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In Topic: Death From Above

11 October 2015 - 09:19 PM

View PostKroyfel, on 08 October 2015 - 09:47 PM, said:

They buffed it in the wrong way imo. Instead of increasing the damage they should have lowered the energy cost. Also don't forget the aoe hit it does. Sometimes it hits for 20-30k I think, so add that to the dfa damage.
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In Topic: Ban advertisements of boosting sites?

11 October 2015 - 01:34 PM

View PostMalladon, on 11 October 2015 - 01:27 PM, said:

Quick thoughts on this whole mess. I haven't done boosts since early cata, which, when you're in college between skill capped vids and boosts, it was decent money to get through semesters (and beat the shit out of doing other stuff for money). By mid S8 even I stopped asking for money just because I wanted to play with people on a certain server (the game was actually that fun back then </3). And I can totally understand why someone would risk their account in those shoes given how not-strict blizzard was about it, and the potential you had to line your pockets. I never did anything aside from a few glad boosts and helped a few guys with when they couldn't play the rogue, but the truth is that when this all started to become a big thing is when we really had a hand in hurting the game/community in general.

Let me elaborate a bit... boosts have been around forever, we all know that. It didn't really become a huge thing until the end of wrath and then it totally ballooned out in cataclysm. The issue with boosting (for all you guys that have your head up in the clouds about how amazing you are) is that the majority of the arena population will never be as good as you. This isn't the spread from 2800 down to 1500, I'm talking about 2800 down to 2400, the peak of the ladder to the bottom edge of gladiator dipping into duelist territory.

This has been the truth even back when you could go into trade chat and in 15 minutes find 2 guys who could and would play a 20-30 game session at 2400+ just because it was fun. You know, that spooky era before Real ID when we actually found other people in WoW just by talking to them *perish the thought*. You used to be able to do that because before Real ID the WoW community was much more open to just playing with whoever (when's the last time you took your main and just LFG'd some people for 3s? that's basically the equivalent of trade chat partners these days). On top of that, there are legitimately  A LOT LESS people playing the game now. With arena already being a small sliver of the population playing the game, when the game itself shrinks, our population and the community takes a more noticeable hit. Even though we nominally lost less people than the PVE, Solo Dungeon/Question crowds, we had a lot less to start with, and it pushes our community below a threshold that maybe you would consider... active/thriving.

So while in the past boosting wasn't as huge of a deal because we all sort of vanished into the general population (not to mention the fact there was this huge buffer of gladiator/duelist ranked teams playing for the most part below you guys), this isn't the case anymore.

In shorter terms, there are a greater number of boosters active in the arena community now more than ever, and there are less people in the community now more than ever. The result is that boosted teams and toons take up a much larger percentage of the ladder. So to guys who consistently hit glad anyway, don't care about hitting glad, or are part of the of the R1 crew doing the boosts... to most of us it's just life as normal.

The people who we, by boosting, are FUCKING over, are those guys who used to fill that middle crowd, the duelist/gladiator border. Because let's face it, a community of the top .1% spread out over the top 3 ranks in the game (R1/glad/duelist) is a shit ton smaller, and a shit ton less fun than the top 3% of the community constantly fighting it out for a slot. The one thing that I really can't see being argued is that this game is so much more fun when it's hype, and there's no way to get that hype if you're giving the majority of the playerbase that much of a reason to not bother at all.

I could see countering this argument with saying, Well that's the best practice they're gonna get, and it'll help them improve, and for me that would be such a fun game to play against a R1 guy.

I agree to some extent, and when I was still one of the guys trying to break through to glad, I did enjoy playing against boosted teams because holy shit the games were great and they pushed me to be better. I liked playing against the main team so much more though. You know why? When I played against a boosted team I had all the intensity of a top tier match and reason to play my best, but I had the fucking stakes of a -24 because they were starting as some fresh 2k mmr shit. I'm a shitty enough player at the time, I don't need more pressure for me to make a mistake when I'm probably getting read and outpaced on every play already.

It wasn't as big of a deal for me also because I was in high school/college at that time, spending 4-5 hours q'ng arena wasn't a huge deal to me, and getting a good session in when the booster stopped playing was a pretty reasonable idea. For the rest of the world? Even me now that I'm into that horrible RL thing? I'm lucky if I get that much time to q in a week these days, between coordinating with partners, all our schedules lining up, etc. If I'm an on the edge player, and I've gotta risk 3-4 -20's every time I FINALLY get to log in and q up, it's gonna get fucking discouraging.

When I play against the main team the pressure is on them to not make a mistake. They actually had something to lose if they didn't pay attention to me. That not only levelled the playing fields, but also made it fun. On the flipside of that, I totally hated dropping 20 points to some 2400 shitter beastcleave because they targetted my squishy. GGWP

But the problem is those 2400 "shitters" are the majority of the "good" portion of the ladder in the grand scheme of things. The guys who are into the game, watch the streams, get into arena, and want to get better. Like it or not these guys are a big part of what keep the game alive. And personally I love nothing more than playing with guys who have potential, and who actually get into it. If you're discouraging these people from playing, you're encouraging our already shrinking community to shrink even moreso.

Which hey, you have every right to do, it's easy enough for me to stand on some moral high ground now that I have no reason to boost. Even back then I enjoyed making SC videos, doing 1 on 1 training with guys or even doing old school carries more than the boosts (too much paranoia, made it a lot less fun). But the truth is that if there's going to be any semblance of this game taken seriously, and if it's going to have any chance of being a thriving... scratch thriving, halfway enjoyable community as this game makes its inevitable decline, boosting has got to go.

