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#3842884 Blizzard, I'm Gawwn: A Song for RBG Resets

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sooo good

#3388818 Thread on Blizzard Forums about feral changes

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Please thumbs up it and comment

#2732011 Devilsaur MS stacks with Widowvenom for 50%MS

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#2675550 Dakkroth getting kicked

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Retarded action nonetheless, I didn't see justification for abusing the fact that you were leader of the team.

A sad way to go around, even in a game.

#2645327 What on earth is blizzard doing with racials?

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Lutheus said:

i no wat yoor saayin but it isnt rite


#2526084 Arena MS paint rage thread!

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#1582393 [Guide] Holy Paladin / Disc Priest / Warrior - The Dual Healer!

Posted Flexuzz on 08 December 2009 - 04:17 PM

Hello everyone!

Before you read what I have to say:
- This guide is for people that actually care and wish to take apart of what I have to offer.
Hence I do not wish to people that do not accept the concept of this setup to require tactics to message me - informing me of this.


The setup of :paladin::priest::warrior:, the dual healer!

This content got extremly outdated so I'm going to update it to the current state of the game, since I just started playing the comp again.

I've tried this setup out with various of participating members and when it comes to the gear and speccs my recoomendationds would be as following:

- In my old guide I had a speech if it was better to run with a protection paladin or a holy paladin, this should be extremly clear now days, a holy paladin is the given choice for this setup.

The Paladin is the mainhealer of the setup and should be useing some PvE parts; landing his resilliance some where around 1000 in my opinion, a few seasons back you could afford to leave out a few extra hourned resillance to gain those extra stats, but in today's arena that isn't posible and not really needed either. A few parts is okey but the days where you ran like a complete pve-champion is over

The setup is however still dependent on the Paladin's mana conversation, you shouldn't use full PvP gear, you SHOULD use a few PvE parts – since there are alot of different teams that will target the Paladin as the ”easy-target” and since they might use CD's right in the start to force that bubble it's essentional you actually got some survivabilty!

Reccomendation of specc: http://eu.wowarmory....00000000000000

As a Priest in this setup you get to dispel ALOT which is why i reccomend talents such as Absolution and Mental Agility. But since it's your damage that usually is needed to score the kill it can also be wise to specc into Divine Fury and Searing Light.

  My point of view and palystyle, gear-choice and such has changed drastically. First of all you do need to be on your a-game when it comes to dispelling targets but a new role has emerged quite clear for the disc priest – the damage aspect. In the game atm you can, as a disc priest, make very nice off-damage and a wicked sick burst of approx 20k damage in a few globals!

You got a Shadowfiend – that is your biggest damage tool, use it wisely. The managain from the Shadowfiend shouldn't force the fiend out, your preassure upon a target should force the shadowfiend out. It's also essentional that you use this shadowfiend on a good target when it's time to burst – lets say you are calling out a big switch on a druid or whatever – start your first global with Devouring Plague and when this one hits your Warrior should have swapped - 2nd global would be your Shadow Word: Pain, followed by Power:infusion – Shadowfiend – Holy fire – smitespam.
If you do like this and do not get interrupted your damage will be insane and without proper positioning from their side or extremly good peeling the target is most likely dead.
Gearwise I recommend different gear for different setups – myself I've gotten full offsets for both haste and mp5 and using a variation of it in my 3on3 team and swap a few pieces around when we are faceing different teams.

As a Priest today you can get some insane stats and the most important one is the Haste one. In my opinion you should go full out haste – I got some PvE parts and my haste lands uopn 885 atm. Which is insane, almost global cap's your burns with power infusion up and your assist damage is great. I would reccomend to use the spellpower you get from your gear and not specifically put in those +23 spellpower gems – i find them quite useless.

For the mana issue – since this IS a dual healer and however you twist it around unlimited manapool is a great advantage, try your best to get Solace! (I got 4 priests atm and the priest I use for dblhealer warrior ain't got no Solace and it works anyway) Solace will carry your stats, you can go full out on haste and still have great mana thanks to Solace.

And when we are speaking about Solace it's extremly important that you actually keep your stacks of it up, otherwise it's not any good! Blizzard changed the trinket so it would procc on every magical spellcast – but they didn't. For some reason they didn't feel the urge to let Priest's gain mana from offensive dispelling makeing the change rather useless on our side. Instead we are forced to Levitate abuse.

