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#4561122 Best in slot trinkets?

Posted by jgw on 19 January 2016 - 11:37 AM

He's right if it's on a separate loot table it's 1/5 * 1/29 not 1/34, which is ~0.7%.

It's probably like 1/2 to 1/4 to get an item from the lockbox.

So you're looking at 290 bg wins before you'll "probably" get one if it's 0.7% (cause 1/29 * 1/5 * 1/2 = 1/290 and 290wins *1/290chance =1) and a 1 in 2 chance of getting an item from the lockbox (and not honor or gold).

Really it feels more like 1 in 3 to 1 in 4 to me, so 4*29*5= 580 wins before you'll probably get one from a bg. More of course for a gem slotted one.

To put that further into context let's say you do premades and each bg takes 15 minutes to win on average it will take you 8700 minutes or 145 hours or 20 days playing ~7 hours per day of nothing but premade battlegrounds.

Enjoy your farming.....
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#4544706 [Warrior] Legion changes

Posted by jgw on 25 November 2015 - 11:09 PM

I'd just like to be a single target damage dealer, rather than a rend/ww bot that spreads pressure feeling weak in between MS cd. To do that they'll need to take away our spread pressure (please do).

I preferred the old style in WOTLK where if a warrior was on you it was like 'get the warrior the fuck off me' rather than now where it feels more like we are a melee warlock ..... the warrior's damage is slowly accumulating and becoming a problem, uh oh... not as much fun.
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#3254236 Best class for carrying bad players

Posted by jgw on 23 May 2011 - 01:31 AM

Agree with Gold, esp. previous seasons a good mage was a nightmare. But since you're asking you've probably got some way to go before you're as annoying as a 2400+ mage
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#3248543 I got scammed by "respectable members" of this website

Posted by jgw on 19 May 2011 - 09:07 PM

NEVER pay for labour before the job is done - applies to everything in life except hookers, they are generally not scammers but may get ur dick banned (herpes).
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#3130566 Wow players are kindling

Posted by jgw on 18 March 2011 - 04:39 AM

I don't mean faggots in that they're gay, or homosexual, the word faggot has evolved to mean something different to that. You should realise this. Anyway, here's things wow players do and why you're all faggots:

- Superiority due to rating / purples. Not much more needs to be said on this, but I can't resist. Wow is like a giant accumulation of useless knowledge you need to absorb to improve - for pvp, that is. 10% talent 90% knowledge. For pve it's somewhat similar, although the information is generally easier to obtain, limited to your class and boss encounters, and the main thing you have to sacrifice is your time. In any case, 'ur bad' if you're not getting to the top of the mountain of shit.

- Collection of utterly pointless things and taking pride in them. Pets, dumb mounts, changing races, 'shoulders at 2k', 2200 weapons, heroic items. Fuck off the lot of you. Beyond the fact owning them is a necessity for competing on an equal level with someone else who has them they're worthless. But keep believing you're better, you dumb fucks.

- Boring fucking people repeating boring memes in an attempt to sound edgy or cool. 'oh hai', 'ur mad', 'ur a baddy', renaming their character to UnoriginalShitxoxo. All the people who communicate almost exclusively in these faggot dialects or support these dumb memes should be shot. No wonder your parents support your habit, to keep you the fuck away from everyone and isolated in your room.

- Add more. God I hate wow players.
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#3039002 T2 weapons through rated BGs = time rather than skill?

Posted by jgw on 02 February 2011 - 06:19 AM

I havent had time to do any rbgs, but I've noticed a few terrible players with t2 that I used to play with. Any truth to the title?

Is it possible to get t2 weapons from rated bgs by playing in different groups, a few hours play per week? I don't have much time to play :(
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