And I would be 100% behind Blizzard taking a strict stance on boosting.
Couldn't have said this better.

In Topic: Ban advertisements of boosting sites?

11 October 2015 - 01:10 PM

View PostOdrareg, on 11 October 2015 - 10:32 AM, said:

so you guys justify people calling out on the enemy team using addons during the qualifiers because "there's money on the run".

however there's 50 threads about boosters being horrible human beings for "ruining the game". first of all in this world money justifies everything, get it into your head. ISIS and immigration in EU are a market, not a worldwide social problem. sorry for the sad comparison but it should help you understand what i mean.
2nd of all boosting is really the smallest problem the GAME has; and it's actually the smallest problem the pvp scene has as well. keep in mind that with a badly designed pvp (none can deny it) there's less players, less boosters, and less everything - so it's just far less alive on the big scale.

if you keep on complaining about boosting all day long you're just fucking shit, or just stupid because you don't understand how the reason why you're not going up in rating is how the game is socially dead that you never get to practice with the same team you find in LFG because everyone instantly leaves after 2 losses. (talking to 2k people that try to go higher but cannot).

and yes boosting keeps arenas alive. the last 2 weeks of last season would get you instapop on 2900-3k on prime time, and that was really really really fun for me.

now i got disqualified on my r1 and i'm not boosting anymore. i'm not high rated at all atm as i've barely had the time to play, but i'm around 2600-2700 mmr i believe which justifies what i'm about to explain: long time friend asks me to play with him on 1300 rating, which means i will lose around 800 cr and that will make me sad as i don't have time to grind everything back up later on.
i have a friend's paladin with full gear on like 0 3v3 cr that I could play on..but I'M NOT DOING IT because then i'll get DQ on my main. so i'm not queueing with my friend. he's about to quit pvp and go full retard in HFC heroic because he doesn't have a healer to play with.

level an alt? NO. the game is too boring for me to level up another character. i go to university and work, i don't even have the fucking time. i need to have access to another paladin to play on in order to have fun with my friend, sorry.

and fucking hell you keep saying that the real problem is that boosters are stealing spots and they are destroying noobs on low rating. OK let's say I get myself another paladin. won't i be a 3k player playing on 1500 stomping challengers, and essentially creating the same harm?????????
boosting is bad because you steal spots.
having an alt is not bad instead? won't i steal spots anyways? fucking morons, you just hate the fact you can't get money for it cause you're shit.

@ people who "ethically" choose not to boost: you either have orgasms white knighting over the internet, or you DO NOT NEED THE MONEY. you go talk to a fucking eastern europe booster and ask him to do a glad and r1 carries for some hundreds of euros, which he would get working full time in a coal mine. boosting has paid some of my college fees, just saying.

sorry for the harsh words but this discussion comes up every month and the same level of retardness keeps being too evident

p.s. hi dizzeyo we meet again
It's amazing that you can actually believe all of this and even worse that people can actually agree with you. First of all money does not justify EVERYTHING in the world. If someone where to offer me money to be a hitman for them and I did it because I was homeless and needed the money and I where to agree to that would you actually justify me doing it? Obviously that's a harsh example but assuming you aren't as dumb as you make yourself look in this post I feel like you'll understand my point.

Also, boosting does not keep arena alive, people queuing for arena on their own characters do. You have to think most people who do boosts play on multiple accounts which means there is 1 person actively playing for every 2-10+ (random numbers as every booster is different) accounts. Can you imagine if everyone played their own characters? More people potentially playing because there isn't 1 person assigned to however many accounts planned to be boosted to the desired rating. Not to mention there's lots of people that get discouraged queuing into people much more skilled than they are over and over.

Lastly, if you want to play with your friend you either need to stop caring about your rating (especially since there's still a lot of time left in the season and you can just get it back if you're as good as you claim to be) or just level an alt and if the game is too boring for you to do that than why are you even playing in the first place?? There's other ways of making money and if this game is as bad as you and many others say why force yourself to boost when you can make money other ways instead of draining/ aggravating yourself because the game is bad and you have multiple deadlines to meet.

PS: I completely get why people boost and I personally don't mind queuing into people boosting but that doesn't change the fact that it is bad for the game and against Blizzard's ToS. It doesn't matter how little it effects the game but the fact of the matter is it does hurt the game a lot more than it helps it and justifying it because you make money off doing it doesn't make it right.

In Topic: Blizzard Response - 2015 European Regional Finals Disqualifications

10 October 2015 - 06:36 PM

View Postbakbuk, on 10 October 2015 - 05:42 PM, said:

Not like my opinion is relevant but when u DQ a team who did this https://www.youtube....h?v=Kopy1M_Ntd0 you'r ruining the whole meaning of Blizzcon. They could have made them start from lower bracket as a penalty. Any other solution was better than DQ.
Just because someone has had success in the past or done something honorable or w.e else you might want to say that doesn't mean you should ignore any cheating/ exploiting etc. that person may or may not do in the future. Sucks that it happened because both teams where obviously really good and most likely would've done well in the long run but the fact of the matter is they broke the ToS. The timing was the only thing that was retarded on Blizzard's part.

In Topic: EU Regionals bois

04 October 2015 - 11:29 AM

minpojkes team would've won 100% if they got through... :ph34r: