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How would you re-design your class/spec?

07 July 2017 - 11:41 PM

Yeah, how would you re-design your class for the next expansion?


We should be as early as possible with telling Blizzard exactly what we want this time around. We need to start teling them what we think is fun gameplay and we need to start doing so now.


Keep the following in mind:


- Don't design around Legion, don't think "this wouldn't work, it'd be OP", as all classes will get rehauled it's entirely possible it wouldn't be. Just think about what you think would be the most fun iteration of your class/spec.


- Don't design around damage/healing - it can always be tuned to not be too high/low. Focus on what makes for fun gameplay (well at a certain point having too much utility/cc and no damage/healing as a result can be boring too I guess, but you get the idea).


You can use the following template if you wish:


Classname - Specname


Description/Reasoning: I thought this would be a good idea because relentless and adaptation sucks a lot of depth out of the game being the passives that they are.




Basically what changes you would make to the baseline abilities/passives.


PvE Talents:



What would you do with the PvE talents.


Honor Talents:


What would you do with the PvP talents.




Replace Relentless & Adaptation with previously pruned spec abilities X and Y.