You should make a macro to simply cast levitate on yourself. It cost somewhere around 100mana and it will keep those stacks up when you are pillarhumping or getting those dispels out.

Reccomendation of specc: http://eu.wowarmory....00000000000000 This is the only specc I use atm.

Seing the Warrior is the only real Damage Dealer it's very important he optimizes his gear to the max. If your Warrior got troubles with damage - you will have a hard time.
It's very crutical that the Warrior will go for either one of the arp trinkets and hit the softcap for arp. (Seeing there will come another PvE-ArP trinket from the new instance this would be the best gear setup I belive?) otherwise the best damage output is to stack ARP like there is no tomorrow and try getting DBW and/or Death's Choice.

My Warrior still aims for softcap and sockets Str like there wasen't anything else to do!

A few PvE pieces is aim for, will help you guys out alot, though you should still be able to have around 1000resil with full PvP-gear in your bags if you feel that you are only faceing teams that goes for the Warrior, since right now in the game I feel that those extra PvE-parts aren't that essentional and even with full resil on the Warrior a clean kill is posible!

Reccomendation of specc: XXXXXXX

AddOns and Macros:
We do not really use many addOns; But in general I'd reccomend "Spell Alerter", "Gladius", "Party Ability Bars", "Interrupt bar/Afflicted" and "Power Auras"

  When it comes to macros, Don't be afraid of having short but effective macros. I am myself having dispel macros bound to my mouse which allows me to dispel my party members without loosing my current target. There is probally a better way, but I'm using


/cast [target=NAME] Dispel Magic(Rank 2

I know my Paladin is having the same, I'm also abusing Fear Ward macros. A macro bound to a key to give my paladin Fear Ward
when you see the priest running towards him / The warlock casting on a critical moment - It can be a Holy Light for your entire HP pool they are trying to interrupt!


/cast [target=NAME] Fear Ward

I'm also using very many normal standard macros for a Priest. Which involves the normal fearward on shadowfiend, Shadow Word: Death on focus and so on.

The General Guidelines of a dualhealer setup:

When people hear about a dualhealer setup they instantly think in their heads: "Mana burn and win on mana" "Dispel PvE Warrior and he kills stuff"; but I would disagree
to be able to go high with a dualhealer setup you are required to coordinate stuff in the team. The games are NOT suposed to be like "I'm drinking - you healing". Even if that strategy would seen very effective against certain setups you can most likely score a kill earlier by coordinating bursts.


The Warrior is essentional:

Without the Warrior other teams can put out riddiculus damage on your healers, so it is in fact VERY important to keep the Warrior clean at all costs; Sometimes it might feel like "I need to spamheal otherwise I'll die" but if you instead toss that dispel off, the damage will be neglected by your Warrior sticking onto a target. And the entire idea of the setup is that your Warrior will have a stupid up-time upon his target, which will be devestating.

  To setup kills is also critical; You got quite alot of CC in this setup, and if you score a fear followed by a HoJ on a healer while your Warrior is dispelled cooldowns will be used for example! You can also coordinate a fear on one target and HoJ on another one to prevent a dispel and force of trinkets.

And if you keep getting those Cooldowns used you WILL score the kill if your Priest assists on damage.

Another very important thing would be positioning. Do not stand in the middle "hehe lol I can heal you npnp"; you need to abuse those pillars - You need to neglect the other teams damage before it's to late.

a tip to the Warrior: Don't be afraid of using focus Charge/Incercept to avoid getting into a CC; combined with always LoS when you are at a corner (People tend to try to
drag the Warrior behind pillars and CC him, Priest tip, Use Mass-Dispel to dispel the Warrior when he is LoS rather then having your Warrior change target)

You are also weak against HEX. I'm not gonna type this everytime you are up against a Shaman, but keep that in mind!

Setups and tactics:

What 90% of you are looking for: :mage::rogue::priest:

The start is what will either give you an advantage or disadvantage. RMP differs VERY much and what they personally find the best; Some different scenarios and how they are

1. The Priest gets sapped - The Warrior gets into a Frost Nova and they open HARD on the Paladin with dispells and high damage and manages to score a kill unless you use trinkets.
This is what happends when your Paladin is using very Low Resilliance, and this opener is ALL about the Warrior.

