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With the recent rise of activity in the lvl70 bracket, I managed to finally record enough good footage to create a new video. This time around I've decided to go with a little less text editing and mostly let the footage speak for itself, with longer clips and more interesting games against tough match-ups. I've focused on Disc Priest this time around to make for a more consistent viewing experience.

I've added a little bit of max-level footage at the end as well, I know there's a lot of people here with no interest in low-lvl videos, so consider it a courtesy for you guys!

Comps shown in the video:

Hope you enjoy!

Music list:
Circles - KDrew
Untouchable - Tritonal & Cash Cash
Force - Alan Walker
Candyland - Tobu

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Posted Thaya on Yesterday, 02:44 AM

View PostBluckstack, on 12 October 2015 - 02:15 AM, said:

Blizzard doesnt promote tournaments or anything relevant for those interesed to make money out of the game (1 tourney per year and we know all the bullshit that comes with it lately), ¿ is boosting bad for the game ? indeed, but its as bad aswell that the company that landed the game does nothing for the game itself and you re paying around 10 eur/month to play, not sure exactly why you focus so much on boosting, for sure if you would have monthly tournaments or some promotion from blizz to have people entertained while winning some money I am sure boosting would end up dying.

As someone said before I see it more nowadays as a "fuck you blizz" situation than anything since they dont bring out content for pvp players to be entertained with and to be fair they laugh at the faces of those who actually expend time on it, I would encourage people to stop hating one another for boosting or w/e random reason they find and much rather join forces against blizzard to make this game somewhat competitive/entertaining, at the end of the day what people want is to play the game and as Xonika mentioned before if it werent for boosting in last season's state for example you wouldnt get decent que's at all.

Boosting have been there before 95% of you who read this today even made a lvl 1 character on this game, and no one had problems with it for years (bc + wotlk + cata + end of pandaria) because the community itself was stronger and happier, what happens now is a reflection of how the pvp community nowadays hate everything and everyone, you see people advertising boosting sites but hating on those who boost, you see people hating on players because of the comps they play and you guys dont realize that people only want to play the fucking game and they do everything they can because literally the company owners do nothing for the game, so they try w/e reason they find to have fun while playing.

tl;dr: stop hating each other, nothing (not even boosting) will hit WoW as hard as blizzard decisionmaking/indifference does, try do something to fix that if you want to see this game growing
let me stop you right there

i've complained about boosting since tbc. or, more specifically, about the system being flawed in many many ways. there was a steady increasing trend of people getting more than 1 glad title per season (i.e. alts/boosting), so you could tell that eventually all titles will be obtained by a (relatively) very small group of players, and here we are today

boosting and alt accounts are things that you just have to take as a given, and design your system around it. you could make these rewards scale differently (e.g. how league of legends does it - once an acc is diamond, it basically stays diamond [and in the past: literally stays diamond]), you could put more emphasis on peoples CURRENT ratings rather than the end of season ones (e.g. you have a gladiator title for as long as you're >2600 or within a certain % or whatever - i never understood why the title works the way it does anyway, it makes sense for a mount, but the title not really), and so on. there's a lot of ways to make boosting not worth it while playing legitimately more worth it; there are also ways of solving the issue of "i have a high rating but want to play with a lowbie friend" (you could modify the amount of rating change for someone who is way out of the matches average rating, so if you're 3.5k and play with your 1.2k friends, you gain and lose 0's; boosting is not a big issue here because your 1.2k friends will still be playing vs ~1.8k players and getting buttfucked)

what blows my mind the most is that this particular issue is much easier to fix than any of the other issues. designing great gameplay or content is much harder and requires more resources. this entire issue is mathematical, and there are already existing systems that work much better, they just need to be implemented, that's all. it's barely any work from a development standpoint, and if you go the copypaste route, it's also a minimal amount of testing and iteration because that is already done by the other game(s).

bottom line: it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the system is insanely flawed. it also doesn't take a lot of resources for a developer to fix it. i can't think of many reasons they wouldn't fix it other than "cba", since blizzard clearly and obviously has the talent and the resources to do so - in fact, it would cost them very little.

