline in activity on arenajunkies is new, though. it might be of some benefit to open a part of general discussion to members and keep another open for junkies. save the posts about balance changes and other things that people would rather discuss with more knowledgeable members of the community for junkies and open a dialogue for more members of the community. i'm sure some people who aren't any good at arena have a lot to contribute

edit: hyperlinks