Your Warrior needs to be avoiding the Frost Nova / Sheeps from the Mage while being within Charge Range; when they open on the Paladin damage neglection is NEEDED by the Warrior otherwise it's good game right from the start.

Survive the sap without using to many Cool Downs and score a Fear Ward on the fear from the priest/fast dispel and you should survive the opener
2. The Paladin gets sapped - They open on the priest and try to get your Warrior in a frost nova. Easier then then 1. because this time your Paladin can use freedom in the sap!

In the Cheap shop - Before the Kidney lands the Warrior should charge the rogue and at this time the Chapshot should have ended, and a Freedom should be on the Priest; this gives
the Priest enough of time to get around a corner - LoS from the Mage and should be safe until the sap is expired on the Paladin.
3. The Paladin gets sapped - They open on the priest and Power Infusion Mana Burn the priest with absolutly everything they have got.
This time Warrior needs to Charge the rogue
and disarm him fast and interrupt the priest from mana burning. If these burns are not interrupted and they get to spamburn for the entire sap duration you have lost the game.

Basic strategy:

You got two dispellers, use them! Play gay (It's a gay comp!), ALWAYS stick to a pillar, and don't EVER run out in the open. Target the mage and by doing this you should neglect
all of the mage's damage really.
Get the Mage clean from his buffs and keep your Warrior cleaned from EVERY debuff, most RMP's goes for the Priest and when he's stunned the Warrior need to be on the Mage, and if he then got 4 stacks on Winter's Chill up and gets a Frostbite/Frostnova - then the Paladin need to RNG quite a bit to get him clean!

Try forcing an Iceblock with some CC on the Priest and an Recklessness + Intercept usually does the tricks; and at next chance you just dump your Bladestorm. A piece of advice,
when trying to avoid those casts from the mage, your healers will most likely be on the same spot all the time; avoid this at all causes when the Priest of the RMP got his fear up!
and if it can not be dodged - use fear ward!

If the mage overkites all over the place, you can make a Switch to the Priest; Because a lonely Priest without the Priest is VERY killable.

Another popular setup ! :deathknight::paladin::warrior:

Yet again the opener is quite dependent on the rest of the game, an opener you should avoid:

The gate just opened and you are standing there, as a Priest, on your mount. You lookd over and can see that their team is completly rushing to you and you decide to dismount
and get some shield up.
(RP lol)

NOO! If you do this, there is NOTHING you can do to get on the Paladin in a good way. They will peel you away from him and your Warrior is NOT able to score a kill on his own!

-This setup usually loves the Priest; They find him like a little toy animal they can just stomp to death. Don't let them! The Paladin in this Cleave team is most likely VERY confident he will not die to your team hence he's a very good target to attack.

Start with your Priest on a Mount - taunting either Charge/Intercept/Death Grip, When they use their first ability toss and instant Hand of Freedom on your Priest and set your focus to run to your Warrior and help him with the Paladin.

The Cleave will most likely tunnelvision you and hopefully use more of their gapclosers - Try getting a good position so they can't get on your that fast and help your Warrior with the Paladin. DoT him up fully and keep Sacred shield of - at this point the DPS is usually up on the Priest. Keep Sacred Shield off their Paladin and Fake a Brainfreeze when the Paladin is at approx 50% at this point you need to fake-cast the Brain Freeze to be able to score that Holy Fire --> Shadow Word: Death off on the Paladin to force him into a bubble.

(If the Warrior changes stance you can see this by a Dwarf-face animation above his head, fake pummel!). When the bubble is off (Usually resists on MD's anyway) Set it up yet again, this time you dump it all a HoJ on a healing cast - a fear for interrupt - a Shadowfiend - full DoTs; and exorcism if there is time over!

  If The Paladin you are facing got a brain, He'll togather with his teammates, peel your Warrior off the Paladin with all they got. If this happends you are forced on the DPS and make this fight even harder; now It's about dragging the DPS out of the Line of sight of the opposing Paladin, and to score a kill this way. Harder! But it works; If you manage to score a few mana burns while their DPS is going defensive you could also take it to a manawar.

