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Best in slot trinkets?

10 January 2016 - 12:22 PM

So obviously Strength / Mastery accolade is number one (by almost all accounts)

But what's the best 2nd trink for humans?
- Some say Passive versa / Str proc trinket cause burst is too good during avatar etc
- Others say a 2nd blue mastery / str trinket from Ashran/Random Bgs especially if it has a gem slot.

Opinions from high rated players? Really hoping the 2nd BIS is passive versa so I dont need to farm random bgs. Blizo seems to disagree - http://eu.battle.net.../Blizo/advanced

Trinket / Accolade questions...

02 January 2016 - 03:05 PM

I got a green trinket which has a mastery slot that jumps to 351str 351 mastery should I use it? Gemmed it would go up to +75mastery so 351str, 426 mastery.

The epic accolade is 443 443 Str / other when boosted.
The normal blue one is 427str passive, with versa proc of 1272.

Is the versa accolade worth using? I found a thread on here ages ago which gave stat values for str, mastery and versa but I can't find it anymore or I could work this out myself.


Tips surviving?

15 December 2015 - 11:50 AM

When I play against DKs they are very hard to kill, I've seen Joefernandes lose very hard to some DK double dps teams where the DK just doesn't die and obviously he's very good.

When I play I seem to die easily. If a rogue's on me I death strike, death syphon, ERW and death strike some more but it seems to only prolong things by about 10 seconds or so (less if 2 dps are on me in 2s). Any tips for a noob trying to survive as a DK?

Should I be prioritising death strike? Death syphon doesn't seem to do much. Should I sit in blood presence? Or frost presence for more runes = more taps = more death syphons? Should I always go chillblains? Never use plague strike when I'm double dps in case I need runes for DS?

Any gearing tips? (Have secondary rings with versa, always run max versa gear?)


Good time to come back?

17 November 2015 - 12:55 PM

I was going to start my warrior up again this week as I heard it's a new season (gear reset).

I used to like 2s, have they gotten any better? Hunter/rdruid was a nightmare last time I played.

Is there a best 2s class? I was also thinking of starting up a feral druid, they always used to be good in 2s. (I know I know 2s..... but I liked it)

Is there a good 3s class to play if I don't like using skype or voice? I prefer anonymous playing as I'm a bit older and its awkward socialising with much younger folk (who are better than me :P)

I feel like an itch on the side of a healer

11 April 2015 - 10:04 AM

I was wondering if anyone else knows what I mean - in previous xpac's when I mained warrior, if I was allowed to sit on a healer he'd be in trouble. Same with my DK and rogue.

Now this xpac it seems rogues definitely fall into that category still (if they're good) but on my warrior if a healer is good it's not difficult to survive for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages until dampening kicks in for a victory.

What ever happened to World of Me. Where I didn't need fucking teamwork to kill something, I could influence the outcome of the game alone. I think Blizz have forgotten that the most important person in the eyes of the player is themselves, not the other 2 bitches who happen to be untargetable in the arena with me. (j/k etc.)

Who wants my gold. 9 days left.

On the plus side I've started some new hobbies since quitting this life sucking game.