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#4600960 A dismaying set of affairs has forced my hand.

Posted Zaephyr on 25 August 2016 - 02:49 PM

I feel like this needs to be posted for all those taking me a BIT too seriously!!! (though the main point still stands)

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#4600816 A dismaying set of affairs has forced my hand.

Posted Zaephyr on 24 August 2016 - 09:53 PM

For generations arena junkies has been a place where people can come to learn.

Unfortunately this has changed in recent days.

Culminating in this post

Kamikaze for some.

Recently It has come to my attention that there are some members on this forum that no longer meet the necessary requirements for posting in some areas of this forum.

Your Arena Junkies was created in view that only the best, the most prestigious, those who had proved themselves on a field of battle could post in some areas of this forum.

Damnation to them! I hate to be the one to find that certain 'slackers' have made it through the pearly gates.

Alas, Now that the season is over, certain members, who I would hate to mention the names of are posting here with no rating, and no previous gladiator helmets to back up their claims to greatness.

Really I feel that as they offer no substantial content they should no longer be here.

#4600978 A dismaying set of affairs has forced my hand.

Posted Thaya on 25 August 2016 - 03:40 PM

for real though

i don't actively mod here as i don't play wow and rarely browse gen disc, so i just don't want to get involved as i'd feel wrong applying a policy selectively to some people and not others (and i don't have the time/motivation to apply it properly)

but some of you should chill the fuck out or i'll make exceptions

pages upon pages of just raw personal insults is no go

there's a fine line between trolling/shitposting and being an actual toxic cunt. policing being loose doesn't mean you should make the forum worse for everyone

rydar and bobbychong are on the top of my list. consider this a warning

#4600489 AJ appreciation thread

Posted ROKMODE on 23 August 2016 - 08:11 PM

random sitenote

this new trend of calling everything and anyone autistic is really annoying

it's the new "cancer" and "aids"

It's a substitute for any insults that require any actual creativity. Pretty sure half the people who use the word super liberally don't even know what it implies.

#4600279 AJ appreciation thread

Posted xndr on 22 August 2016 - 08:21 PM

as a vegan black christian feminist transgender crossfitter this thread offends me

#4600327 PROOF @hydrahacked

Posted Zaephyr on 22 August 2016 - 10:04 PM

It's time for the four year reminder of the fact that even though everyone on AJ is currently bickering and squabbling among themselves, insulting each other, and calling everyone snakes, there was once a member among us whose name is actually so infamous, that to mention it is a sin.

I of course am talking about X*****

For this year, I thought i'd start off with this quote - which lets be honest, is hilarious.

View PostXandyn, on 27 August 2012 - 11:10 PM, said:

Khuna logged on the account and disbanded the team (and Blizzard can see this)
Khuna bought the 2 months game-time

I didn't forge the ID's.

Further to this I'd like to provide a couple of the best images from the thread for your consumption

Thanks wolo for this

Posted Image

And the other version

Posted Image

And finally, whoever made this, you're a legend:

Posted Image

This is to serve as a reminder that no matter how toxic, or how bad we are, we will NEVER be as much of a cockwomble as this guy.


#4599973 AJ appreciation thread

Posted Capstone on 21 August 2016 - 01:49 PM

this forum was once a great place to put each other on blast

every time i see some randie i do not recognize argue with a yuropoor or some other mists of pandaria fuck my eyes glaze over, so most threads have boiled down to a couple people that are so unrecognizable my body literally rejects their posts and skips to the next line arguing with some other people who i can't read because i must have ignored them years ago when i played wow

this nicholaes guy i understand has severe aspergers he wrote somewhere so i'll cut him some slack but i've never seen such a shitposter in my entire life.  i am actually boggled as to why i haven't ignored him like about 20 other people, like all his posts are somehow just legitimate enough to be readable
dizzeeyo is always in the mix of these trash posts spamming emojis :) :) which creeps me out tbh. seems like an eastern euro
i think it has been obvious to everyone from the outset that jaime is intolerable.  i don't even remember adding him to ignore, like i must have just done it immediately after reading the first thing he ever wrote
jimjim lives in one of those backwater countries (basically not the USA or UK) where they haven't integrated their culture so every other post is some racist or sexist rant because i guess some muslims live near him and hes terrified of people who are not all the same
probably missing some others but you know who i'm talking about

