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#3755061 Starcookie/Shear wintrade(screenshots)

Posted Devz on 30 August 2012 - 12:57 AM

Shear, Starcookie and co are the biggest scumbags around.

I had so many issues with Shear when he was on Talnivaar the guy is actually fucked in the head . This post doesn't surprise me in the least, there is pretty much nothing that they wouldn't do or stoop too to get that oh so precious Rank 1 title, pathetic .

I know they have been accused in the past of doing dodgy stuff I'm just glad that people are actually seeing these fucking low lives for what they really are. Try getting out of this one Shear you tosser. I haven't played the game in over 5 months, but I recently heard about all this drama and it kinda makes me glad I don't play anymore. What the fuck happened to the community?

Also it is a complete joke that someone like Starcookie is allowed to be in a position of power and for so long, come on Rapture wake up. In before this thread is deleted.

#3754719 Starcookie/Shear wintrade(screenshots)

Posted Withaone on 29 August 2012 - 06:45 PM

Shear is scum

#3754712 Starcookie/Shear wintrade(screenshots)

Posted Adden on 29 August 2012 - 06:33 PM


I wrote a short post about Starcookie, Shears, Hevan and Ziir asking us to wintrade rating to their 5v5 teams in a thread right after the servers went down. Basically one hour later I get a PM from Starcookie himself denying this. Bad move by him, as I had no intentions to take it further than that simple post. So I decided to post few screenshots now as well because of his PM annoying me.

As shady as Starcookie is, he of course didn't write much in the skype convos and always removed the messages he wrote. Shears basically did the talking and Starcookie agreed to it. Which was to give them rating in 5v5 on Sturmanngriffe/Charge, and in return they would give us "as much rating as we wanted" in 3v3, to put it in their words.

Might look like we were agreeing to do it at first, but we never did the trade. We used excuses like all of us weren't online etc. Our only loss queueing for the first time in months was against one of Minpojkes teams. We basically just wanted to take screenshots of the convos as none of us like them and to hopefully prevent them from wintrading rating to their already wintrading/ddosing friends in 3v3 (Roevs, Hevan and Ziir) who we were competing rank one against. Shears and Hevan desperately asked us to give rating to Hevan, Ziir and Qulcarks 5v5 team on Vindication last few hours before the servers went down as the Yaspresents team had managed to take rank one from them.


2½ hours later they ddosed us when we faced them for the rank one spot in 3v3 ~8 minutes before the servers shutdown.

How it all started. July 11th.

Shears planning the wintrade. August 15th.

Shears and Starcookie in a convo


Mostly only the rogue from my team who had any form of contact with Starcookie/Shear/Hevan (Most of us have never talked to them). He took alot of screenshots ever since they first started contacting us. Just posting these screenshots as of now, might post more later if he gives me. But shouldn't be needed, you get the point already. Remove this guy as moderator already.

#3753179 PROOF @hydrahacked

Posted khuna on 28 August 2012 - 02:33 PM

You fucking retard u edited screenshot ingame last season for barb plus card ID and now that? this is gonna get into court and as soon as blizzard will send the conversation log to the justice and see that your voice matches with the guy who called blizzard you will go to jail and i will come everyday to spit on your ugly face
You are fucking pathetic and i wont even come here to post again but ill make 100% sure you'll go to jail and get raped innit

#3752536 PROOF @hydrahacked

Posted Nisslol on 28 August 2012 - 12:36 AM

Okay, I think justice needs to be done and I will call Blizz and do the same thing to Xandyn's account. Do you think this will pass?

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#3752127 PROOF @hydrahacked

Posted Kunuxx on 27 August 2012 - 10:17 PM

just need to get 2 more teams out of way and admiral kunuxx shall get #1 title

i already know how to get xandyns team out, ill use this photo o______o of him and do some scanning. season 11 style

#3729911 Finale tonight: Bleached Bones Arena Tournament

Posted Another on 14 July 2012 - 08:07 PM

View PostSpawriqt, on 14 July 2012 - 07:38 PM, said:


Edit:Sick ret

you are in no position to call anyone out, when u learn how to ground traps you can say something

#3703781 Kenzo u nabster!

