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#4589590 Legion beta feedback - Ret Paladin

Posted by Avengelyne on 04 July 2016 - 12:38 PM

Our healing and mobility was cut. We play a lot like DKs with defensive utility. Nobody knows about what comps will be viable yet
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#4587531 Legion Glad Mounts - Storm Dragons

Posted by Avengelyne on 15 June 2016 - 01:37 AM

questionable colour palettes
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#4587285 Canadians ineligible for Blizzcon 2016

Posted by Avengelyne on 12 June 2016 - 06:25 PM

It's unlikely that Canada wasn't added on purpose, especially without communication or confirmation. It seems more like an error onn tthe official ruling. Need to wait until Monday to avoid giving false confirmations.

Would some sort of extension for signups be in order to compensate for the banwave (for which some are still sitting at 0cr and will affect seeding) and for teams not knowing if they can play with Canadians? For example, our team is 3/4 Canadian and the 1/4 isn't sure to risk signing up with us or go for another team.
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#4587261 Canadians ineligible for Blizzcon 2016

Posted by Avengelyne on 12 June 2016 - 06:03 PM

This seems crazy considering how many WoW NA players are from Canada.

Yea either their legal team messed up pretty bad or there's going to be a category 5 shitstorm incoming. Part of the problem is the 2015 rules were posted up until recently, so nobody knew until today and today is the last day for signups.
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#4587252 Canadians ineligible for Blizzcon 2016

Posted by Avengelyne on 12 June 2016 - 05:43 PM

All hail Olivia

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Hey guys,

I'd post this on the official forums but I was caught in the false positive banwave and i'm still banned from the forums..

On the last day for team sign ups according to the newly updated 2016 rules (the rules posted were 2015 before this week), Canadians cannot participate in the 2016 road to Blizzcon tournament.

Olivia WoW e-sports confirming Canadians are ineligible according to the rules

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The rules confirming Canada is not eligible
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Full 2016 Rules link

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Canadians were eligible..

Update: Olivia is going to check with the legal team tomorrow to confirm, she's doing everything she can to help. She didn't make the rules.

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MLG Site shows Canada eligible

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#4585971 So who's playing this Overwatch crap

Posted by Avengelyne on 31 May 2016 - 08:16 PM

It's pretty simple. It's a new game, so everyone's on a relatively even playing field. That means that the players that have sunk 5000+ hours into games like League, WoW or CS:GO are used to being "skilled" in those games, so they're naturally going to be frustrated they're losing to everyone and their mother in a new game, and as a defense mechanism they're coming up shit like it's a low "skill cap" game, when in fact they just can't cope that they're going to have to put in effort if they want to compete with the swarms of highschool dropouts that play 14+ hours a day.
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#4579422 When and Why have you started and stopped WoW ?

Posted by Avengelyne on 28 April 2016 - 02:56 PM

Played in vanilla after seeing some of the famous WoW videos and after seeing non-stop praise from review sites. Got to around level 40 as a Paladin because I wanted a mount, lived out the rest of my days doing low level BGs, dungeons like Mara and exploring. Stopped playing after a while. Friends were horde, didn't want to re-level to play with them and I liked Paladins.

Came back in BC after horde could be Paladins.. ended up making a Mage and got it to 70 with RL friends. Got carried through kara. Soon after, I leveled my Paladin to 70 and WotLK came out.

Did my first heroics and raids in WotLK, found out I was decent tank so I joined some PvE guilds. Really fell in love with the game. Healed some 3v3 in Nax offspec epics and blues, got Duelist (S5 dk lol), got some PvE realm firsts, got sick of wiping and wasting nights because others weren't up to par so I pursued PvP full time and got Gladiator.

With homoginization I felt HPals really lost their place (everyone got big bomb heals, cleanse, HPal got AoE heals) so I changed to Ret. Got Gladiator again. Got to 3k in S10 when mmr was fucked. They fixed it without resetting ladders so people sat all season and got R1. Combine that with morons getting gladiator with legendary RLS and triple dps later in the xpac and RBGs dying, which was one of the big pulls coming into Cata.. Quit.

