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#4325184 Borngood's Holy Paladin PvP Guide Legion and (7.0.3)

Posted by Gankenoob on 30 December 2014 - 05:17 PM

This is all untrue, including the statement you quoted. There are alot of viable comps for Hpally at the moment, all of which are 2k+. There is no need to dodge warlocks lol. Playing with a survival hunter/rogue/DK/Warlock/Feral allows you to setup CC without getting behind at all? If you coordinate with your team and make sure they are using their defensive abilities to aid you and not them then you should be able to consistently play above 2k. Anything past 2k comes down to playing alot, figuring out match ups and making adjustments.

Comps I have played with success this season:
Shadowcleave(DK/Lock) from 0CR - 1900CR: with minimal losses, granted this was low rating and I was playing with glad's. (Lock's(who is also my cousin) house burned down or I most likely would of still been playing this).
Jungle Cleave 1900CR - 2280CR: This has been a little more of a struggle as we have dropped below 2100 now, mainly losing to DK's and Rogue's, but this just comes down to playing against it more until we figure out the match ups. Otherwise, this is a strong comp that needs play time to play consistently at 2300+.

Viable comps(success is all based on your effort as a team. Everyone needs to realize your skillset and be willing to work through losses and learn together).
KFC Variant(Warrior/Hunter): This is a decent comp, I don't think it is top tier for Pally but good.
DK/Rogue: I want to try this out pretty badly to be honest, not sure how good or bad it would be, but know that it is viable.
Bommkin/(Warrior, DK, Rogue)

Honestly the list just goes on and on, not sure how people are feeling so pigeonholed. And if you are talking about Min/Max, or the perfect comp, well of course EVERY class has a preferred comp which could be categorized as "Pigeonholed". But I think this is one of the first seasons I actually feel viable in almost any comp if played correctly.

I can only speak for myself and as a 2341 CR Hpala running Lock/Moon/Hpala I feel very pigeonholed. My comp isnt great, and every game is a struggle of when will my Druid get bomb kidney'd and die, or when they realize they can train lock all game with constant harass on me, given that doesn't always equal a loss for us, but we have far less time to make mistakes, or overlapping of CDs. Without an offensive dispell I provide very little and could be easily replaced by a shaman, or priest.

Hpalas are good and have gotten much better than when I last played one before WoD. You're playing in the 2-2200 range where melee cleaves are plenty ofcourse you're gonna feel fine. As a Hpala thats prob the best chance you have a winning is when they train you. Any comp can be viable in such low MMR if the players themselves are good. You'll soon realize that the only way you're gonna break into a higher MMR is when you play one of 3 actually good Hpala comps.

Just wait till you face a good rogue/lock/x, or warrior/lock/x and even Hunter/Lock/x its such a fasted pace game for us and I feel as if I can fall behind so easily with swaps to me, or if my/my teammates positioning is less than perfect.

I don't even really care to bitch about it, I'm happy with where we are, sure other healers may be better, but I enjoy it. No season has ever been perfect and everyone gets the limelight now and then. Playing good will most of the time get you where you wanna be as far as rating. Just griping cause we aren't the best healer and always looking for advice in the ever changing pvp scheme.
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#2256921 beast cleave losing to rmp in mlg

Posted by Gankenoob on 06 June 2010 - 04:30 AM

What I would do is go to the gym and then just fight them IRL.

Well I wouldn't need to, already swole, lolz.
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#2202085 Spriests as of late..

Posted by Gankenoob on 21 May 2010 - 04:26 PM

ok idiot, you don't want to get on my bad side

Oh no! The sack of shit internet thug will devote all of his days tracking my post and insulting me over a video game. Please, waste your pathetic time thinking of cleaver insults that'll most def. make me hate life and wish I could be more of a ignorant retard with nothing better to do than waste space in a world full of obese slackers like yourself.
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