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#3901066 New Arena tournament hosted by Bleached Bones ~30 000$ prize pool

Posted Gothiques on 17 June 2013 - 12:18 PM

Hello, I am inventor of this interface, russian commentator, organizer and so on. In the past I was the inventor of first beta Arena Spectator that was shared with NA and gave our communities possibility to run player made tournaments.

I will answer few posts to make it more clear.

1. If Zilea can only run useless paladin it mean he is useless for his team, noone of teams needs him and we wont see Zilea in this tournament. However, you can party with OP priests and be always available for your team, cuz noone will ever ban a holy paladin.

2. In total there would be about 16, maybe more teams who play all together in a one spreadsheet. Leagues lenght will be quite long and all teams will meet everyone there. If there would be too many superstar teams in NA, EU and RU, then we will do 2 conferences. Like in NHL or UEFA, West group, East group, or A and B, doesnt matter. In the end strongest teams will play vs weakest teams in first round of double elimination and there will be grandfinals of first season.

3. Picks and bans. Its not like in chat. Or verbally. You will get registered profile on our website (eng. version will be available too), when the match is about to start you (the captain) will get pop up window where you will face enemy captain and start your bans.

How it look likes for viewers and streamers. For captain it will be a bit different interface with some buttons.

Posted Image

After bans are done teams are starting to play Bo3 with their picks and bans they made. After first Bo3 they are doing bans again and playing second Bo3. In total there will be three Bo3 and you have to win two of them. So if you fail with your picks you can try to do something better, do other bans, try other speccs.

Bans/picks will be done some time (so you see enemies current action only after you finish your ban/pick) so noone gets advantage in case of 1st pick for example.

Teams are banning.
Teams are picking.
Teams are banning.
Teams are picking.
Teams are picking.

You will be able to ban 2 damage dealing specs OR 1 DD specc & 1 healing specc. At your choice. You cant ban 2 healing speccs.
You ban specc only for opposing team. If you ban arms warrior it means you can pick it yourself. But other team can also ban arms warrior.

If you want to take a part in this tournament and register your team please PM to Svetozarov. He will filter teams (their power, responsobility) and give me their list. You will need to determine your Captain, Team Name, each member specs (5 max per each person) and their armory links. You will need to have characters in EU, thats your problem.

You will be able to do 1 change in your team each month. If you change 2 people - you lose your progress (it actually means u wont be able to participate for prizes). So if you group up with raging kids dont plan to progress here.

Current list of teams:

Posted Image

Sorry for my english.

My best regards to ENG PvP community,

#3900732 New Arena tournament hosted by Bleached Bones ~30 000$ prize pool

Posted Svetozarov on 16 June 2013 - 07:10 PM

Once again we are happy to annonce a new tournament called League of Arenas hosted by Bleached Bones and its partners.  This tournament is going to be unlike anything you have seen before! The prize pool for the first season which will last untill the end of the current arena season will be around 30 000 $!

We were thinking a lot about the rules, format and gear. How to make arenas balanced?
As always genious decision is the most simple. Let the players choose setups themselfs, like they do it in Leagues of Legends or DotA. They will be able to ban imbalanced specs, counterpick enemy team using intellect and not wine about the setups anymore. Dont wanna face BM hunters? Ban them. Restor shamans are OP against wizards? Ban them too. But keep in mind that enemy team will also break your supercomp and will make it weaker.

Each team that is participating in Arena's League can consist of 3-5 members. They can play any classes and speccs. Before each game captains of both teams log in to special interface, where they can do picks and bans.  The interface was created by Prestige-Gaming programmers and the process of bans in picks will be executed via prestige-gaming.ru web page, thus the captain of each team should be registerd on prestige-gaming.

Bonuses from tournament format:

Teams can ban unbalanced specializations.
Mind-game between teams during the picks.
We will see great variety of different and sometimes exotic comps.
Players that can play different speccs or even classes would be very useful.
If any team played over 9000 in one fotm setup you can easily ban it and force them to play something different.

For those who don't speak Russian it would be hard to register a team directly on the web page on their own thus the team captain should contact me (Svetozarov) via skype jam_ftw.  Be prepared to explain why you deserve to be in the tournament. The registration is extended untill June 26th.

#3868361 Weekly viewer casted games by Conradical & Azael!

