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#2320404 [Priest] Spriest vs Affliction 1v1/Duels

Posted Vexxius on 22 June 2010 - 06:04 PM

Be sure to fake cast your VT - if he gets a full spell lock on you, you're somewhat screwed (you'll have to start healing). If he misses his spell lock, get VT/DP/SWP up asap. Shield yourself on CD. You can start the duel with a fear - if he trinkets, psychic horror, get all your dots up, and start your rotation. Fear ward an incoming fear. If you fall behind, don't hestitate to mending/renew and hop back into shadowform (disperse + fiend should be more than enough mana regen to deal with the costs of mending/renew/a few flashes).

Good luck!