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In Topic: Anyone play on PandaWoW mop private server?

29 September 2017 - 02:48 PM

Is it still possible to get free 550 ilvl chars?

Probably, but the server is really trash :/


Russian in the messages, tons and tons of bugs (pathing being the most prominent one) and a community that is toxic beyond belief (due to poor moderation).

In Topic: MAX Single-Target Burst Sub. Rogue spec - 7.3?

20 September 2017 - 10:42 PM

Haha, dead eh? 


Suggestions as to a decent board to post on, etc?

PvP is dead, no such board exists.

In Topic: Games like Arena but not shit?

20 September 2017 - 04:59 PM

number of abilities also depends on how many characters(or customization for specific char-specs/talents  u wanna implement into the game

i think mixing a lot of chars with 15spells is better than 30spells and 10chars 

wow arena with league champions pool and ban/pick syhstem even in current state(legion,wod) would be super interesting even tho game is not that great overall

more chars = more options = less scripted gameplay


More characters doesn't mean more options in-game (it only means there's more comp variety), there are still only 6 characters in any given game. And those 6 characters have less abilities => more scripted gameplay.


This looks like any other indie game on the same stage of development

Ok, thanks for your support  :D

I agree, 20 is a really low number for a tab-targeting game like WoW
But here you should focus on enemies and their positions, not on your action bar
22-24 is possible, but any bigger number would make this game really hard to play

I've removed energy mostly because there is no auto attacks in the game and it looks strange when you're low on energy and have no abilities to use, just standing and looking at enemy  :D
Also, the same reason again: aiming and controlling enemy positions is hard itself, so damage dealing shouldn't be complicated or this would be a game for R1 gladiators only

I don't like WoW mages mana — it doesn't affect you gameplay in any way (unless you spellsteal every GCD)
So I've removed it and replaced with fire energy, which works the same way as legion shadow priest's insanity
You activate Combustion and your energy starts draining increasingly fast until it reaches 0 and combustion ends
That's why a wizard uses fire spells to deal damage

It can, but server won't allow you lag too much to make it a real advantage

Of course you can stand in your healer to avoid/break CC on him, it's possible even in WoW in some cases
But do it once and next time your enemies will get their stuns and cooldowns ready to annihilate you both in one cc chain
Like in the begining of this video:

Also they can CC you both and kill your 3rd teammate

Looks good, but I think tinkerer should be removed and replaced by a healer

You want me to make a 100% WoW clone  :D
But what for? There are many private servers from Classic to WoD and they are pretty good if you like old school PvP
I want to make a new game, not a clone, with new and fresh gameplay, but based on the same concepts as WoW arena: positioning, cc, cd management, teamplay

New video:

Sign up for beta here: https://goo.gl/forms/IYSAQtiRXQVY2B192

Yeah, I wouldn't mind a WoW Arena copy (I think most people here would love that) - because that's what this thread is asking for ("games like arena").


You're trying to make some sort of MOBA extreme version, with elements from WoW PvP.


Honestly, your game looks like it's just going to be a clusterfuck, á la Legion 2.0, for the exact reasons I outlined in my earlier posts.


AoE damage and CC (that breaks on damage) doesn't mix well. The main issues are found below: (that you call features but I'm one hundred percent convinced will be massive annoyances, ie issues, to the playerbase)


A ) Casters not being able to attack anything but the melee pummeling their face covering 90% of their "aim" area.

B ) Casters permanently blocking their healers so 'aimed' CC on the healer can never hit.

C ) "run to the healer so CC is broken" / "hide behind CC'd healer so they can't hit me". You seem to think this is solvable by "just stunning them and blowing them up", but if it were - don't you think that "solution" would've been widely used in Legion, especially by the classes with AoE stuns? Hint: it hasn't. This is a massive issue in Legion with everything and their mother doing AoE damage - and it's not punishable, and most certainly won't be in your game either with high caliber players.


Also, why would I want to play some private server ran by some shady individual(s) that also never gets patched (same meta forever) and is riddled with bugs? Just look at what HoN did to the MOBA community, that's what I want for WoW PvP - not private servers, which is quite the opposite.


But well, gl with your game.

In Topic: Games like Arena but not shit?

17 September 2017 - 10:44 PM

Let us not make this into "Suits" TV series (good show though :P


Well, once you are against a "big dog", you can always seek cooperation through other "big dogs", if you have a solid case at hand, they would be more than happy to help you destroy their opponent, so that they can advertise that case to further promote themselves :)


And tbh, all he needs is a crazy "Joker" like me, hell, I would just defend him for sake of troubling Blizzard, maybe that way they would improve the arenas and we wouldn't be theorycrafying here :P


You raise good points as always though. Good night man.

