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#3118679 2600 MMR+ Angel Cleave

Posted Mogias on 12 March 2011 - 01:22 AM

That was seriously the worst thing i have ever seen. Holy shit.

#1939455 Hello

Posted Murder on 11 March 2010 - 07:50 PM

And don't forget "Glyph of Feint now reduces the energy cost of Feint by 20. (Up from 10)."

Seriously? give me a break. can't even blood boil rogues anymore with free feint and they just dodge everything else. back to shadowfrost.

#1813296 Enough is enough.

Posted Lolflay on 06 February 2010 - 04:03 PM

Btw just for the people who are downrepping me with comment "trolling" - I don't particulary care about rep, but this topic is a format in which you present an argument without any emotions, and I understand it's plausible to consider it as trolling - however it's really not.

This is the way that arguments should be presented - w/o pointless insulting or trying to defend your class just because you're in fear of nerfs - or would you rather want topics like back in season5 when people screamed for DK nerfs and insulted each other, often resulting in couple of dozen of infractions per topic ?

#1743615 The Complete R1 List

Posted Akaforty on 20 January 2010 - 09:25 AM

Battlegroup, 3v3(Top Rating) / 5v5(Top Rating)


Blackout , 1(2744) / 2(2675) = 12 Relentless Gladiators
Blutdurst , 3(2860) / 2(2736) = 17 Relentless Gladiators
Cataclysme/Cataclysm, 2(2823) / 1(2651) = 10 Relentless Gladiators
Cruelty/Crueldad, 3(2723) / 1(2644) = 12 Relentless Gladiators
Cyclone/Wirbelsturm, 2(2816) / 2(2701) = 15 Relentless Gladiators
Embuscade/Hinterhalt, 3(2805) / 1(2513) = 14 Relentless Gladiators
Glutstorm/Emberstorm, 1(2874) / 3(2579) = 15 Relentless Gladiators
Misery, 1(2792) / 2(2651) = 13 Relentless Gladiators
Rampage/Saccage, 1(2787) / 1(2709) =7 Relentless Gladiators
Raserei/Frenzy, 1(2809) / 3(2620) = 18 Relentless Gladiators
Reckoning/Abrechnung, 1(2772) / 2(2605) = 12 Relentless Gladiators
Sturmangriff/Charge, 2(2773) / 1(2396) = 11 Relentless Gladiators
Vengeance/Rache, 6(2767) / 1(2611) = 17 Relentless Gladiators
Vindication, 2(2776) / 1(2499) = 11 Relentless Gladiators
Вихрь, 1(2572) / 1(2721) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Шквал, 1 (2719)/ 1(2925) = 6 Relentless Gladiators


Bloodlust, 1(3011) / 2(2792) = 13 Relentless Gladiators
Cyclone, 4(2776) / 1(2697) = 16 Relentless Gladiators
Emberstorm, 1(2852) / 1(2669) = 10 Relentless Gladiators
Nightfall, 3(2816) / 2(2716) = 15 Relentless Gladiators
Rampage, 2(2791) / 1(2749) = 11 Relentless Gladiators
Reckoning, 1(2780) / 1(2704) = 5 Relentless Gladiators
Retaliation, 1(2773) / 1(2601) =8 Relentless Gladiators
Ruin, 1(2832) / 1(2729) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Shadowburn, 1(2862) / 2(2770) = 10 Relentless Gladiators
Stormstrike, 2(2824) / 1(2817) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Vengeance, 2(2810) / 2(2666) = 13 Relentless Gladiators
Vindication, 1(2816) / 1(2683) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Whirlwind, 1(2878) / 1(2702) = 7 Relentless Gladiators

EU =  196 Relentless Gladiators
US =  132 Relentless Gladiators

Scanned and counted the eligible players in each team.

Class breakdowns: http://www.arenajunk...d.php?p=1809222

I made this by myself, if it helped, +rep is welcome ^^

#1706053 RLS - 3V3

Posted Oliaxz on 11 January 2010 - 09:50 PM

RLS is still a pretty good comp. The thing with that comp is that you cant carry anyone anymore (especially for the warlock). Its not the usual fotm comp where a single over geared player (aka war, hunter) can carry the entire team. Destro got nerfed, hunter/war/feral are now more broken then ever, forget about destro and tell your lock to l2p his class for real.