The next matchup will be :priest::paladin::rogue: (Retribution)

This matchup is very intresting! It's all about if you got the cohones or not. This time will DESTROY something in the sap. Avoid this at all costs! Don't be afraid of using CD's
to survive the very first minute of the game; because from there on it gets much easier. They will most likely train your Warrior all the game and do retarded damage on him.

You need to outheal this damage and get some damage up rather then having your Warrior stick his shield up the first global. Get to the Priest with all that you got and use
the extra rage for your benefit. Use EVERY CC you got on the DPS from the other teams, fear them off all the time (Since you are attacking their Priest, he will most likely also get affected by this and cant dispel instantly), use a hammer, Warrior fear. Use everything to get them off!

Everytime you get that fear off your Warrior needs to be topped off and you should pound some Dispells off on the other Priest and assist with DoTs!
The Priest should eventionally drop.

:deathknight::hunter::paladin: (Holy Paladin)

Another setup that most likely target one person and stick to that target the entire fight. In especially these kinds of fights it's depends quite a bit if you Warrior got the ability to do damage or not; the most easy target to drop versus this setup would be the Holy Paladin.

With freedom and dispels on your Warrior you should all togather be able to put enough preassure out on the Paladin to force his Bubble and afterwards force a fast kill.

If this doesn't work for your team for some reason, then you should try making it to a mana war. Keep those dispels up on the Sacred Shield and toss switches off around the entire oponent team - with some dispels on Divine Plea on the Paladin and a few timed Mana Burn you should be able to score a kill by running him oom aswell!

One of the easiest matchups you can get.

:druid::warlock::warrior: - Hots n Dots n Bladestorm

I belive this is the easiest thing you can encounter at somewhat high ratings; just keep the CC dispelled from the Warrior and score fast kills on the pets; do not be afraid of intercepting a
Cyclone casttime and make a strong switch on the druid with a hammer ready; otherwise just train the pets down and score kills on them.
You shouldn't have any problems scoring those kills and no problems with outhealing the damage from the Warrior and the Warlock upon your healers.

Avoid a strong switch on someone with healers in crowdcontrol; etc; they fear your Paladin totally LoS from your Priest and Switch on him. Only if these things would happen
they can win - avoid it at all costs!

:mage::shaman::warlock: - Shaman Healer and loads of damage

A castercleave with a big success atleast in the former season, and it still goes strong. This is another setup I think can cause various of troubles for a dualhealer and therefor I'll take it in more details with different things that may happen.

The general idea of this fight is to take targets depending on what they give to you; you are not allowed to stick on top of one target all the time - you need to score some switch
and you also need to abuse LoS otherwise the game will be rather easy for the Wizardcleave to obtain.

What usually happens is that they will go for your Warrior and make a good timed fear/seduce on one of your healers and a polymorph upon the other; while your Warrior is stuck in the
open. If this happens you really need to use your CD's otherwise the game will not be long; and you should NEVER let this happen because this is exactly where they want you.

Instead keep those dispels fast and clean up on eachother and abuse that LoS until you got a good opertunity to score a kill. And it's also critical that neither of your teammates
get caught in a bad spot - because it feels like that can turn on anything and just rape it in matters of globals if the Shaman scores a lucky purge.

Example: Your Paladin gets feared into the open and the Priest does not dispel it fast enough. The Paladin is caught in a bad spot - they switch instantly and he's forced to use
CD's in oder to stay alive.

We found out that different tactics works good against specific teams more then the setup in itself. A tactic that USUALLY works is to simply be on top of things and go for the mage.

Keep those dispels rolling as fast as you can and keep the damage up on the mage, the moment the mage is safe they will attempt to turn around at someone and this is important you need to avoid in some way.

When they get preassure up - make sure to get higher preassure and dump a bladestorm to force a block from the mage (a somewhat clean mage without Ice Barrier should die without using his block). After the first block they usually try to switch the game around (Mass-Dispel is not reliable hence I'll explain as if the block was full duaration, not saying you shouldn't try!).

They will most likely pop Bloodlust/Heroism seeing as the Mage is topped off and the Warlock is most likely rather free to do his stuff. LoS as much as you can or you shall suffer from it; Keep in mind that the Shaman will loose mana during all of this time. It will mana intense for the Shaman seing as he's just healed the mage totally up, used Bloodlust and most likely tossed some purges.