Posted nozzamorph on 16 May 2012 - 11:17 PM

Well i'm done ;p was fun while it lasted, i would like to throw some shoutouts to some people that i really enjoy playing ... demon,biggiex,bostock,devz ,napx, hevan,tuhka,galacta, quppi, rekan,deeds , furks, maajty ,cookie , grimzie , lyrux, kentzy , champz , zomgski, proffset, kaphron, veggie , scrubyo, soulshar and rest of the crew ^_^
Set to 720p

Cya !

#3660483 Average day on Hydra's stream

Posted Maajty on 11 March 2012 - 03:37 AM

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#3623492 Realm Pump EU-Talnivarr

Posted ñåéé on 24 January 2012 - 09:43 AM

As we all know Talnivarr-EU used to be a great realm with some of the best PvP'ers of their class. As the population over the years has went from high to medium we wish we could turn this around in order for prosperity!

By request and in order to try and try turn the tables around anyone that wants / wishes to play long with us (A guild will be created just as GameSense started off) in order to bring back life in the PvP and heart of Talnivarr-EU! A core RBG team of 27xx is found here where we have been maintaining a 90%+ win ratio with our main setup. Over our alts and people that we manage to find we have manage to make multiple 2400-2600's aswell as Talnivarr determining the ladders for EU-Reckoning.
We hope to see MULTIPLE migrations. Make sure to P.M us on Talnivarr.

For more information please whisper us in-game or add my skype: deedsirl

Thanks in advance. :-)

#3622910 DDOS'ers Revealed.

Posted Zomglol on 23 January 2012 - 09:55 PM

bit awkward for xandyn after yesterdays performance

#3622904 DDOS'ers Revealed.

Posted HeheBiggielol on 23 January 2012 - 09:51 PM

KNEW it was fucking trize all along

#3622891 DDOS'ers Revealed.

Posted Shearcookie on 23 January 2012 - 09:43 PM

So ye as you all know over the past couple of days there’s been a lot of heat linked to DDO’s attacks in Europe, mainly towards streamers on athenelive. Although I’ve never took someones IP or ddosed them I was involved in this case as I started trolling about it. Basically I posted the video which was made by the people ddos’ing on Arenajunkies which instantly made people assume it was me doing the ddos attacks.

Although I didn't actually DDoS anyone, or hand out anyone's IPs, I've been linked to this due to the fact that I made a few troll posts regarding it. The truth is, my involvement consisted only of being a puppet for the DDoSers by posting their comments/videos for the sake of trolling. The person DDoSing streamers is actually the player Trize aka Howard and Sorted aka Vince (the one who made the youtube videos in the logs name is aye).

Admittedly, I found it funny when they first DDoS'd Minpojke on stream, but as time passed, they began making a habit of it and turning it into something much bigger and serious despite the fact that I was repeatedly asking them to stop and I do not want to be involved in this. To help all streamers prevent themselves from being DDoS'd, I've decided to post the Skype names and character names of the people involved, and have also attached Skype logs for anyone interested.

My main involvement was simply just joking about, I watched the streams and simply seen people go offline it was amusing at the start as it was only intended to be a joke but over the course of the weekend whilst I wasn’t here the problem escalated and became a serious issue.
I’ll most likely get ddos’ed for a week  really I  couldn’t care less this shit needs to stop and has gone beyond a little joke. I’ve put the skype logs as an attachment its around 8 pages long so just for anyone that wants to read them.

As we all know the same thing happened last season involving trize ddos’ing and win trading to attempt to get a rank one title on cruelty bg, although his team has been reset its clearly obvious that his methods haven’t.

http://pastebin.com/VJT5YwRS (skype logs)

#3622532 How to global a Priest :D

Posted HeheBiggielol on 23 January 2012 - 02:30 PM


tentacles <3

#3621824 Gilneas Border Control

Posted HeheBiggielol on 22 January 2012 - 09:44 PM

View PostNatusiadkmandk, on 22 January 2012 - 08:34 PM, said:

can we keep ayra vids to one thread so i dont have to be reminded of his voice
Every thread I see you have commented in, you're just always whinging, can you just stfu?