This is probably the hardest comp to play for a warlock and shaman, and probably rogue too. Each member can be trained by pretty much anything and offers some very easily countered support to his teammates (single random dispel from the felhunter every 8s, grounding totem, tremor totem, fear peels, stun peels). You don't have any outstanding OH NOES buttons (bubble, PS, ice block, deterrence, shield wall, freedom out of stun, deep freeze, etc) or I WIN buttons (bladestorm, avenging wrath, beastial warth, wolves, etc).

This comp rely on keeping the momemtum going during the entire game, but you just cant waste any time or cooldowns. You have to know what to do no matter what happens and need to be able to do everything humanly possible no matter how hard you are being trained. You cant make bad switches or start on the wrong target. Stick to the strats, keep your focus, and use each little window at its full potential to keep the momemtum going. This is not a comp made to outlast, its not a physical cleave or a wizard cleave either. Its a comp that if played right can keep control on the other team during the entire fight and kill them fairly easily and quickly even without those I WIN or OH NOES abilities. Its a RMP with less burst, less survavibility, but more steady damage and control (UA/fear, shocks, bloodlust, rogue left alone almost every game). Your target dont go down really fast, but his HP doesnt really go up either.

I believe RLS is better than RMP overall given the current state of the game, but you cant really go 2.4k+ with only "decent" players, unlike rmp. Which is why there are so much more RMP than RLS. Youre either amazing or big failure with 50% win ratio as RLS.

#1696329 Impressed with Blizzard for a Change.

Posted Aluraud on 09 January 2010 - 04:36 PM

Blizzard has two areas that they really need to improve on, in my opinion.

1. Arena seasons NEED to end right when the next level of PvE content comes out. There is really no excuse for this not to happen.

2. Quicker and more aggressive balancing. This one is pretty self explanatory.

That said, I think Blizzard does realize (at least to some extent) how much of a cluster fuck WotLK pvp became in many ways. Hopefully they will take that into Cata.

#1693309 [Shaman] Resto Shaman 2v2 advice needed...

Posted Bananiell on 08 January 2010 - 09:41 PM

Definitely get glyph of stoneclaw totem instead of earthliving, earthliving glyph sucks dick and stoneclaw kicks major ass;)

Edit: also get lhw glyph instead of water shield glyph, use the water shield minor glyph though

#1675817 RLS - 3V3

Posted Sholock on 04 January 2010 - 08:57 AM

rog/x/healer - sap healer, open x; if x rushes and healer does not, just open x. do not let them open. save hex/blind for x when you swap to rog. fear healer [out of sap]. purge x a lot.

war/x/healer - sap healer, open x; if x rushes and healer does not, just open x. do not let them open. hex/blind warrior, don't CC a bladestorm. fear healer [out of sap]. purge x a lot.

it's a pretty easy pattern to remember. sometimes (25% of the time?) we do different swaps and more switches based on late-game nonsense, but that's pretty much your early game gib aggressive strat. and don't forget if someone over extends, blow them up.

i don't remember what we do to PHD, don't see it much.  probably (try to) sap pally, open DK, fear hunter, switch fear to pally hex hunter then swap hunter if you can clean CS/KS after he trinkets. DKs are squishy.

also, keep in mind.. always use CoE not agony even if you're affliction (you should be). it helps shammy burst and envenom.


Posted Malladon on 02 January 2010 - 08:42 AM

You sir, have been outplayed. Also, note: this isn't my opinion, just seems to be blizzards-

They, in general, come to the acceptance that overwhelming RNG can be a bad thing, although they aren't against things like hit cap/spell pen etc. or even racial resists. To be honest the idea of a hit cap for abilities isn't exactly a terrible thought, adding some form of constraint and thought with regard to gearing. The problem comes with something like Clos where blizzard seems to eventually get behind the stance of the game being more "fun" with random elements floating around and about. By in large GM's defend this on the forums with the illusion of balance (e.g. in the example of cloak not being a get out of jail free card for raiders, potentially a heavy cost for trying to eat a boss spell etc. etc.).

While random may be fun/interesting at times it doesn't make for balanced pvp, as has been beaten to death in threads like this ='(

#1667220 Reputation System Is Being Abused

Posted BlueJoe on 02 January 2010 - 02:26 AM

There really needs to be some sort of system that allows only a certain amount of -reps per week.