Now I don't know what TV series that is but alright haha, take care.

In Topic: Games like Arena but not shit?

17 September 2017 - 10:23 PM

I just wanted to write about the legal issue since I don't think there is this "one right and one wrong approach" in our discussion. The points you raise are crucial, even though we agree to disagree on most of them.


The legal dispute related to Dota2 mainly revolved around the "DOTA" brand name since Valve wanted to trademark it. In addition the in-game use of characters such as the "Skeleton King" and others were copyrighted by Blizzard. I tend to follow the corporate structure of US public companies, and read most of Blizzard's public announcements, as well as the publicly available court files, judge opinions, and the settlement agreement itself. First of all, the lawsuit ended with a "Settlement Agreement". Sure, you might want to say one side may have won since they had a higher leverage than the other, but technically, there is neither a winner, nor a loser. Both parties got to reach an agreement on acceptable terms. While Valve could keep the brand "DOTA"-"DOTA2", characters such as the Skeleton King were removed from the game (replaced by Wraith King afaik), so Blizzard also got what they wanted.


The legal issue you raised here would not have valid grounds, since this game in development uses none of the copyrighted materials by Blizzard. Besides, just compare it to the DOTA case, on one hand there is literally copyrighted brands, trademarks and on the other you have some spells which have similar names and work in a completely different game engine/artwork.  "The Arena" is a game mode, but not a copyrighted material, it is not a brand. Many games have arena modes. Regarding game mechanics, as long as this "Arena" game didn't steal the game engine (a property of Blizzard), then there is nothing wrong about the mechanics either. As long as a statement is within the scope of fair competition, any person in the US can advertise/compare their products against others (look at advertisements, they usually say theirs is best compared to others for example). Of course, there shouldn't be any defamation. In this case, the dev is not claiming his abilities/spells work exactly like WoW, he is not MISLEADING anyone into thinking his game is WoW-or a WoW copyrighted content. Now I can tell you one thing, and that is the jurisdiction. Valve is based in US so is Blizzard. since these two companies have their HQ's in the US, the lawsuit was within the jurisdiction of the US courts. However, a Russian company/individual is not within US jurisdiction by default. Therefore, the case would not go to a US court anyway, unless of course this Russian company would have a subsidiary in the US, or it would operate through a distrubiting company located in the US. Even if that would be the case, the lawsuit would be against the subsidiary / distributing company, and there is literally no copyright infringement at this point anyway. Besides, good luck trying to locate the HQ of a Russian company which sells their games via internet. I don't think the game is intended to be sold in collector's edition package in the US anyway. Therefore, opening a lawsuit just to slow down the business would be very costly for Blizzard.


The worst case scenario would be perhaps some ability names (if they were properly copyrighted and protected by Blizzard-we know this is not always the case, you can read more about this at SEC filings (you can find it here: http://investor.acti...ec.cfm?view=all ) if the dev uses copyrigted content. However his game engine is not Blizzard's copyrighted engine, and you should already know WoW itself stole spells/mechanics from other games. They literally have a "Force Choke" from Star Wars: The Old Republic for DK's and just named it Asphyxiate. Did Bioware sue Blizzard ? No...they can't, because there is no valid grounds to do that. A copyrighted material is not easy to identify in games, because the characteristics of it has to be visually the same + introduced by the same engine. 


I wish Blizzard would sue this guy though, he would win his case and then he could easily make some millions via countersuit, claiming material damages since his project was damaged via defamation / unfair competition.


Well, at least he knows who to reach for if he ever needs a lawyer.

Ah, a lawyer I see :)


Maybe you're right - but to be fair I feel like they'd find some attack surface to poke a hole at - depending on how the "final iteration" of the game turns out it will be almost an exact copy of WoW Arena just with different champions. Also, I assume the US is not the only area whose copyright laws are of interest, the entirety of EUand most importantly Russia ought to also be of substantial interest.


Also, if you ever did become his lawyer I recon you'd get buried by the massive amount of paperwork sent by the hordes of lawyers of Blizzard, because to my knowledge that's what happens to "smaller firms" when they try to take on the big dogs. Honestly, the kind of money he'd have to spend in order to 'win' such a lawsuit (and then to potentially win a counter lawsuit) is not the kind of money he has (afaik) - which is exactly what Blizzard would be betting on in a situation like that.