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Posted flannelsoff on 11 October 2015 - 11:24 PM

I don't blame people for boosting, but if you deny it's bad for the game you're delusional

#4519047 has wow ever been this bad?

Posted Fizion on 11 October 2015 - 10:17 PM

I'm not sure if the game has been any worse, but the community is definitely at its all time low with a bunch of scummy fucking cunts that will suck three fat cocks for $100 and then pretend that they are doing the rest of the community a favor.

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Posted Thaya on 11 October 2015 - 08:04 PM


i will split off all the posts on this subject into another thread on offtopic later

just so you know. sorry for being a terrible mod


i'd like to point out that this thread is really arena and junkies right now

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Posted Ayrasaurus on 11 October 2015 - 04:15 PM

like how stupid do you need to be to defend boosting

but then again im the same person who is anti alts saturating the ladder...e.g One glad per each new class per Bnet account (would free up a ton of spots taken by DJpvpmanx, DJpvpmanxo and DJpvpmanyo the human male paladin).

between everyone having 10 of the same class and boosts you get a pretty small bottleneck in players who actually make the top 0.5% of what is already a small community (=

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Posted Ayrasaurus on 11 October 2015 - 04:11 PM

year is 2015

people actually defend boosting

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Posted Malladon on 11 October 2015 - 02:23 PM

View PostLapeane, on 11 October 2015 - 01:39 PM, said:

On the other hand, coaching is legal due to Blizzard. Also Boost without account sharing is legal as well. So what do you think about it? They ruin the game as well, right? I used to do it and people were getting achievements as well (of course it's harder to carry noob to gladiator range without account sharing, but still). What about it? It's not against ToS.

You're misdirecting the argument. In both of your examples the other guy/customer/noob/client/baddie, whatever you guys call them, that guy is involved, he's PLAYING. It's not 1 person playing 'n' accounts, it's 2 toons, 2 people. At various points in this game there have been comps and classes that have had an easier time in this role, which is more of a problem with game balance than carrying.

The point is you're INVOLVING someone else, they have to actually play and do something. In the long haul, if you're attempting to abuse the easiest comp/class to carry just for cash, and trying to get through the games as quick as possible without the dude you're carrying hit more than an execute button--- then yea I would say it's not the best thing for the game. But carrying/coaching someone involves them getting better in most cases, which if anything is healthier for the game by a long shot rather than a boost/pilot.


Just because I feel this is worth expanding on.

Pilot is the least involved someone can be in their toon's progression. It's a completely passive experience. Swipe your card, get a title/mount.

Carry is next on the list, which can range from somewhat passive if the comp/class just has it easy that season and you're getting carried by the right people, to a legitimate learning experience... maybe you had it easy with great players who covered your ass, and maybe in some cases you actually had to learn to fill gaps in parts of your play. You didn't do it "on your own" but you actively progressed as a player.

Coaching is the next one down, and is someone actively investing in JUST becoming better.

The long and short is, the more involved the person paying you is with what actually happens in the game, the better it is for our community because it's making THEM better. It's adding to the population of good players, and not for nothing it's giving people a positive reason to be involved in arena.

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Posted Malladon on 11 October 2015 - 01:27 PM

Quick thoughts on this whole mess. I haven't done boosts since early cata, which, when you're in college between skill capped vids and boosts, it was decent money to get through semesters (and beat the shit out of doing other stuff for money). By mid S8 even I stopped asking for money just because I wanted to play with people on a certain server (the game was actually that fun back then </3). And I can totally understand why someone would risk their account in those shoes given how not-strict blizzard was about it, and the potential you had to line your pockets. I never did anything aside from a few glad boosts and helped a few guys with when they couldn't play the rogue, but the truth is that when this all started to become a big thing is when we really had a hand in hurting the game/community in general.

Let me elaborate a bit... boosts have been around forever, we all know that. It didn't really become a huge thing until the end of wrath and then it totally ballooned out in cataclysm. The issue with boosting (for all you guys that have your head up in the clouds about how amazing you are) is that the majority of the arena population will never be as good as you. This isn't the spread from 2800 down to 1500, I'm talking about 2800 down to 2400, the peak of the ladder to the bottom edge of gladiator dipping into duelist territory.

