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2v2 Appreciation Discussion Bar and Grill

11 March 2015 - 03:58 PM

I'd love to get back into 2's

Could anyone who does higher level 2's chime in about effective...


Edit input so far, if anyone disagrees with the following let me know

-unholy dk/ww 2.6 -Shen
-healers in order of effectiveness HPally>RDruid>MW (needs more input, I hear druid is the best)
-can confirm frost/dk MW is not very good

-unholy is probably better for dampening

-vs hunters hide until dampening

Keybinding Advice

20 January 2015 - 04:21 PM

I'm looking for advice on how to best keybind asphyxiate, chains, grip, and dark sim so they can be cast quickly and on targets that you might not have selected.

Possible methods

use arena 123 macros.....

and switch the bottom placement for enemy positions
or edit the numbers in the macros themselves for enemy positions
or to set focus and use focus mod macros

Everything seems to use a lot of buttons, and with dark sim especially needing to sim one target and possibly use it on another.

2700 DK Won't You Be My Neighbor?

14 January 2015 - 04:48 PM


I'm interested in any comp for any bracket.

Very passionate about the game, looking for like-minded friends to min/max and master a comp. I will play thousands upon thousands of games.

No nerd rage and please be a normal human being thanks!


Proxy recommendation?

13 January 2015 - 06:32 PM

Team was hit in the 1900's

I'm looking for a high quality paid proxy service does anyone have a recommendation?


13 January 2015 - 03:53 AM

Latest PTR build thanks to Collapxed

PTR Update
  • Talents
  • Breath of Sindragosa no longer has an initial Runic Power cost.
  • Death Siphon now heals the Death Knight for 400% of damage dealt (up from 335%).
  • Necrotic Plague damage has been increased by 37%.


New UH buffs tooltip PTR only


Posted Image Death Knight (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Blood Boil now does 48% of AP damage, down from 72%.
  • Icy Talons gives 20% more of the Haste stat from all sources, up from 5%.
  • Festering Strike now does 275% of weapon damage, up from 215%.
  • Scourge Strike now does (140% of weapon damage) (was 110%) Physical damage and (70% of weapon damage) (was 55%) Shadow damage.
Major Glyphs
  • Glyph of Runic Power - Whenever you are struck by a movement-impairing effect, you will generate 2 Runic Power every 1 sec for 5 sec, down from 3 Runic Power every 1 sec for 5 sec.

January 12
Secondary Stats
  • The Haste stat is now 11.1% more effective. For example, characters at level 100 now receive a 1% increase per 90 Haste (up from 1% per 100 Haste).
Please note that the following class tuning hofixes are not active yet. These hotfixes are still undergoing testing and will be implemented as soon as possible.
  • Death Knight
    • General
    • Blood Boil’s damage has been reduced by 33.3%.
  • Frost
    • Icy Talons now causes the Death Knight to gain 20% (up from 5%) more of the Haste stat from all sources

Welp, they buffed unholy even more:
  • Death Knight
  • Unholy
  • Festering Strike's damage has been increased by 28%.
  • Scourge Strike's damage has been increased by 28%.
[/list]Courtesy of Jody-