Posted Guest on 29 March 2013 - 03:31 AM

Duplicate yourself. Remove Conrad - weekly viewer casted games just got better.

#3704990 Flubbah 2

Posted Lewisxo on 20 May 2012 - 10:48 PM

"Azeal: So, i'm just going to talk over conradical now"

#3702639 Yaspresents 3v3 Tournament - 6900$ in prizes!

Posted Minpojke on 14 May 2012 - 02:40 AM

View PostAzaelz, on 14 May 2012 - 02:21 AM, said:

Just gotta find someone to run the camera whos name we can pronounce so we can shout it out and then we're set!


"The moment when Conradical is about to pronounce Minpojke.."

Posted Image

#3627648 NAO Invitational Qualifiers Live Update and Discussion

Posted Pattzi on 29 January 2012 - 12:51 AM

That's what you call a Paperkat DC macro.

#3625413 so these legendaries...

Posted Jokerplex on 26 January 2012 - 10:36 AM

Just looks like normal rogue damage to me.

#3606889 Woundman 16

Posted Woundman on 05 January 2012 - 10:35 PM

You can follow me @ the links below:

WCM: http://warcraftmovie....php?l=woundman
Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/woundman
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/woundmanirl
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/woundmanirl
YouTube: http://www.youtube.c...ser/Woundmanlol

Armory: http://us.battle.net...manirl/advanced

To download the movie with music and skype, visit http://www.fileserve.com/file/dPZ4r6S

To download the movie without music, visit http://www.fileserve.com/file/qpQtF6Z

Song List:
1) Gareth Emery - Sanctuary (feat. Lucy Saunders)
2) Yuri Kane - Right Back (Original Mix)

Recorded on 1/2/12.

#3569869 Ask a Gladiator Highlights - November

Posted Yes on 01 December 2011 - 11:47 PM

Posted Image

Our very own Ask a Gladiator forum is a great place to get advice from some of the best PvPers in the world. If you aren't familiar with what it, here's how it works: all players can ask questions on a variety of PvP related topics and get answers from players that have achieved high rating. There are three different sub-forums, one for Class Specific questions such as "How do I deal the most damage as an Affliction Warlock in Arena", one for Comp Specific questions such as "How do we beat a TSG on Ring of Valor as an RMP" and one for just General PvP questions such as "What macros should I use as a new PvPer". Remember, anyone can ask a question, but only players with Junkie status (That means someone who's gotten high rating this season or has Gladiator Titles) can answer. This way, you know you're getting really good advice from top level PvPers.

Every month, we're going to select some of the best questions and answers, and one lucky question/answer pair is going to get a year of Curse Premium!

This month, congratulations to :druid: Bondtv and :druid: Datah for being the lucky ones and clearing up the confusion about exactly how much spell penetration everyone should have.

Best Questions and Answers:


:druid: Bondtv from Outland, EU asks: Posted Image How much spell penetration should I have for PvP? I've heard numbers like 120 and 220, what's the right amount to have as a feral druid?


:druid: Datah from Kel'Thuzad, US answers: You need 195 spell penetration to negate the resistance given by Healing Stream Totem Glyph. Against teams with shamans and mages with mage armor or warlock pets that won't be enough, but in most cases 195 is just what you need. A feral druid (or Death Knight, or Hunter) can get 195 spell penetration with:

1x Enchant Cloak - Greater Spell Piercing for 70 penetration
2x Stormy Ocean Sapphire for 100 penetration
1x Vivid Dream Emerald for 25 penetration

Other casters can wear the spell penetration cloak or necklace, depending on whatever secondary stats they value more.


:warrior: Bigusrikus asks: Posted Image What are the best PvP Professions? I play a Warrior and currently have Herbalism and Skinning, but what are the very best PvP Professions?


:rogue: Sozi from Outland, EU answers: Blacksmithing for the extra two sockets in the Bracer and Gloves and Jewelcrafting for the epic gems are probably your best bet.

Editor's note: Enchanting and Alchemy can also easily give you your primary stat bonuses, although you do not get the flexibility of choosing between any stat as people with  Blacksmithing and JC do. And keep in mind that for having fun with various trinkets and devices you can never go wrong with Engineering.