If you notice the Shaman's mana dropping low a switch upon a pet to force addiotional burst healing would be a good idea; otherwise get back on the mage when the coast is clear.

Keep your Warrior on the mage even if his dmg is not overwhelming from the start; Don't be afraid to use a Pain Suppression on the Warrior BEFORE the damage is landing,
because this will grant you the power of the game - you drop the mage faster then they drop something else.
Keep the game under controll and keep those dispels coming and you should soon have a good tactic against this comp. (every now and then they will blow you completely up!)

If you come across the same team more then once the tactic will start to fall apars as the mage will go into a kiting mode and you can't really follow that; try chaning the tactic up a bit when this happends.

We managed to RoV the Shaman a few games (Kill the Shaman with all you got the first minute on Ring of Valor), and also to kill the pets and train the Warlock. (NEVERNEVERNEVER do this on Blade Edge's Arena)

I don't think I got anything else to add to this matchup, it's very hectic.

:shaman::mage::paladin: - Elemental Shaman, pewpew Lava Burst

Another caster team that should be able to cause some teams out there quite some troubles; though this matchup is quite a bit easier then the previous.

In this team you are most likely forced upon the mage with the different that you got more space to move in! It's not AS dangorous to change your positions in this comp considering you don't have a Warlock there to Crowd Control your ass off if you get close, not saying an elemental's damage is lower.

In this matchup, don't be that afraid to run a bit forward and follow that Mage a bit, the Priest can most likelydestroy the Tremor and get good fears off on the Shaman - neglecting pretty much all their damage until you got a new good position.

The Paladin will be stationary seing as the Mage will run around with a Warrior bashing on him, if you keep your Warrior clean in this matchup the Mage WILL have to Kite - forcing
his Paladin to move a bit and potentionally fall behind on healing or bunch everyone up a little - opening good opertunitys to score good fears on both the Shaman and the Paladin.

Depending on how the game goes damagewise you should either toss all your CC on the Paladin or the Elemental Shaman, you need todecide that from what damage they can get out.

And ALWAYS remember to stand on a good spot so your Warrior can escape that Mage with an Intervene instantly, because IF they can get their burst up - it's gonna be stupid damage.

I would still recommend to abuse LoS during their Bloodlust duration becuase obviously they will use some cooldown there; they wouldn't use Bloodlust if they didn't think
they can turn the game by doing it.

Survive the burst; try bunch them up for fears - fast dispels on Flame shock is very important. And you should win this comp RATHER easy!

:hunter::paladin::druid: - High dmg ! (Retribution Paladin)

This is a messy matchup that I haven't really figured out a viable solid tactic against, though we always tend to win it in the end but the game is far to close.

The team has to much damage so you can't outheal their sustained damage upon someone - forcing you to LoS the hunter at all times. We tried alot of things, but they all feel "hard" but you can always manage to score a kill.

You don't want to use cooldowns to stay alive against ordinary damage - atleast not as a dualhealer - but in this comp you have to do that if you want to score a kill. You need to very flexible and play very smart.

You all three need to be very coordinated when it comes to the damage output of your team - try getting the druid somewhat clean and all of you switch on him with a Charge - HoJ and a fear on the retribution paladin.

Maybe this doesn't force the druids trinket, but it will most likely force the Paladins trinket after a while - making him REALLY weak against fears. If you keep on doing switches
like this with the purpose of killing the druid you will most likely force all their Cool Downs, and if you really feel that you can't kill the Druid then you should keep on doing this
because the Paladin will eventionally use his bubble to break a fear to toss a Hand of Protection on the druid.

Now you got a choice depending on how the game is. If you drop the druid somewhat low - then you should all focus him really bad with your Cooldowns to stay alive - if you don't druid the druid you should all switch on the retpally with everything that you have got. Preferably switch to the ret when he's got freedom on cooldown.

Because this opens the window of getting a full HoJ on the ret at the same time as the Priest can fear the Druid away for a full duration (Dispelling hots and running for the druid that is most likely rather close because the game should be played around a pillar, usually scores the fear in the end). If you get this moment you should be able to drop the ret with the damage from all three of you combined.

I do not have anything else to say about this matchup, because I simply do not know a good tacc that works better.

