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#3805859 Why wow is so hard to balance?!

Posted Qlol on 16 November 2012 - 03:07 AM

So many overly critical posts in this and every other thread discussing changes.  I love wow but of all the other games that I've played, Wow has, bar none, the worst community I've ever been a part of.  Other games have whiners but overall the community is positive but when you come over to the wow community everyone just bashes each other and more specifically Blizzard.  I've yet to figure it out but it's almost been the reason for a few of my hiatuses.

You can never expect Blizzard to take you seriously if you just bash them with the entirety of your post.  Yes, changes need to happen.  Yes, AJ has great ideas.  But most AJ posters bash Blizzard and then end their post with, "Shit game, cy@."  You can't expect to get anything accomplished with this attitude.  It hasn't worked yet so why don't we try a different approach!  Commend Blizzard for what they are doing correctly and then kindly and politely suggest changes you think would help the game.  

Also, as already said, PvE is a part of the game.  Consider ideas that would help arena and consider the PvE ramifications.  Are they too great?  If yes, consider an alternative.

#3803973 First time AJ access!

Posted Qlol on 12 November 2012 - 11:43 PM

View Postaveragepriestz, on 12 November 2012 - 10:05 PM, said:

played since tbc, says this season is the best.

Not sure if serious.

There are obvious problems with this season but there seem to be obvious problems with every season.  I play the game to have fun, not to play the best esport in the world.  If I wanted to do that I'd go over and play sc2 or LoL.  This season, shaman healing got significantly more fun for me with totems becoming situational instead of being static 5min buff sticks and ascendance is quite fun in all 3 specs.

In addition, there are many comps, and better yet certain specs have become popular, that haven't been viable in the past.  Enhance has done well in the past but never been very popular and demo has never done well or been popular.  Seeing these new specs and the comps that they bring in arena has brought a "freshness" to arena that I didn't experience all of last xpak.

#3803778 First time AJ access!

Posted Qlol on 12 November 2012 - 07:04 PM

Hello, I've been playing resto shaman since the start of season 8.  I've always been a PvPer but was never interested in getting anything more than tier 2 gear which did s8/s9 and then quit s10/s11.  Now I'm back and this is by far my favorite expansion to date (I'm a tBC baby)!  Looking forward to what new changes within the game bring...see you all in arena!