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#4577916 Legion Season Names/Titles

Posted Atosy on 21 April 2016 - 10:27 PM

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#4560654 Elite and Starships kicked from Tempo Storm

Posted Nahj on 15 January 2016 - 04:23 PM


LSD isnt a real lock shaman comp as you know, and lsd3 was never even remotely better than turbo
I think i'm onto something here, hear me out.

In the term LSD the L stands for lock and the S stands for shaman.


#4548621 Tactic 2 - 2800+ Beastcleave

Posted Dills on 03 December 2015 - 07:39 PM

[quote name='Cocoapuffs' timestamp='1448765185' post='4546317']
https://www.youtube....h?v=kOaxQxen1f4 - sick intro song buddy :duckers:

Hey that's me

#4554243 Food for thought from an oldschool player

Posted tofu on 16 December 2015 - 07:56 AM

Just some words from an oldschool player in response to the state of competitive PvP -

The lacking player base and enthusiasm is the symptom, not the problem.  The problem is a lack of creativity and rewards that are worth hard competition.

Instead of complaining put your heads together and offer solutions-

Easy fixes that could be implemented:

1. Smaller scale bgs.  Think 5v5, 6v6, 7v7.  This alone would solve the problem of getting large groups of people together and staying together, while providing objective based pvp rather than sandbox style (not degrading arena)

2. Better rewards.  More cosmetics, more interesting titles.  Think class specific.  This would give more replayability, desireablility, and uniqueness to earned titles and cosmetics are always desireable (think glowing chest pieces for high ranks.. Huge horns in your helment)

Start with "what would really make me want to COMPETE to earn THIS AWESOME THING?" Work back from that.  I think you'll be surprised what awesome ideas that could be thought up

Not sure why it's not showing but I've played since vanilla and was the only DK in S7 to achieve rank 1 (lafu).  Thinking about coming back for Legion.  Let's make this game fun again.


#4548627 Dillypoo's 6.2.3 Highlights (WoD Season 3)

Posted Dills on 03 December 2015 - 07:53 PM

Hey guys started uploading lots of stream highlights onto youtube from this season. If you like hunter pvp, warlords of draenor and ashran make sure to watch!!!1!!!:


#4548768 Legion is the end

Posted Seductions on 04 December 2015 - 02:59 AM

Okay I have actually PLAYED legion alpha and I can tell u:

-its already better than WoD and MoP in terms of story
-u literally have more buttons to push as EVERY spec
-they want u to choose wat class u bring ( u want garrot, u play with assasination rog, u want smoke bomb u play with sub rog)

-u cant complain if u havent played legion alpha, so dont write review for a game u actually havent played, its like me watching the superman vs batman trailer and calling the movie shit before i even see the movie

#4547196 Cheating, cheating and more cheating

Posted Holypalaswe on 01 December 2015 - 01:52 PM

reposting this thread from battle.net forums that has now been removed due to naming and shaming policy, and also got removed from /r/wow reddit after getting 600 some comments in a few hours as I feel the problem shouldn't be quieted down.

archived link: https://web.archive....42934655?page=1


My older brother first introduced me to this game during the original beta. I've played since release and can remember making it to Orgrimmar before anyone else and seeing it completely empty on that thanksgiving weekend many years ago. I've had many fond memories over the 10 years of playing this game, but have become very weary of the state in which it is now. Maybe I'm a hypocrite. Maybe I'm not. I really don't care. The cheating is ruining the competition in this game. Those of you that I've played with believe you are good players and maybe even the best. But many of you cheat. You arrogantly cheat, you laugh about it and don't even give a !@#$ that you ruin the game for everyone else.

The player base is becoming smaller and smaller. Few teams are left at the higher ratings and those that are, are almost all bots. I have repeatedly sent these videos in and yet these players are still active for weeks and months. I'm tired of it.