:shaman::hunter::paladin: - The one and only beastcleave! (Enha Shaman, Holy Paladin)

You got an advantage here; there's a Paladin that can not get help from any of his teammates pretty much. You can avoid everything they can put out, They got a Freedom - so do you.
Only thing is that Hexx that you need to avoid.

We never experienced any troubles with this setup, simply get everything up on the Paladin and force him to bubble - Dispel - repeat.

A thing to think about is that 90% of the Enchancement I've ever faced are using his Wolves as his first global, and the global after he's using Bloodlust (why?). If you just take it
chill in the start, and have your Warrior just peeling everything off, and simply LoSing the Hunter during the Bloodlust duration - then you should not have any problems to kill
the paladin afterwards when the Damaged chilled out.

:rogue::shaman::warlock: - The RLS

Another setup that is very popular now days; it consist of players determend to rape you rather fast.

One common opener you need to avoid:

Your Warrior runs in - confident to his bones that nothing can kill him with his two healer when suddently a sap lands on the Priest - The Warlock starts charging Immolate
on the Warrior and at this point the Warrior is well long away from your healers. When this happens the Rogue opens on your Paladin and just CC him for a bit with a Cheapshot
and a Gaouge/Kidney shot - and after that he runs fast over to the Warrior with the dismantle and Vanish Cheapshot - Warrior dead.

If this doesn't happen the game should be somewhat easy; be in your agame with those dispels and don't allow both of your Healers to get stuck in a CC. If you coordinate a few fast CC's on the Shaman you should have little to no trouble to score fast kills on the pet and afterwards being able to kill the Warlock rather easy.

I have also experienced teams where the Shaman simply goes oom by trying to heal the pet up - but the best way is to toss some CC on the Shaman all the time and score those Pet kills and simply force the Warlock defensive and score a kill after a while. If you manage to survive their crazy burst this setup tend to be easy.

Just realised that I already typed a line or two about this setup, I'll just paste them here.

A setup with insane damage if they play properly and you are required to be able to switch from offensive to defensive quite fast.

Yet again, be very keen on where you stand on the map, ALWAYS have an Intervene path open when the other team can get a burst off. Target pets! The most simple way of winning this setup is to kill the pets.

Their setup will give you some cluth moments where they try to burst and can't really succed - in these moments you need to land a good CC and score a fast kill on a Pet.

Usually what happends is that when you kill the pets your Warrior will be dropping low and needs to escape FAST. Do the same and look for the window to kill the secound pet without taking any risks; once you scored that kill there is not much more to it then to finish off the Warlock.

Keep the dispelling fast and avoid the Hex's from the Shaman and I do not think this setup will be to any greater troubles.

:priest: - The Moonbaboon Cleave

There is nothing you can do against this setup.

I'm going to round this guide up here, simply because it got way to boring to explain everything even closer in. I will most likely catch up on this guide and make additions to
it at requests and everyone are free to type to me on Arenajunkies and I'll put in what you are looking for, even if I do not respond to you - I'm reading everything.

This guide is also for the people that are curios about some setups, if this helped someone to win a single game - then Im glad. You should not QQ about something to be in
PM nor should you make some kind of flame post, if you do not like this - make it better. I'm also bilingual and I got no form of spelling programs installed; If you do not like my English - do not read it!


This guide is heavily outdated, I'll be tossing in some updates whenever I have the time and will to do such. Next time I'll do a 3s session I will take notes on every team and update the matchup content a bit aswell


#2507059 A change that most arena players would support

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Another one :

When you Disconnect in arena, your toon stands afk doing nothing until you log back instead of disapearing.

#2499087 Your Dream Team

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:warlock: anyone
:shaman: anyone
:druid: anyone

#2497054 Arena MS paint rage thread!

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#2489589 I'm curious - reason for playing the game

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I like collecting items and playing arena


#2480870 Anybody heard from Velsus?

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still bobjob best sig

bert is priceless

#2479185 If you could go back into time...

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Sun = Cancer

Yes, because of my red hair I should be cautious in the sun.

#2470930 Cata, improved hamstring

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Definately still picking up sweeping strikes. I doubt that hamstring glyph would knock a 3rd off the cooldown - that seems too strong to me. I expect it'll be removed or maybe like 4 seconds off the internal cooldown.

#2234372 Arena MS paint rage thread!

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