This has been the truth even back when you could go into trade chat and in 15 minutes find 2 guys who could and would play a 20-30 game session at 2400+ just because it was fun. You know, that spooky era before Real ID when we actually found other people in WoW just by talking to them *perish the thought*. You used to be able to do that because before Real ID the WoW community was much more open to just playing with whoever (when's the last time you took your main and just LFG'd some people for 3s? that's basically the equivalent of trade chat partners these days). On top of that, there are legitimately  A LOT LESS people playing the game now. With arena already being a small sliver of the population playing the game, when the game itself shrinks, our population and the community takes a more noticeable hit. Even though we nominally lost less people than the PVE, Solo Dungeon/Question crowds, we had a lot less to start with, and it pushes our community below a threshold that maybe you would consider... active/thriving.

So while in the past boosting wasn't as huge of a deal because we all sort of vanished into the general population (not to mention the fact there was this huge buffer of gladiator/duelist ranked teams playing for the most part below you guys), this isn't the case anymore.

In shorter terms, there are a greater number of boosters active in the arena community now more than ever, and there are less people in the community now more than ever. The result is that boosted teams and toons take up a much larger percentage of the ladder. So to guys who consistently hit glad anyway, don't care about hitting glad, or are part of the of the R1 crew doing the boosts... to most of us it's just life as normal.

The people who we, by boosting, are FUCKING over, are those guys who used to fill that middle crowd, the duelist/gladiator border. Because let's face it, a community of the top .1% spread out over the top 3 ranks in the game (R1/glad/duelist) is a shit ton smaller, and a shit ton less fun than the top 3% of the community constantly fighting it out for a slot. The one thing that I really can't see being argued is that this game is so much more fun when it's hype, and there's no way to get that hype if you're giving the majority of the playerbase that much of a reason to not bother at all.

I could see countering this argument with saying, Well that's the best practice they're gonna get, and it'll help them improve, and for me that would be such a fun game to play against a R1 guy.

I agree to some extent, and when I was still one of the guys trying to break through to glad, I did enjoy playing against boosted teams because holy shit the games were great and they pushed me to be better. I liked playing against the main team so much more though. You know why? When I played against a boosted team I had all the intensity of a top tier match and reason to play my best, but I had the fucking stakes of a -24 because they were starting as some fresh 2k mmr shit. I'm a shitty enough player at the time, I don't need more pressure for me to make a mistake when I'm probably getting read and outpaced on every play already.

It wasn't as big of a deal for me also because I was in high school/college at that time, spending 4-5 hours q'ng arena wasn't a huge deal to me, and getting a good session in when the booster stopped playing was a pretty reasonable idea. For the rest of the world? Even me now that I'm into that horrible RL thing? I'm lucky if I get that much time to q in a week these days, between coordinating with partners, all our schedules lining up, etc. If I'm an on the edge player, and I've gotta risk 3-4 -20's every time I FINALLY get to log in and q up, it's gonna get fucking discouraging.

When I play against the main team the pressure is on them to not make a mistake. They actually had something to lose if they didn't pay attention to me. That not only levelled the playing fields, but also made it fun. On the flipside of that, I totally hated dropping 20 points to some 2400 shitter beastcleave because they targetted my squishy. GGWP

But the problem is those 2400 "shitters" are the majority of the "good" portion of the ladder in the grand scheme of things. The guys who are into the game, watch the streams, get into arena, and want to get better. Like it or not these guys are a big part of what keep the game alive. And personally I love nothing more than playing with guys who have potential, and who actually get into it. If you're discouraging these people from playing, you're encouraging our already shrinking community to shrink even moreso.

Which hey, you have every right to do, it's easy enough for me to stand on some moral high ground now that I have no reason to boost. Even back then I enjoyed making SC videos, doing 1 on 1 training with guys or even doing old school carries more than the boosts (too much paranoia, made it a lot less fun). But the truth is that if there's going to be any semblance of this game taken seriously, and if it's going to have any chance of being a thriving... scratch thriving, halfway enjoyable community as this game makes its inevitable decline, boosting has got to go.

