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#3814099 Support this Thread - MM Hunter Buffs/Changes/Bug Fixes

Posted by DeArHeLL on 01 December 2012 - 03:54 PM

@ the people saying Powershot should have a lower cast time / being able to cast it on the move

Go check out what it was like trying to get an aimed shot cast off in TBC against melee classes tunneling you. Now you can shoot them in the face from melee range, stop whining really.

@ the people saying Powershot should have a 100% crit chance / do more dmg

It's the hardest hitting ability in game. Are you serious this isn't enough?

Posted Image
(Powershot+blink strike opener from camoflauge @ 2.2k ratings)

Atm you can reliably global anyone without bubble / ice block / dispersion within 2sec of your opener alone just by popping CDs and going Powershot->blink strike->kill command from camo. As you can see in the screenshot, my pet didn't even get to claw / autohit since the target was alredy dead after blink strike.

@ the people saying BM pet survivability is not good enough

First of all, you are doing it wrong if you let the game drag long enough for your opponents to kill your pet twice. Secondly, pet survivability is just fine. It's just warriors and mages doing way too much damage in general. Once that is taken care of, pets will be fine. Thirdly, mend pet glyph is more than enough to keep your pet out of "high end wizard shit" most of the time.

Here's a few tips for those who still enjoy playing as BM.

Since you don't have cc immunity for your pet anymore, BM only offers you retarded burst + extra pvp trinket compared to the other specs. You want to abuse these 2 things to the max. The damage you can put out during the 2-3sec window you want to kill someone is based on your stats. Nothing else. There is no reason not to min-max the stats on your gear.

1. Gem 100% pvp power (160pvp power+80agi on helm)
2. Enchant Agi > all
3. Reforge hit cap = Expertise cap > mastery > all

The stats I currently have:

30656ap (with hawk)
61.06% PvP power (73.15% with rapid fire)
40.69% mastery (with spirit beast)

Stampede was the easiest way of globaling people and it got fixed for obvious reasons. However, there are still 3 fairly simple ways of doing the same thing. Abuse while you can : )

1. Kill the target within 2sec of your opener from camoflauge. There's a trick to make your first blink strike and kill command do 20% more dmg. Shouldn't be hard for anyone with bit of hunter experience to figure out what it is. Like I alredy mentioned, you simply pop your CDs (no procs) and powershot->silencing shot->blink strike->kill command. With my stats, the numbers usually look like this: 135k->85k->80k + (35k claw+auto shot+auto hit). Notice that this is without a single crit. If the target trinkets silencing shot, simply stun him. If the target for some reason survives this, just readiness->silence->blink strike->kill command him again.

2. Spec your pet cunning. Your goal is to bait the enemies to drop your pet to low hp (your pet will do 50% more dmg) and to get as many procs as possible at the same time (proc trinket + scope+tailoring proc). Once stars align, you simply pop CDs and blink strike->kill command. They will reliably hit 145k+140k. Add a 60k claw hit and your target will die without a single crit. Once you get the hang of this, you will notice stars aligning more and more often. The key to making this work is popping cower and bullheaded when your pet is howering at low hp.

Your opponents won't have time to react to these 2 scenarios / don't see it coming, which makes them quite reliable ways to win the match.

3. Mixture of scenarios one and two. Simply you wait till stars align (get as many procs as possible) -> pop CDs -> pop stampede with all possible buff / debuff pets ->hope powershot 1shots your target. This is not very reliable as your powershot cast can and most likely will be interrupted. However, if your power shot cast goes thru and does happen to crit, it will one shot your target.
Posted Image
(310k hit. Highest crit I've gotten in arena is 576k so far)

This was with trinket proc+scope proc and all CDs popped as orc @ ~71k ap.

All of this is without taking into account the chance of powershot bug which will be fixed soon™

if you do so well in arena shouldn't you have a higher rating than 2k?
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