Botting locks explained

jfv admits to kick botting with evidence

Wlx botting

Botting on gilneas 11/23-11/24

Botting night of 11/22/2015 to morning of 11/23/2015

ABN botting 11/23

Wubzy team botting (chrishuman is the only lock near me)

Wubzy recruiting bot locks and advocating cheating:

mini and team botting - watch how perfectly timed curse of agony is reapplied even when it is about to run out.

minimelt kick botting

Fly hacking

Bnetplayer 2 (Hootz) flying


beepboops explained

asbur team botting

ABN botting 2 explained

ABN botting 1 explained


Janimal botting

Bailamos kick bot

Janimal and team DDoS me (soballer knew my skype and gave it to janimal)

Wodlocktko and Rickrude


Fly hacking videos:






go to 55 seconds and at 4:40 for fly hacking:






GM response:

Original videos without edit and explanations


ABN 2 (chickenman, reeky, hornswaggler)

ABN 3 (chickenman, lockolate, onefacedgod, playfacedgod)

Nemesis team (padre, reeky, dongod)
Watch at 10 seconds when I use stone form, all the dots are applied instantly

Asbur team (farmingthegy and chickenman)

Jake and sadclimax

bailamos team (janimal and immortalgod)

#4546065 Tactic 2 - 2800+ Beastcleave

Posted flannelsoff on 28 November 2015 - 08:08 AM

its so weird seeing s17 in the title

#4546029 Tactic 2 - 2800+ Beastcleave

Posted TacticMq on 28 November 2015 - 05:42 AM


Hi friends! This is my second arena movie, featuring my 2800+ beastcleave comp (enhance/hunter/healer) in WoD season 2. You can expect most of the games around mid 2700, while peaking at low 2800mmr. I tried to mix as much variety as possible, showing as many popular comps as possible and even some bg footage.

With the amount of enhances running turbo, I thought it would be fun to challenge myself and play (in my own opinion) a more enjoyable comp, beastcleave. To my surprise, we still beat a lot of the top tier teams despite the comp deficiency.

Don't mind my UI, it is something I have used for years and it seems it's a love it or hate it thing with most people.

I hope you enjoyed it, see you on the ladder!

Songs used in order:
-Paradigm - Leslie Wai
-Limitless Ft. Delaney Jane - Adventure Club
-Empress - IMPLAY
-Those Eyes - Feint
-Game - Mating Ritual
-Anthem - Emancipator

#4543335 ....legion? :'(

Posted Infernion on 22 November 2015 - 09:34 PM

View PostDizzeeyo, on 22 November 2015 - 07:42 PM, said:

what are you rerolling to then? because mages are looking even more horrible then they did in the wod beta notes lol

Yea and we all know mages turned out incredibly terrible in WoD... Poor mage!

#4542117 20th hotfixes - "Grip into Warmongering Gladiator"

Posted Imtaz on 21 November 2015 - 03:27 AM

Survival still at the bottom of the dps meters in PVE, waiting patiently for buffs

#4540677 Lazylarry & Helio step their game up

Posted Gekz on 17 November 2015 - 10:22 PM

having to wintrade as rogue mage lol

#4535727 Blizzcon

Posted Structural on 08 November 2015 - 03:26 AM

View PostRuinz, on 08 November 2015 - 03:15 AM, said:

Maybe you should breed your fellow americans to become hot dog eating champions? You would have plenty of people that would be succesful at this, only 80% of america or so ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

eating hotdogs is probably more competitive than wow.

#4535637 Blizzcon

Posted Infernion on 08 November 2015 - 12:37 AM

The final has been cancelled.. Boetar got into a fight with Praii about the last cup of milk this morning, and when Joe stepped in to try to calm them down Healingstat punched him in the face.. It all escalated from here, and after a long meeting about whether or not to disqualify both teams (Blizzard never does this impulsively), it was decided that both teams would be disqualified from the tournament.

#4535274 Blizzcon

Posted Ventux on 07 November 2015 - 12:01 AM

Can we see footage from Vhell and his fiance in their hotel room inbetween games