And I would be 100% behind Blizzard taking a strict stance on boosting.

#4518408 has wow ever been this bad?

Posted Bigmoran on 11 October 2015 - 09:04 AM

Dillypoo said it perfectly.

Balance wise, yes WoW has been worse. Holistically, though, WoW is at its absolute worst. I have no incentive to actually enjoy the game to its fullest potential. I don't know why this is. I actually think removing PvE gear from PvP was partially to blame for this. I remember in BC, WoTLK, Cata, and half of MoP, I would actively queue LFR or join groups for raids. While it seemed like a chore at the time, it really diversified what players did with their time. Now I just /afk and spam real-ID LF partners who apparently don't exist anymore. The game doesn't feel nearly as immersive or rewarding as it did in the past. It's literally just a ladder grinding, rating flaunting, ego flexing shitshow where all the competition is gone.

Also, this was from another thread and it blows my fucking mind:

Posted Image

#4518198 Ban advertisements of boosting sites?

Posted Beargryllsx on 11 October 2015 - 03:23 AM

Lapeane made a great AJ post so let's check it out!

View PostLapeane, on 11 October 2015 - 12:39 AM, said:

That's common reaction of people who are too shit to boost. When I started playing PVP I was so frustrated about boosts. I blamed boosts for rating lose etc. All I was doing was checking armory of people I lost to and accusing them about being boosted or I was sad that they play on alt (lower rating than real skills). xD

Ok, calling the opposition "too shit to boost" and some teenager memories, very good so far, very nice.

View PostLapeane, on 11 October 2015 - 12:39 AM, said:

99% of people who reached the level when you can get good money from this - boost. And that's the fact.

One would ask for a source on this 99% statistic because it was particularly mentioned as a fact. The problem is, what the fuck is even being said here? Is this an argument?

View PostLapeane, on 11 October 2015 - 12:39 AM, said:

Even fucking big streamers boost/boosted, even tho they had thousands of viewers and money from it. That's how it is, you can earn so much if you have many clients. In 1 day you could get 2 weeks salary from normal usual job. Not saying about orders from Arabs even...

It's starting to get really awesome here, imagine being George Clooney, stealing that golden egg from Ocean's 12 (don't watch that - Ocean's 12 is fucking gay) and defending yourself in court with those arguments.

View PostLapeane, on 11 October 2015 - 12:39 AM, said:

Imo boosting to R1/Gladiator isn't that bad for others. Many people who boost to glad are just glads, so if you wanna have gladiator yourself you should be able to beat them right?

Almost spot on, except that you don't earn Gladiator by defeating Gladiator players, but by being on a certain spot an a ladder at the end of a season.
Dizzeyo made an example: If there were 500 glad spots and 20 characters were boosted, then 480 characters would get their deservedly earned glad title, 20 pve/archievement guys would get it, and 20 guys who actually played 3v3 arena would get duelist instead.

If you don't understand this, Uegene made another example: Imagine being a 100y dash competitor who wanted to make it to the Olympic finals. Suddenly you realise, 7 obese dudes paid Usain Bolt $200 to run and qualify for them. So it's Usain Bolt and seven fat cripples in the finals. Would that be great (e-)sport? Of course you could not beat Usain Bolt, but you might have a chance to run in the finals which would be a great a experience (glad) nonetheless.

View PostLapeane, on 11 October 2015 - 12:39 AM, said:

And boosting for r1 isn't that bad either cos if they play already on high MMR they meet other r1s. The only boosts that ruin the game are boosts to 2000-2400 for people that are tryharding on 1900.

So the only people not being hurt by boosting are players below 1,9 or above 2,4? That's actually a lot. It's ruining their game, you said it.

View PostLapeane, on 11 October 2015 - 12:39 AM, said:

It's last thing that Blizzard should focus on. Even more stupid thing is that Blizzard bans sold account. They care about things that don't even matter, they have shit game and they focus on catching sellers/boosters. Banning reckful was good PR move as well. 1 of 3 Biggest WoW streamers ever got banned ON stream. They should focus more on their PR moves really xD

Aaaand closing out with nonsesical brabbling, your typical AJ post.

