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#3656089 EOI tournament for charity continued

Posted crazieh on 03 March 2012 - 09:38 PM

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probably the worst tourny ever rofl clueless organisers  B)

Athene is completely in the right on his decision to keep the game going on, he clearly stated that it'll end as a draw unless someone is about to die 'of course'.

When the shamans were really hurting on mana and both teams were sub 40% constantly, it was obvious the game was going to end soon (in either teams favour). They reserved all rights to makes this decision on the spot and they did inform the players, so people need to chill out with the crying over Athene extending the game a little longer to get an outcome.

#3655300 Yall Whine

Posted Shaftmster on 02 March 2012 - 06:18 PM

I, as well, have whined about this broken game for years.

I have a proposal.

We have all played for a few years now.

PVP'ers have been given remodelled shitty drakes for accomplishing the hardest feats in the game. Blizzard has allowed the casual crowd to infest our competitive game and ruin it for the intelligent individuals who put in time and effort. Golden, shining tabards and mounts worth 100,000G have been given to the scrubs of the game, when it is the R1's who should be wearing these rare commodities.

PVE'ers continue to be rewarded with the newest, most awesome looking items/mounts for killing NPCs. I am not a hater. I've been a Gladiator and I've cleared numerous 25M Hardmodes. But, enough is enough. We all know the hardest part of PVE is gathering 10 or 25 people, not the encounters.

PVP is the joke of World of Warcraft, and one who does not see that is blind.

It is time for us to let them know it is not okay. From Mace stun to S5 DK to Shadowmourne to Beastcleave to LSD to Blood DK's Vengeance affecting PVP to Rogues with legendaries that feed them 5 combo points over and over again. The imbalances go on and on, they have for years.

Complaints/Balances that are lucky enough to get recognized from a blue post are put on hold 4-5 months until the next MAJOR patch. Some of the best players in the world spent numerous hours to voice their opinions only to have their brilliant ideas pushed aside. While PVE is patched or hot-fixed on a daily basis or every Tuesday (because the encounters are too hard) lulz.

It is time to stand up. I have heard rumors of Blizzard losing mass amounts of subscriptions lately.

My proposal is this:

I am not concerned if you plan to play MoP or not. Come back when MoP is released, that is perfectly fine.

But for the meantime, spread the word. Tell anyone you know to cancel their subscription. Write in the comment section that "PVP has been ignored for years and is the red-headed step child compared to PVE." Tell them that we are sick of remodelled drakes every season. We're sick of broken MMR. We're sick of triple dps. We're sick of casuals that can come in and buy the full Vengeful set that I worked hard for in the past.  We're sick of imbalances that go unnoticed and unrecognized for months upon months. I am sick of it.

Blizzard has always said, PVP will be fixed in BC, PVP will be fixed in WOTLK, PVP will be fixed in Cataclysm, and now we are hearing PVP will be fixed in MoP. Obviously, this is a blatant lie in order to keep their subscriptions from PVP'ers. Will you fall for their lies 4 times in a row? Are you that foolish?

There is only one way to attract attention to PVP and that is by THIS movement. Tell Blizzard you are fed up with being ignored. Their only concern is money. If we take that away from them; they have to pay attention to us.

Please do not delete this topic, in the grand scheme this could bless World of Warcraft PVP with the acknowledgement it deserves.

I love this game; it has always had great potential, but PVP is simply ignored. Step up for the game you love and and do the same. Show Blizzard we refuse to be treated like this any longer.

Here is my cancellation.
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<3 lurkin

#3526477 Where can i find the final video ?

Posted Malevolént on 23 October 2011 - 08:28 AM

All final games in one vid.

#3525117 Most remembered tournament yet?

Posted comeastldn on 22 October 2011 - 09:21 PM

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