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#3682322 Twink Ranking Tournament! (April 14-15th)

Posted Virtuaftw on 11 April 2012 - 01:10 AM

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Bracket Structure: (http://twinkranking.com/brackets/? or see below)
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Hey there Arena Junkies community! As you may or may not know, we will be holding our own version of the successful “North American Invitationals” created by members of the 85 bracket. This tournament will be both streamed live, as well as filmed to use as a promotional video for our bracket. The goal is to provide some fun for the players competing, entertainment for viewers and most importantly, to bring publicity and new players to our bracket.

The Basics:

This 3v3 arena tournament will consist of 16 teams that will be chosen based on their skill level, as well as the originality of their team composition to provide viewers with the most entertainment possible. It gets boring watching an RMP in every series! We will be using a “Double Elimination” format of play, meaning all 16 teams will begin on the “A” side. Upon losing a series, the team will be moved down to the “B” side. From there, a team still can still climb all the way up and win the tournament, but it will be a much harder and longer road. Upon losing a second series of games, the team will be eliminated from the tournament.
Series will be best of 3 early on in the tournament, but will move to best of 5 later on in the tournament. The point at which this happens will be shown on the tournament brackets once they are released. That being said, the team that advances to the finals from the B side of the tournament will have to beat the team that advanced from the A side in TWO best of 5 series, in order to give the A side team their two series losses in order to eliminate them.

The Rules:

We had a meeting going over some of the tournament rules and what would be accepted. We held a conference over skype with some of the members of signed up teams on stream, with other members of the community commenting and asking questions to get everything figured out. Here is what we came up with:
1. There are no engineering tinkers allowed. This is everything from the Tazik Shocker and Synapse Springs to smaller things like the Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket. However, the Gnomish Lightning Generator will be usable. Teams will be disqualified from their current game and a win will be awarded to the other team if a tinker is used.
2. The use of band-aids is also banned. This was controversial during our discussion, but ultimately it was decided that in certain circumstances (rogues cloaking / bandaging to full) they were deemed too powerful.
3. 71+ characters are not permitted to play. The reasoning for this is that they have access to gear and new spells that the 70s don’t. We were considering letting them play and simply banning the use of the new gear / spells, but ultimately it was decided that the extra levels gave them an unfair advantage to the level 70 characters due to their increased resistances and the fact that 70s need ALOT of hit to be capped against these characters.
4. There is a minimum resilience requirement in place. This number is 400 for all classes except Rogues and Mages, who will be required to wear 500. You can use any type of gear as long as you reach that number.
5. Teams consisting of two of the same class are not allowed.
6. There is a 20 second disconnect rule when a game begins, meaning, if a member of either team disconnects in the first 20 seconds of the game, it will be reset. This number was originally going to be 30, but it was reduced due to the fast nature of our bracket.

How you can be in a Tournament:

When a new tournament is coming up, you can sign up in the thread on the WoW Battleground forums or by contacting whoever is organizing the tournament. However, just because you sign up doesn’t mean you have a guaranteed spot. As mentioned above, teams are chosen by a council of players based on their arena experience and the originality of their team composition. If you want to really be in the tournament, prove yourself by getting high ratings with your team!
In future tournaments, teams who placed well in the previous tournament will automatically qualify, and there is a potential for qualifying matches prior to the tournament to give everyone a chance to prove themselves.

How Exactly does the Tournament Work?:

All games in the tournament are wargames. Games will be queued through Real ID from a centralized server (for our first tournament, that server is Arthas). The wargames will be 5v5, 3 people on each team being the players on the teams, and the other two being commentators / the streamer (or extras to help fill the space). When the gate open, the teams must stand still. The commentators and extras will run across and get killed by the other team, then activate ghost form. From there, a countdown will be initiated by one of the commentators, and the game will begin. There are a few simple rules about this countdown:

• Buffs that last less than 30 seconds (and hence, are cancelled when the gates normally open) are not permitted before or during the countdown, in order to simulate a normal game.
• Shamans cannot stack Ancestral Vigor before or during the countdown.
• Rogues are required to use any combo points they receive from killing the commentators and extras through Honor Among Thieves.
• Mage pets must be summoned when the gates open so they don’t have a severely reduced cooldown when the game actually begins.
• If a Priest wishes to Fear Ward before the game starts, they must also use it as the gates open so the cooldown isn’t reduced.

Games will also a timer of 20 minutes. If a game lasts this long, the game will end, and both teams will be awarded 1 point. However, if one team only needs one more point to win the series, no points will be awarded and the game will be replayed. This is to prevent teams from winning one game and then turtling the other games to make them last the time limit, then winning the series through ties.

Other Information:

Every tournament will be streamed at: http://twinkranking..../virtua-stream/
You can also chat live with other viewers.

Our next (and first) tournament will be on:
Saturday, April 14th at 5:00 Eastern, 2:00 Pacific
Sunday, April 15th at 5:00 Eastern, 2:00 Pacific

See you all there!