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In Topic: Warriors broken? this game is dogshit

21 March 2015 - 10:56 PM

The logic of a rogue complaining about warriors eating cloth targets while wielding two hands and HEAVY relying on procs to do so which don't come as often as one might think just disgusts me.

Warrior has not even 40% of the mobility you do

Warrior has 1 defensive REAL cool down while you got like 5-6? which LITERALLY save you from death

and lets not remind the amazing combat spec spree red buff 1 shoting ANYTHING regardless of plate or cloth

Please crawl back to a cave if you can't deal with warriors coming and QQing in AJ wont help you with it honestly Warrior is just fine i would BE IN SERIOUS doubt to say the same thing about Combat Rogues but wait that's just me

In Topic: Any ~200ms melee glad?

27 February 2015 - 12:18 AM

I actually played my warrior to rank 1 x3 and glad x2 with 150 ms in good days but found it very difficult and frustrating i would say 50 ping is optimal to play at your skills cap but 150 holds you back especially in high rating games that even a 0,1 sec can count to win or lose a game

In Topic: Turbo dead?

27 February 2015 - 12:12 AM

jaime you really made it that i get up from my bed, where i was reading this thread on my smartphone to write this comment.

i was really amused where i watched youre stream and every time you got faked you said "THIS CHEATER" and when you lost "THIS FUCKIN SCUM COMB ITS OP" youre playin fuckin ele shaman, its one of the easiest classes, and then youre playin fuckin lsd only for that you need to get rekt.

Youre just really disgusting, youre just bad jaime, its no shame to be bad and get faked! but just dont say that other people are cheating without any prove, youre argumenting like a children.

Lange Rede kurzer Sinn du bist ein Hurensohn

he has a point calling ppl cheaters it's always a 50-50% chance he might be legit and your bad mouthing a legit good player if you wanna hate one somebody for bots hate it on the company you pay 15 euros a month to play a game that ppl can use bots...

game is in a disgusting state atm but trust me play what you want you will still find hacking and botting nearly in any game takes fun out of it but especially russians seem to enjoy it a lot

In Topic: Turbo dead?

26 February 2015 - 06:39 PM

blizo is still playing with that shit monk and is at 3k, however his whole team uses every bot in the game so there is that


fucking love u

In Topic: Arms buff

15 January 2015 - 02:33 AM


watch vid

Blizzard: Hey warriors try this new buff

Warriors: i crit 75k ms and 140k executes i dno why but i feel different

imo better nerf irelia

no jk