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In Topic: No appropriate ww monk changes on ptr???

07 August 2013 - 10:55 PM

And there the insults come out. :)

Kind of easy to notice when you get to the very edge of understanding someone has for something. When you question them at that point they'll start throwing abusive ad hominem arguments around.

Thanks for proving my point and showing that you're a person that we're better off without in these forums.

At this point I think it's pretty obvious that I won't even dignify anything more you say with a response.

In Topic: No appropriate ww monk changes on ptr???

07 August 2013 - 09:15 PM

Those are in line with what I have been saying. (slightly more like (5-10k) maybe due to you weren't orc?)
And these are the numbers that I have been getting told that I have been exaggerating.
Thanks for clarifying.

Those numbers are really quite far off what you've been saying. Also keep in mind that those are the MAX numbers, the average is much, much lower. Herein lies the problem in what you're trying to say. I really CBA to continue beating this dead horse, you're very welcome to continue believing everything you've said so far is correct and that I don't know what I'm talking about (you don't know me, it seems.) My previous posts stand for themselves.

In Topic: No appropriate ww monk changes on ptr???

07 August 2013 - 09:14 PM

What my two priest friend are trying to tell you is that the new tiger's eye brew is extremely strong. You can build up 10 stacks in less than 15 seconds then get a free 60% damage buff, which is the coupled with an additional 20% from the rising sun kick debuff.

Just to give you a glimpse of what I am talking about, on the ptr with 500k hp, in defensive stance, and with 1 rising sun kick and 1 fists of fury I have to either pop wall or get to touch of death range from 100% through healing. The numbers are exorbitant ranging from 100-160k kicks to 90-100k fists per tick.

I am all in for the current monk design with amazing utility, mobility and good burst, but this mastery is practically an avatar+reck+skull banner with 30% global uptime (50% if focusing only on damage) that leads to casual one shots. And the problem is that it has no cooldown, so you can get 20 stacks and have the 60% buff up for almost 30 seconds, and in these 30 seconds you can easily get 10+ more stacks and keep going.

It's problematic.

I'm fully aware of this, I just pointed out that while people are generally right in that monks do too much damage, almost everyone seems to be exaggerating the numbers. For example, you getting crit for 100k by FoF per tick is, assuming it even happened, at the VERY extreme of what's possible, and requires stacking pretty much every proc you can with double dmg trinkets etc. The amount of times this happens is comparable to the amount of times an ele shaman randomly procs enough to oneshot someone on live. (This obviously doesn't mean it's fine, but it isn't the end of the world like you make it out to be. It's bad design.)

In Topic: No appropriate ww monk changes on ptr???

07 August 2013 - 05:30 PM

Monks do unbelievable dmg especially when u summ it up with crazy good tools like :

- ranged disarm 1 min cd
- ring of peace or aoe stun 45 secs
- karma 1.5 min
- fist of fury YES, 25secs LOL
- insane mobility
- 15 secs cd on paralysis
- Bindisputably EST melee interrupt in game

tone dmg down and change some cds

ALSO while you are at it... nerf hunter dmg. MM is insane on PTR

Creating a random list of abilities/aspects of a class you find OP/good(?) completely out of context as some kind of proof for needing nerfs is something we better leave to the cesspool of the official forums. Thanks.

You can come up with a list of good abilities for ANY class and follow it with a list of demands/suggested "fixes", it proves _nothing_ and only shows how flawed your reasoning is.

You make my head hurt.

In Topic: No appropriate ww monk changes on ptr???

07 August 2013 - 05:21 PM

I don't view people as evil if their class is overbuffed, that's unrealistic.
I only reply to people who post bs information or saying, oh well everyone does it, when in reality, no other class comes close. Then it is followed by other bs , like oh do you know their professions and trinkets, procs?
I have one point, that is that monks %100-0 people, in stuns. You do not make out of it and I will reply to people that say otherwise. You can create a private forum when one guy posts incorrect information, everyone says how nice and discusses other issues where others can't prove otherwise. I think it's better to correct those on AJ.

This is worse than elementary school logic:
-Look I got %100-0'd by 5-6 different monks on numerous occasions.
-Yeah but do you play monk? I do and because of that, you are exaggerating.
-I don't need to play one to get one shot 20 times and post about it, also here another thread.
-Yeah but what buffs and procs does he have? Those images don't show it, therefore they are irrelevant.

As any sane person who does pvp, I prefer this stuff not to go live rather than getting fixed 2 months later after ruining the season I am posting for the off chance that some designer from Blizz reads these forums.

You got 100-0'd when TEB did 30% more damage. The only reason I responded to you was to try and set things straight. You were linking random screenshots(without context) and providing a few subjective experiences as "proof" of monks being broken (from the POV of a priest.)

As talked about a lot earlier on this forum, the good monks all agree that damage is too high, but all that talk was based on 90% TEB, not 60%. We still do a lot of damage (probably still needs a nerf, but lets at least discuss the need of that nerf based on the most current PTR build notes, and not on how we were before nerfs came in), but it is nowhere near the level you're trying to describe any more and I do not want rumors to start that we do WAAAAAY more damage than anyone else and get us overnerfed heavily (something that could easily happen without any buffs in return to any other ability talked about that needs fixing/tweaking.)

Your "elementary school logic" list is just full of random assumptions, generalizations and the fact that you think we should talk about how much dmg/burst a class does without taking into account the numbers both with and without proc/trinket stacking. I guess you meant litteral "elementary school logic".

Your need to realise that the reason I'm actually putting effort into answering posts like yours is to try and educate other people of the facts so they can follow how I personally form my opinion when I lay it out in that same post (people are still welcome to disagree, but at least then we both(and everyone else reading) know more of the facts behind someone agreeing/disagreeing with my views). An appeal to belief/popularity like "as any sane person who does pvp" used to back up your statements brings nothing to this discussion. Basically I've brought up several points (your experiences being from another PTR build for example) and all you've done is say "NUH-UH!" followed by more heavily biased and flawed information/"facts".