:deathknight: Evelin from Argent Dawn, EU asks: Posted Image How do you see when someone uses Kick, Pummel or Skullbash? Mind Freeze is no issue it shows quite clearly, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to notice weather Kick, Pummel or Skullbash is used.


:paladin: Magikarpz from Blood Furnace, US and :druid: Nermó from Kor'gall, EU answer: You can use a mod called InterruptBar to easily keep track of interrupts. Also, Skull Bash, Counterspell and Spell Lock leave a debuff, and both Mind Freeze and Wind Shear make a very obvious animation you can see. You can hear Kick being used too!

Editor's note: If you want to go completely mod-less you can open your combat log and read off spells being used, just don't look at it too much!


:warlock: Infen asks: Posted Image My friends and I just started to play arena again, and we are playing MLS. From what I've heard it is a good comp. But we are doing something wrong, we've got a 50/50 win ratio. We are mostly just running around trying to get some rotating CCs off for an eventual kill opportunity, but it is not working out too well for us. What can we do better?


:mage: Raystigz from Laughing Skull, US and :warlock: Uematsu from Onyxia, EU answer: You can kill basically anything as MLS, it is pretty much up to the mage to decide who to kill most of the time, since the lock just has everyone dotted the whole game and is fearing to create pressure. You can almost unbind sheep, I think you overestimate CC way too much. It is not about rotating your CCs but keeping up the pressure to force the other team to be defensive. So instead of random sheeping and fearing you just should keep dots on everyone and spam damage into your target of choice.


:shaman: Leucetios from Stormreaver, US asks: Posted Image What are we supposed to do against Boomkin + Warlock comps in 3v3? My team and I were having a great night of 3s, but then we ran into LSD2. We had fought one the night before and had trouble when we went on the boomkin, because the lock spread massive damage and then popped demon soul and we were in trouble. We never managed to set up a kill with all the peels and this time the druid demolished us. We went shaman, almost killed him but we all died very fast.


:druid: Ctuhlu from Laughing Skull, US answers: If the RLS team plays it right the LSD2 should have no chance of winning (barring some legendary staff nonsense). Your Warlock and shaman should stay at max range near some type of line of sight, while the rogue plays like Rambo and prevents the moonkin from doing anything. The rogue should never die if he just sits on the moonkin and spams control, and with the warlock and shaman far back it should be really simple to stay alive. It might take a while to get a kill but they can't win if you play this way; the only target they can realistically kill is your Shaman so just make sure he's always near LOS and the rogue spams instant peels (garrote/gouge/kidney/etc) if he gets in trouble. Just sit moonkin, try to kill him in smoke bombs, and after that look for swaps to the shaman.

Editor's Note: This can be a viable strategy, although the same kind of strategy can work while sitting on the Warlock. Remember to consider using Mind Numbing Poison as the rogue and do not forget to keep recuperate up! Keep Earth Shield on the Warlock, try to stop UAs and have your shaman stay max range and Dispel and keep Riptide up. Good luck!


davitt21 asks: Posted Image I know this might be really really really obvious, but I'm just now getting into PvP with some friends and I was just wondering if someone could explain all the names of comps and what they mean.


:priest: Nexell from Mannoroth, US answers:Here are some popular comp names:

:rogue::mage::priest: RMP - rogue/mage/priest
:rogue::warlock::shaman: RLS - rogue/warlock/shaman
:mage::warlock::shaman: MLS - mage/warlock/shaman
:warrior::hunter::paladin: KFC - warrior/hunter/healer
:warlock::shaman::druid: LSD - warlock/eleshaman/rdruid
:warlock::shaman::druid: LSD2 - warlock/moonkin/rshaman
:druid::mage::priest: FMP - feral/mage/priest
:warrior::deathknight::paladin: TSG - warrior/dk/paladin
:paladin::hunter::deathknight: PHD - paladin/hunter/dk
:hunter::warlock::paladin: HLP - hunter/warlock/paladin
:hunter::warlock::druid: HLD - hunter/warlock/druid
:warrior::warlock::shaman: WLS - warrior/warlock/shaman
:warrior::warlock::druid: WLD - warrior/warlock/druid
:rogue::warlock::druid: RLD - rogue/warlock/druid
:priest::mage::shaman: Shatterplay - spriest/mage/rshaman
:priest::mage::druid: Shattreeplay - spriest/mage/rdruid
:priest::warlock::shaman: Shadowplay - spriest/warlock/shaman
:deathknight::warlock::shaman: Shadowcleave - dk/warlock/shaman
:hunter::druid::shaman: Junglecleave - hunter/feral/shaman
:hunter::shaman::paladin: Beastcleave - bm hunter/enhshaman/paladin
:warrior::druid::paladin: Kittycleave - warrior/feral/paladin
:deathknight::mage::priest: Liberty cleave - dk/mage/priest
:hunter::rogue::shaman: Thugcleave - hunter/rogue/healer
:warrior::paladin::warrior: Mancleave - warrior/paladin/warrior
:deathknight::priest::druid: Unholyplay - dk/spriest/druid
:deathknight::druid::paladin: Ebola Cleave - dk/feral/paladin
:warrior::hunter::druid:(:paladin:) African Turtle Cleave - prot warr/hunter/druid (or paladin)
:paladin::priest::warrior: Double Healer - holypaladin/priest/warrior


