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#2922918 [Guide] Rogue/Spriest/Shaman

Posted jizoke on 24 December 2010 - 10:27 AM


Hello everyone I'm Mouzi and I'd like a new keyboard. I will be pouring my knowledge of this comp into one or two posts. I am horrible at getting my points across, so bear with me. Lolflayz should chime in and critique my strats.

Disclaimer: Strategies have changed A LOT since TBC (last time I read a strategy on here.) Each matchup will vary greatly on what your opponent does, their skill level, your skill level, and gear. If the strategy posted isn't working for you, post here with your problem and I will try to help you the best I can.

The Basics


If you aren't planning on going to MLG anytime soon, I suggest you use some addons. My personal favorites are:


This addon makes swapping your focus and watching enemy trinkets/CDs incredibly easy.

Omni CC

Much easier to tell the EXACT time left on your cooldowns without mousing over them.

Interrupt Bar

Tracks enemy interrupts and cooldowns if you so choose to add the latter.

Snowfall Keypress

Uses your abilities on key press instead of key release.

Note: Addons are only there to make your life easier. Using one because someone else uses it will not make you better, it might just do the opposite. Only use addons that YOU think will improve YOUR performance.

Those are the addons I rely on, my skill level drops dramatically without them. :o


I've never been a huge macro guy, but there are a few that make the game much less stressful.

What makes a good priest? FAST AS FUCK DISPELS, that is what.

/cast [target=party1] Dispel Magic
/cast [target=party2] Dispel Magic

This is the new age of dispelling. Not really new, but close enough.  I will explain how changing your dispel style, whatever it may be, to macros will honestly make your dispels second nature.

This is what my usual party frame looks like:

Posted Image

Party1 = Prittybaby
Party2 = Tiwony

The position for party 1 and 2 (assuming unitframe addon, default seems very buggy for frame positions) will always be static. Party 1 will be the frame on the bottom and party 2 will be the frame on the top. Since top and bottom are so closely related to up and down, a GREAT bind for these two macros are your mousewheel scroll up and down. Scrolling down would dispel the bottom frame and scrolling up would dispel the top frame. Makes sense doesn't it?


Posted Image

OH NO, Nmplol has been sheeped (pretend that shit is sheep). Before he can even call it out you would have dispelled it, you know why? You see the sheep on the bottom frame and you scroll down to dispel it. Simple, effective, fast.

Note: This is also great for the classes who recently were given dispel

#showtooltip Shadow Word: Death
/cancelaura Power Word: Shield
/cast [@target,harm] Shadow Word: Death;
/stopmacro [harm]
/cast Shadow Word: Death

This macro is lovely. It will cast SWD @ your current target if you have one, if you do not have a target, but you have a focus, it will cast SWD @ your focus. If you have no focus and no target (mages popping invis/mirror images) it will cast SWD @ the nearest enemy.

#showtooltip Silence
/cast [target=focus, exists] Silence ; Silence ;

Typical silence macro. Will silence your focus if you have one. If no focus is had, it will silence your target.

#showtooltip Dispel Magic
/cast [target=shadowfiend] dispel magic

This will dispel your shadowfiend. Very useful against warlocks/mages.

#showtooltip Fear Ward
/cast [target=shadowfiend] fear ward

This will fearward your shadowfiend. Useful against warriors, priests, and warlocks.

/castsequence Inner fire, Inner will

Swaps between Inner fire and Inner will with each press.

/cast Mind Control
/cancelaura Mind Control

Cancels your mindcontrol if you press your mincontrol bind again.

#showtooltip Mass Dispel
/cast !Mass Dispel

Makes the mass dispel targeting circle much more reliable.

That is all she wrote for macros.


The MOST important stat for any class is hit rating. Even if you're at 3.99% hit, that .01 chance of missing will eventually lose you a game. After hit cap comes spell pen cap which is 197~.

Intellect > Haste > Crit is the shadowpriest motto. You want to avoid mastery like the plague. 3,000 resilience give or take a 100, is a great number to go into any match with. If you're getting trained a metric shitton, you may want to go a few hundred higher. Dead priests don't do any damage.

  • Race

Dwarf and Worgen are both good alliance races, but I favor dwarf more considering the strength of mut rogues/ferals. Goblin is no contest for horde.

  • Spec

Shadow priest: http://www.wowhead.c...GoZZGrMddkrddbo
You can move around the two points in improved shadow word: pain, but there isn't really much to move them into.