i don't even know how you guys know so much about each other's personal lives, the point of this site is to facetiously blast each other in the most grandiose way possible for something as meaningless as your skill in this lifeless husk of a game, that way you maybe get under someone's skin but it's all meaningless, and thus, bants.  some of you seem like you know each other in real life and you use this site to actually bring each other down, which confuses me, i don't know why you would keep coming here.  why even fuck with each other irl, even if the eurotrash you are so pissed at is the biggest loser imaginable and you banged his mom

the worst part is i am sure breadstick (who to my knowledge is the only moderator left with a pulse, as vanguards is as far as i can tell a spambot) would ban these fucks but they are like 90% of the posts.  in some 2009 utopia AJ you could just discard these people to preserve the community, but today, that's all there is.  if we cut off the cancer there would be nothing left

bigmoran was a quality poster, surprised he still posts here at all

anyway i don't post here much or play wow at all (although i will prob play legion) anymore, just adding my take on this.  there are some people i recognize here so maybe it'll pick up when a new xpac comes out and people are playing again.  remember to use the ignore feature as i have demonstrated many times before

#4599526 Artifact Weapons, Offspecs, and PvP

Posted Wallirik on 18 August 2016 - 12:15 PM

wow you can't buy instant max lvl and get full gear in 5 hours on 12 alts?
damn life is tough huh

#4599301 jesus christ this is getting old

Posted Lirox on 17 August 2016 - 03:53 PM

View Postjaimee, on 17 August 2016 - 03:07 PM, said:

rofl ez trigger
tfw ur braindead as fuck

#4599166 jesus christ this is getting old

Posted dame on 17 August 2016 - 01:00 AM

View Postjaimee, on 17 August 2016 - 12:47 AM, said:

nice, keep insulting a superior region and maybe your shitty one might get a bit better this expansion.

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#4599157 jesus christ this is getting old

Posted drzy on 16 August 2016 - 11:50 PM

View PostNgtyo, on 16 August 2016 - 11:43 PM, said:

i dunno what is the worst trolls trolling trolls or you guys taking that shit too seriously

Nobody takes it seriously. It's dumb when Blizzard tries to promote this site as a premier source of PvP knowledge (which they have done within the past two expansions), but all it has boiled down to is a bunch of EU players wishing death upon a person they have never met anywhere outside of a dead video games forum, and then those same EU players arguing about boosts/who is a worst player.

Like I said, just shut this website down already or wipe all the trash from it. I'd rather see no activity than negative activity.

#4598995 EU Regionals

Posted Ventux on 16 August 2016 - 08:07 PM

i doubt rydar actually hates uegene hes just trolling him so xonika carries him to glad or something

#4598992 EU Regionals

Posted drzy on 16 August 2016 - 07:54 PM

View PostRydar, on 16 August 2016 - 06:17 PM, said:

That is not the reason, rest assured the reasoning behind what we say is because you're really fucking annoying and you have some sort of god complex on this site when in actuality you're a complete spastic

yet you can't resist to respond to him. how does it feeling knowing somebody you "hate" with a passion can always bait a response from you because you're literally too stupid to just ignore him XD

#4598926 Which player(s) did you look up to?

Posted Lolflay on 16 August 2016 - 04:50 PM

View PostXonika, on 11 August 2016 - 09:23 PM, said:

i dont try to be nice on this aids site, i try to be good at wow and im actually a really nice person to people who deserve the time/effort

"im actually a really nice person to people who can do something for me" - ya I'm pretty sure Hitler was a nice person to his family and friends as well, along with all the other cunts

"i try to be good at wow"
"i try to be good at wow"
"i try to be good at wow"
"i try to be good at wow"
"i try to be good at wow"
"i try to be good at wow"

At this point the only thing that can save you is cutting your router's LAN cable and forcing you to live in the real world for a year or so.

I'm like not even trolling or trying to be a dick for no reason, you're negative 24/7 towards everyone who doesn't suck your e-dick or who can't do something for you. In a few years time you'll cringe at this incarnation of yourself ( I hope so, at least )

#4598863 Which player(s) did you look up to?

Posted Ruddx on 16 August 2016 - 12:04 PM

Minpojke - I will never look at "dem titties and ass : D" the same ever again