:paladin: Smooviex from Mannoroth, US asks: Posted Image What are some strong upcoming Ret Comps?


:paladin: Vanguards from Darkspear, US answers: Some good upcoming season 11 comps are:

:paladin::hunter::priest: Ret Hunter Priest
:paladin::hunter::shaman: Ret Hunter Shaman
:paladin::deathknight::priest: Ret Dk Priest
:paladin::deathknight::shaman: Ret Dk Shaman

Priest and Shamans seems to be the best healers for Ret this season. Priests are buffed inherently from the mortal strike buff, since shields aren't affected by mortal strike debuffs. Shamans have always gone well with Rets and are a safe bet for a healer.

Editor's note: If you're willing to try something new, you can also play 3dps as a Ret paladin. Comps such as Ret Ret Dk :paladin: :paladin: :deathknight: and Ret Dk Rogue :paladin: :deathknight: :rogue: are very strong and quick paced!


:shaman: BlakSheep from Mannoroth, US asks: Posted Image How does a good shaman heal in arena?

1) Do you click on partners and use a keybinded heal(click partner rogue hit E which is riptide)?
2) Do you have a raid frame addon and click on their nameplate and use keybinded heal (someone is getting low you click on his icon and use E for riptide)?
3) Do you have a keybind for all like for ex E is riptide on self shift E is Riptide on arena partner 2 and ctl E is riptide on arena partner 3?


:shaman: Zymxyx from Darksorrow, EU and :shaman: Eowynn from Al'Akir, EU answer: Using keybinds to target your party members and also to dispel them is the best thing to do. For example, scroll up = target party 1, scroll down = target party 2, Scroll click = target self. Use keybinds to heal, for example Q for riptide and 2 for healing surge.

You should also have dispel macros for my party members, for example r= dispel self, v = dispel one party member and x = dispel the other one.

Use your raid frame to see your partner's health, debuffs and buffs, and if you need to switch targets hit the corresponding button to the party member you want to heal/dispel.
Dispel macro for each different party member are the best thing to have, as it is probably one of the most used spells, and it often has to be cast quickly so having a separate macro for dispel is a must as a healer.

Editor's note: A dispel macro is something like: /cast [@jimmy] Dispel

Remember to check out the Ask a Gladiator forum to ask your own questions and give answers. Next month, we may see your own questions and answers right here on the front page!

#3569936 Ask a Gladiator Highlights - November

Posted kinexa on 02 December 2011 - 12:33 AM

Promoting people who are actually being helpful and nice, something the AJ community needs :D

#3442284 Azael

Posted Anjinsan on 18 August 2011 - 04:56 AM

Cant even kill a monkey

#3441802 VODS ARE LEGIT UP (finals up now too)

Posted flubber89 on 17 August 2011 - 10:40 PM


#3440293 VODS ARE LEGIT UP (finals up now too)

Posted Nadagast on 17 August 2011 - 03:27 AM

It's pretty shitty to insult people's looks on the internet man

#3419095 European Battle.net Invitational!

Posted Exiztence on 06 August 2011 - 10:39 PM

Posted Image

#3387115 My list of fixes that are necessary for balance:

Posted Fearful on 22 July 2011 - 06:08 AM

please stop posting