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#2481558 What class is right for me?

Posted by Bobolovecraft on 07 August 2010 - 04:21 AM

-Doesn't require a lot or any PvE gear (only raiding I do is VoA 10/25).

Any healer class.

-Doesn't require tremendous amount of keybinds/macros.


-Does good burst and sustained damage.


-Good at dueling if played right.


-Overall good at arenas/bgs and has at least 2 comps that can be ran in arena.

Rogue. Rmp, rls..

-I was thinking maybe feral druids fit this but not sure about how many keybinds they use with all the forms and support tools.

Classes that have stances/shapeshifts etc, reduce their keybinds due because the actionbar changes and same keybindings are used for diferent things. Rogue being one of them.

One of best rogues, Woundman (3k rated rogue), plays in full pvp gear with very few keybindings. Rogues have been known as one of the best dueling classes along side mages. Rogues have been viable in absolutely every season.

The only problem with rogues is that you have to play with good people to achieve decent ratings.

check out woundmanlol12 http://warcraftmovie...w.php?id=158577
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#414037 [Rogue] Who is not useing W to move forward?

Posted by Bobolovecraft on 20 October 2008 - 09:48 PM

Blame me for trying to copy good players and see if it works.
Blame me for watching arena vids and try coping what other do.
Blame me for trying improving.

Now all you stuff you shit up your ass and tell me if you use any other means of moving forward beside W for majority of game.

Go fucking troll on some other tread.

didn't find any neilyo vid, but did find one from gravitas ely guy or whatever he's called.
as you can see he is holding W for majority of game
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