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In Topic: Horde RBG Team LFM, steady team.

14 November 2012 - 08:36 PM

Battle Tag: AlivEvil#1286
Char(s) Spriest(CR 2086 atm) Warlock(2136 atm)
Exp in Arenas: Glad/2600
RBG: Only played like half a season before i quit, was leading a group and got to 2380ish. Came back on MOP.
Will call bolts/fears etc, quick mass dispels etc.
add me if interested. ty

In Topic: LFM Horde RBGS 10/21/2012 ++

24 October 2012 - 04:42 PM

I personally have leading exp of a 2500+ rbg group in the first rbg season as a ret pally, got to 2350ish myself and then stopped playing wow.
Came back for MoP. Playing priest/pal.

If you need some dps, or priest healer(highly unlikely) as a member or rbg leader, hit me up @ AlivEvil#1286

In Topic: LFM 2500+[H] RBG's

14 October 2012 - 03:53 AM

If you need a geared/exped ret or spriest, hit me up. (i have do holy/disc and have the gears for them, but I do not think you want them ha)
2300+ exp in the 1st rbg season, quit after that :(

In Topic: [US] Horde RBGs - LFG

14 October 2012 - 03:47 AM

Class: Paladin/Priest
Spec: Ret/Shadow.disc.holy
Experience: s3 glad, 2400+ in s5-s10 ish, stopped playing since then. played 1 season of rbg, got to warlord then i quit :<.
Armory link: got little to none partners right now, so no rating right now. full honor items and 2-3 epics
Battletag: AlivEvil#1286

Note on Ret: people may thing ret is uselss, but they offer a lot in rbg teamplays, heal/freedom/sac and able to burst people down or deal tons of dmg