Came back S12 to raid with RL friends, ended up hating it and xfering to a bongwater server to get R1 in S13 with Dhorothy after hearing Ret was good. Got wintraded past last night of the season and so I quit again.

Came back in S15 after College to play casually with the mindset that pvp was a shitfest and they didn't care about cheaters (mostly to do brawlers guild and achievements tbh). Ended up getting more involved with the higher end community after the BG merge allowed everyone to play together. Played a lot of WoD beta. Played a lot of WoD. Could probably go further if I committed to more classes, but don't give enough of a fuck to. If Legion recaptured the joy I had playing in WotLK i'd probably take it more seriously,
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#4572129 Why Blizzard Should Make Legacy Servers

Posted by Avengelyne on 30 March 2016 - 03:37 PM

Would rather them make good design decisions moving forward rather than see them turn it into Runescape
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#4570797 Just realised

Posted by Avengelyne on 21 March 2016 - 03:30 PM

As much as I like to rip on pruning and how simple the game is now, I can't agree because the honor talents will add some depth
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#4569417 Xmo. Belligerentz. Cheerrios. Live 3v3 arena stream!

Posted by Avengelyne on 10 March 2016 - 08:15 PM

Where is Raycharles
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#4568841 Ret/Surv Hunt/X - Need advice.

Posted by Avengelyne on 05 March 2016 - 08:57 PM

A good bit of extra info can be found in the FAQ thread I made on the US forums


- How far do you think that PHP can go in confrontation to PHS?

It’s a lot more comp dependent. Basically priest has a mana bar and can’t heal through Warlocks. Ret/Hunt has a hard time against lock teams already with a Shaman, a priest makes it a lot harder. You also do a lot less damage with priest because of the missing buff and dispel versatility.

One more thing is I think BM is better /w disc.

- What do we even do against comps like Turbo, WW/DK or H.Pala Shatter? RM/x as well. Versus Turbo it's weird because we can get a HoJ on the Druid, full Trap into full Fear afterwards and the Shaman is literally tanking Wings + Crows + Fiend with Shamrage/Wolves/Guidance. We sometimes manage to kill the Druid if he has no trinket.

We usually have WW/DK and Turbo on farm, but HPal shatter you’re just fucked against unless they make errors.
You’re going to want to split up crows/wings on Turbo and work through defenses until they don’t have defenses up for a setup. At that point, commit and spam purge. With priest it’s a lot harder to land a kill because you do less damage and we barley squeeze out kills with a Resto Shaman. Sometimes we swap between Warrior and Shaman with a priest to keep pressure under control.

Make sure you’re swapping on defenses and force them to swap hots constantly. You’re looking for situations where the shaman or druid is around 70%, no hots/defenses with a clean setup. This type of play forces them to use inefficient healing methods and will drain them eventually, they will start pushing in and you can punish it further. Sometimes you just have to commit to the druid and run at him like a goon.

WW/DK, we either train DK or swap between monk and hpal. Pop wings after he shells and it will force every defensive they have. We find any WW/DK with a few braincells can punish offensive BoPs so we often swap on karma instead unless we can afford it.

Typically if the DK is a god at surviving and we have a shaman that's used to playing /w Ret, we do the WW/HPal strat. Once you build a lot of synergy you can go WW/Hpal and there’s nothing they can do to win. They can adapt to this, and you have to swap strats mid game depending on how they play, but if you adapt back you really can’t lose.

I would suggest tunneling DK with a priest, and again with Shaman unless you're facing a DK who really knows how to live then try the advanced strat.

You can't train WW due to their mobility but you can build enormous pressure by hitting them, and when they run hit the HPal so they can't recover. Trap off once WW comes back and slay.

