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#1868142 RMP vs DK-MM-HPAL

Posted Bashel on 21 February 2010 - 07:17 PM

Stay back and see if the DK rushes in (they usually do), if you can get him in a good spot, all of you open up HARD on him. Mage use Icy Veins, you use Power Infusion on yourself and try and nuke him down.

If the DK gets AMS/AMZ off, use the time to shield up your team and/or sheep/fear/MD paladin/hunter.

Remember to shield your rogue up asap when game starts, so DnD won't pop him out.

If DK gets his CD's off and is not going down, try a hard switch on the hunter or paladin, depending on situation (placement and bouble/trinkets).

If rogue does not have his cloak and sprint ready, be ready to spam dispells on CoI, or he's not going anywhere.

Try and end the game in 1 min, or you'll lose :)