Rogue: http://www.wowhead.c...fcufMsGzoGoZbGc
Shadowstep is not good for this comp. Your rogue needs to be doing maximum damage in this comp for you to land kills.

Resto shaman: http://www.wowhead.c...bhMbZfG0Gsdfoho


You're going to want to bind any and every ability you use in arena. That is all.


RPS is a VERY zergy comp. Your chances of winning a match diminish the longer the match goes on, especially with shadow and resto shamans having such iffy mana pools. Most if not all RPS strats revolve around forcing the kill targets trinket with CC and then swapping to it hard to land a kill. Some strats will involve tunneling a target until it dies, like a boss. Let your rogue sap ONLY if he is 100% sure he will NOT get pulled out. Losing an opener as RPS tilts the odds in your enemies favor. Smoke bomb is what makes this comp so damn strong right now. If your rogue is whiffing smoke bombs, you're losing matches. Make sure you're ONLY using smoke bomb when you can use it to its full potential. This means making sure the target you're using it on has no trinket and no way to get out of it.

Very high single target damage
Destroys plate just as easily as cloth
Double defensive and offensive dispel (abuse it to the max)
Very hard to kill healer

Longevity is NOT a strong suite
Shaman is easily oomable if too much damage is going out
Spriest is easily oomable VS warlock teams
Hard to recover from bad swaps


Difficulty: 1/10

Easy fight. Open with garrote on the mage and when the mage blinks, kidney him. Silence on paladin with a hex on spriest WILL force iceblock. If you're fast enough you can MD the block and kill him before he gets healed. Your shaman should be purging the mage while you and your rogue are skillfully killing him. Most mages like to blink then block for some reason when they're getting trained. If the mage you're killing happens to be horrible at handling the pressure and does that, smoke bomb on top of his iceblock to prevent heals and guarantee a kill out of the MD.


Difficulty: 2/10

Another easy fight. You're going to want to open mage with garrote and blind the feral druid when he opens. Make sure you save silence for the paladin when your rogue uses blind on the feral to prevent the bop. If the feral doesn't trinket you can go to town on the mage and usually score a kill. If the feral trinkets you can swap to him with a 5 pt redirected kidney shot + smoke bomb to land an easy kill. Make sure you are IN the smoke bomb so if the paladin decides to run in to heal you can fear him, you also can not be peeled by the mage unless he wants to run in there too. Feral druids CAN NOT use their major shield wall while stunned. Chain your disarm after the kidney shot for a total of 8 seconds of pwn time. Barkskin should be taken off near instantly by your shaman and that is all she wrote.


Difficulty: 1/10

If you land a sap on the paladin you've already won the game. Start on DK, hex the warrior, and blind the paladin if you didn't get a sap. You want to force the warriors trinket before swapping to him so he can't heroic leap out of your smoke bomb. It is incredibly easy to force trinkets now that hex is on a 30 second CD. The warrior or paladin will trinket, sometimes both of them will. If they both trinket it is game over. Swap to warrior with a redirected kidney shot AFTER you throw down some dots on him to maximize damage. Smoke bomb on the warrior and go to town on him. Silence the paladin and it should be game.

By now you should have a feel for how RPS operates. The strats my teammates and I use are NOT the only ones that work. These are simply the ones that work best for us. Try switching things up if some of these strats aren't working for you.


Difficulty: 3.5/10

Train the feral druid the whole match and CC the shaman. Save smoke bomb for when the feral druid does not have trinket and kill him. A funny trick is to pretend you're trying to play defensive so the feral druid max ranges his shaman, but joke is on them! If the opposing healer is max range from smoke bomb, it is near impossible for that druid to receive heals for 8 seconds unless the shaman decides to haul ass into the smoke bomb.


Difficulty: 2/10

Start warrior, blind feral, fear/hex paladin, swap to feral after trinket is down, kill in smoke bomb. Some strats are just that simple.


Difficulty: 8.5/10

Don't even try to make something happen. Take this time to make a sandwich or stretch your legs. Jokes aside. Training the mage until the druid puts himself in a bad position is your best bet. If the warlock is demonogly, do NOT attempt to sap. You WILL get pulled out by hellfire. Fearing lock + pet against this comp will make it much easier to put out immense pressure in the opener.

Ideal opener against this comp would be:

Fear on lock + pet, garrote on mage, and blind on druid. If you force block early you can definitely go hard and kill the mage with a silence on the druid. If that fails, the druid will have blown NS and trinket to keep his mage up therefore making him prime for swaps. Smoke bomb can either be used after blink on the mage or on the swap to druid to make peeling you very hard. Choose wisely.