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Trying to get geared...

Today, 07:14 PM

Is like pouring acid into my eyes repeatedly.

Queueing with a WW Monk on my MM Hunter...

Every team is either a CC chain or a Warrior popping swifty and instakilling my poor little Hunter :(

double deter doesn't save me coz they still have all their cd's up afterwards lmfao.

EU Twisting Nether - Need Help Capping Conquest

Today, 04:58 PM

Anyone up for it? Can pay you every win if you want, Need to finish gearing this Hunter :(

Too late to start gearing? What should I try?

25 August 2014 - 03:56 PM

Haven't played since ToT properly, is it too late to get geared?

Not sure between dps and healer. I have everything at 90 so it's just a case of
Figuring it out.

I'm pretty casual still with 2s, 3s and rbg's but i've wittled it down to 3 classes... MM Hunter or MW Monk/Holy Priest.

Any tips and advice from you guys on what I should do etc?

Worth Re-Subbing...?

15 June 2014 - 04:58 PM

Playing my Warrior & Hero on DAoC at the moment but with the dying population, i'll soon need a game to come back to... I have everything at 90 on WoW but my most success is on my Monk & Warlock (mostly Warlock) .

So if DAoC does die and I come back to Wow. How is it all looking presently and future...? I'll most likely stay Monk and Warlock