#4517997 has wow ever been this bad?

Posted Dills on 10 October 2015 - 09:14 PM

It's been worse, but probably not this boring. Even though wow is a "pve" game it's still an rpg, PvP (arenas specifically) relies way more on the RPG aspect i.e how well classes are designed, and how they interact with and against each other. PvE is fun based on the environment and that should be the tuning factor for it.

The entire game even for non pvpers (those who just want to feel into their class or w.e) is more interesting as long as classes are designed well - which is why wotlk was so successful, each class felt like you were unique and brought something cool that other classes didn't have (this is completely gone with wod, but it started in cata i.e dispel change, bloodlust for mages - changes made with 10 man raiding in mind, even though the raids themselves could have been just designed differently so that all classes had a role instead of hurting the entire game).

It's just so odd that the game is designed like this even with their intentions of it being a pve game. Ironically, even the whole system of pvp talents seems to be there to fix issues of homogonizations caused by pve, when in reality it would be much simpler and more effective to have pve specific talents that would just let them homogonize classes for raiding.

I care about wow way more than I should, I play way too much and still I'm at the point that I'm sick of it, and it actually isn't because I'm not addicted anymore or w.e (because you could give me any other xpac and I'd continue with playing nonstop and enjoying myself), it's just because everything is way too boring :/ even in other xpacs if you qued into the same team and same comp over and over and over again the match would and could feel different every single time, but now every comp and match up is played the exact same way (hpal wodcomp). I just have no clue what to even do in wow at this point because everything is unenjoyable and boring (duels, bgs, 2s, 3s, 5s, world pvp, dungeons, heroics, dailies, watching swifty videos).

I really wish we could just make the game interesting T_T

#4517841 Blizzard Response - 2015 European Regional Finals Disqualifications

Posted Jim_Jim on 10 October 2015 - 02:27 PM


better versions of turbo decide to try and call me a fotm reroller tho =) 3 eles got r1 in the world last season hehe =)

Better? Not really. Damage wise, the duo war/enh is higher than ww/dk, considering the dk mobility. Burst wise, ww/dk can be higher yes, when the dk reach his target.
More retarded? Depend the enemy composition, if there is a rsham, this is the dumbest comp ever. If there is a mage, this is a different story, but the comp itself learned from turbo. We are double melee after all.

I don't see the point of the number of "ele shaman" R1. There was very few unholy dk and windwalker monk who got "R1" last seasonS too, doesn't make the class harder to play or more valuable (The best example is disc, i find the healing pattern extremly dumb, more than hpal.). Volko played 99% frost this season and 1% unholy, and he's not a "fotm reroller" after that?

That's sound cool, i just have to change my spec to ret to be the highest ret in the world \o/
Or prot.

But i don't see why you are so upset of being "treated" as Fotm, which you clearly are. The dumbest guy are the one like me who refuse to change my class. I'm lucky to have a shatterdumb comp like ww/dk, maybe in Legion this comp will be bad as fuck against your DH/rdruid/war. But i'm too loyal to change.
I suppose i hit a sensitive nerve.


#4517805 Blizzard Response - 2015 European Regional Finals Disqualifications

Posted Fedx on 10 October 2015 - 12:45 PM

View Postjaimex, on 10 October 2015 - 10:24 AM, said:

''be a fotm''

i literally play ele shaman wtf is wrong with you
Posted Image

#4517406 Blizzard Response - 2015 European Regional Finals Disqualifications

Posted Jim_Jim on 09 October 2015 - 08:26 PM



Traduction : you have to be an arrogant guy who promote boost all the time (Minpojke), do boost all the time (Noliferqt), post on arena junkies some despicable post (Xonika), be a fotm and say your current class is fine and everybody else is bad (Jaime.), complain that "the game is shit" while continue playing (Everyone), and in the same time, play the jew (=The poor victim) when you have been caught.

Congrats, you're now a Blizzcon competitor and a fellow member of Arena Junkies, the "PvP forum without garbage"


(I know mumumu i'm toxic blablabla)