- Are there any particular tips/tricks we should know about this comp? It feels completely weak and just a bad joke from time to time, but I know that this is probably us playing it wrong, seeing how people can actually reach 2.9+ on EU.

At my highest on US it was around 2750 and top 10 on ladder this season before inflation. Since Fallout 4 came out I haven’t played competitively and pushed rating since. It definitely has top 50 potential, it’s the best hunter comp for ladder IMO. My tip is to go hard. Often times you have to run at the team like morons when they’re on the back foot. It’s a momentum based comp.

- Versus which comps would you run EmpSeals? I usually run it vs RM/x and H.Pala Shatter. Is it worth taking vs Turbo or vs any Enha Shaman comp?

A lot of info about that is in my FAQ above. It’s not picking one or the other, some matchups FV is better and some EmpS is better. One is also a joke whack-a-mole roation and the other requires a lot of forward thinking, EmpS isn’t easy and has further complications if you get CC’d. Even little things like SoR breaking traps becomes a new factor. You have to do tricky things like jump 180 seal swaps (auto attack will proc AoE seal) if your hunter lands a yolo trap and they are in melee :P I still break traps once in a while.
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#4561947 4 player roster in tournaments

Posted by Avengelyne on 25 January 2016 - 06:55 PM

Only thing I can disagree with is:

"The 2014 final BlizzCon in Mists of Pandaria was without a doubt the most comp-diverse BlizzCon to date."

If I remember right, every single team from the 2014 tournament was Lock/Shaman or Mage/Druid with the exception of Kording's WW/Spriest (only because their Lock couldn't come). If you weren't one of these or a class that synergized with them, you're shit out of luck. Maybe next Blizzcon you'll be viable. The 2015 Tournament was a lot more diverse (arcane mage, melee cleaves, wizard cleaves, caster/melee etc.). it felt more entertaining to watch at times because every game didn't involve LSD.

I think there are pros and cons of each. The biggest problem with 3 player rosters (right now, in the current game state) is the winner is basically whoever can play the most FoTM OP comp the best with some RNG thrown in (seeding/brackets). A lot of people made it further than they should have thanks to lucky seeds and favourable comp matchups. It happens a lot less now (not saying it doesn't ever happen anymore).

Your article definitely highlights the cons of 4 player rosters. You make a good point comparing WoD to HotS and it's problem when a team's success is basically who has the biggest Pokemon collection, not whomever masters their comp/class. There are exceptions, of course like Kubzy's RMD last year, WLS on GCD etc.

When healers like Cdew can have a pocket Holy Paladin that's as effective as Elite, or Pika can jump on Shadowpriest and beat godcomp mirrors at a top level It waters down individuality and can hurt entertainment value (depending on how you look at it).

I think the game is heading in a direction where it's about picking a class from a menu instead of you representing your class you chose when you started playing. Gone are the days of teams like Zelia's TSG and Hydra's RMP dominating. A lot of that is WoD and the design of WoW now, but at the end of the day we're trying to make the best of what we're given and GCDTV is doing a better job than anyone could have asked for. They have done great things despite this being the shittiest expansion ever and they're really the only good things to come out of WoD.

Edit: Forgot to mention I really like the 2 comp limit idea

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#4558038 Legion Season 1 Gladiator Mount

Posted by Avengelyne on 30 December 2015 - 03:14 PM

This may be the Legion Season 1 Gladiator mount. It has armor and there are 3 variations. What do you guys think? (unconfirmed, speculation, may be Demon Hunter mount, etc.)

Source: http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/

Posted Image
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#4554549 Legion Season 1 Name Revealed

Posted by Avengelyne on 16 December 2015 - 06:10 PM

Easily my favourite adjective out of any of them so far (for a Paladin, at least).
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#4552569 Arena Stats & Rating History

Posted by Avengelyne on 11 December 2015 - 05:54 PM

Nice work.

Fun fact.. Blizzard actually had rating and match history in the Armory back in the day.
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