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#3668211 We are all going to end up beige

Posted stcolbert on 22 March 2012 - 07:24 AM

I'm fine with beige. It a small price to pay for breeding out the black gene.

#3663282 Word of Glory

Posted Hankpro on 15 March 2012 - 03:28 PM


#3663086 r1 rps

Posted Donald on 15 March 2012 - 08:18 AM

#3658637 Rogue Major Glyphs, why to nerf them

Posted inhume on 08 March 2012 - 06:20 AM

this thread is somewhat inspired by the other thread of what would needed to be changed in pvp to make it better, which got me thinking about what in the rogue class should be nerfed in order for it become a more balanced class. this lead to me thinking about the rogue major glyphs, all of which changed during cataclysm or before it. i feel that if you nerfed these in some way shape or form, which have ZERO effect on pve in any sort of fashion, you'd bring rogues down a few pegs towards the rest of the melee.

glyph of blind - introduced in 4.0.3 seems like a harmless glyph at first, allowing rogues to utilize their ability a lot better with other classes like a warlock, feral, themselves....etc. however, what this results in is if you trinket a kidneyshot/smokebomb you have the potential to be blinded full, with no breaks unless you run with a paladin. i'm sorry but this over the top control for any team top tier team. make it not break on your poison and bleeds like repent for rets or dragon's breath for mages so it's still a good glyph but not an overpowered one. it works great for poly and seduce because they can be dispelled, whereas blind you are stuck sitting there killing all your momentum.

glyph of garrote- this glyph used to really suck prior to 4.0.3 and then blizzard decided to make it give 1.5 additional seconds to garrote silence. this means rogues have one of the longest and most spammable silences in this game. mage/spriest/dk/warlock all have cooldowns on their silence but for a rogue in dance or with vanish up, you can be silenced for an eternity. fine, you want rogues to have a silence but they shouldn't have the best one in the game with no cooldown.

glyph of preparation- this glyph received an overhaul when it suddenly gave the ability for a rogue to drop TWO smoke bombs. it's broken in rated BGs and it's broken in arenas. kidney shot then bomb on a FC either means pvp trinket to live or a dead tank normally. this glyph causes a lot of frustration for lower end players who may be new into the arena scene, who aren't capable of reacting to the fact a player cannot be healed. i mean, i really can't think of any logical reason for the second smoke bomb, it's just stupid. then prep also resets kick, so unless you're running a mod that tells you/tracks the cooldown of preparation, there's a good chance that you could fake the first kick and be kicked on a prep one. this glyph overall is just too forgiving as it gives rogues so many ways to win games it just depresses me.

TLDR: nerf rogue major glyphs because it doesn't affect pve and they're too good with them.

#3647377 GOOD GAUM!!

Posted fearlol on 21 February 2012 - 08:04 PM

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#3646770 Vote to include WoW in WCG 2012 Tournament!

Posted dicon on 21 February 2012 - 03:05 AM

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#3645920 Warriors: Cataclysmically Dejected

Posted fearlol on 20 February 2012 - 06:54 AM

to be honest warriors are fine atm , it's other classes like rogues which make warriors look weak, if any change is needed its a nerf to other classes,

#3644248 Yo Metaphors

Posted fearlol on 18 February 2012 - 01:29 AM

lol nerd rage more
"US" np