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How do you use your CC in Arena?

03 April 2017 - 12:44 PM

Hey guys, I just came back to WoW after 4 years and noticed that many things changed for hunters. Most important is that Scatter shot now shares DR with Freezing Trap (wtf) and we have a new skill "Bursting Shot" with short range which can be used to CC.


So if you play MM how do you do it?.

1-Scatter+Trap (8 secs total CC)

  ·You share DR with Freezing Trap but you secure your CC 100%.

2-Bursthing shot+Trap (12 secs total CC)

  ·Long CC but you need to be very close to your target which is not always possible because they will run or you're snared

3-Binding Shot+Trap (12 secs total CC?)

  ·Long CC but your target will just not move to avoid the stun unless he really needs to.


As Survival: 1- Net (honor talent) + Trap I guess?


Thank you for the advice :P

March 28 Hotfix - Unerring Arrows nerf

30 March 2017 - 07:33 PM

Today blizzard fucked us once again.


ihunters.gif Hunter

Unerring Arrows bonus is now 4% per point (was 10% per point).


 So what do you think, MM is still viable this season for Arenas? Or just go Survival again.