I posted on a thread giving my advice, the thread was "If you could be a WoW PvP Dev for one day "

I said: "cloak being 100%
give hunters a different play style, not just constant spam
give priests a self freedom

and I get a -rep with the comment saying "bad"

I also contributed to a thread called "Envenom Spec; Absolutely ridiculous" and I get another -rep saying "bad".

on the arena ms paint rage thread, i posted my pic and I received two -rep.

If anything it makes me not want to post on any part of the forums other  than bg forum. I help players in ask a gladiator but it doesn't seem like that will make up for all the -rep idiots give for no reason.

This is just my insight on the rep system, I think it should be changed so it can be given fairly, you can tell that alot of people try to be funny by giving random -rep and its really abusing the system. Im not going to rage and quit posting on the forums if it doesn't change but its really something that needs to be looked at.

#1628271 [3v3] Envenom Spec; Absolutely ridiculous

Posted Keatstwo on 21 December 2009 - 01:08 AM

People like Saucy make Europe look bad :(

Instead of arguing about this why don't we just talk about something we can all agree on; hunters need to go. They've had five years to try to and bring something positive and constructive to the game, but have simply failed to deliver. Nobody likes hunters. Hunters don't even like themselves. I think i speak for the entire WoW community when i say it's time hunters were shown the door for good.

Whilst hunters exist we should campaign as one to have them removed from the game before we can even begin to address minor issues like "burst damage" or "pve gear". Sure, envenom is retarded burst, but we need it to kill hunters! Warrior damage is silly, ele shaman damage is silly, warlock damage is silly, hell, all damage is pretty silly, but that's fine. Silly damage is the only weapon we have against the true enemy in our midst, the elephant in the room that nobody is willing to confront; the hunter.

Sure, sometimes i die in a charge stun or a death coil and it makes me a little sad, and i go to my corner and have a little cry and redo my makeup before i can play again...but every time this happens all i have to do is remind myself that if we didn't have stupid damage in the game we'd be overrun by hunters, and i don't think anyone wants that really.

TLDR: Envenom is fine. Hunters are bad. Burst damage is fine. Hunters are mean and also evil.

P.S. If you see a hunter in the street try not to make eye contact. If you accidentally meet his gaze, try standing still, if my theories are correct and hunters in fact share 68.4% of their DNA with the T-rex, he won't be able to see you and you may avoid attack.

#1626694 Envenom demystification

Posted qedqed on 20 December 2009 - 01:30 PM

I decided to write this after i read ppl getting a 10K crit of envenom in pvp. Envenom gets 45% of the attack power as dmg. You get more that 1k resilience wearing only PvP items, no gems or enchants. If you go in arena with 700 resi dont whine 'cos you die too fast.

Build 44/X/2X
5 stacks deadly poison.
Numbers are rounded to the 4th digit.

(1)Rogue in pvp gear: 4600 AP
(2)Rogue with alot of pve gear: 5000 AP

About (1):
Base damage + 0.45*AP = 1075 + 2070 = 3145
Talents: Vile poisons +20%, Find Weakness +4%, Murder +4% = +28%

Envenom Final dmg: 4026, 8052 crit, 9662 crit (under 35% HP)

On a player with 1k resilience: -23.31% (from crits), -10.60% (overall)

Damage reduction: 0.8940
Damage reduction (crit): 0.7669 * 0.8940 = 0.6856

Envenom Final dmg: 3600, 5520 crit, 6624 crit (under 35% HP)

About (2):
Base damage + 0.45*AP = 1075 + 2250 = 3345
Talents: Vile poisons +20%, Find Weakness +4%, Murder +4% = +28%

Envenom Final dmg: 4256, 8512 crit, 10214 crit (under 35% HP)

On a player with 1k resilience:

Damage reduction: 0.8940
Damage reduction (crit): = 0.6856

Envenom Final dmg: 3804, 5836 crit, 7003 crit (under 35% HP)

My envenom crit chance in pvp is about 25%, i dont see Envenom out of control by far. If ppl was just ignoring a rogue on them, now they have atleast heal. When i was on any plate target not even able to force him to do something to get rid of me was very frustrating.

Edit: I didn't put 5.5k AP (BoM) just because i forgot. I'm not used to play with a paladin in 3vs3 and anyway i dont think there are many high rated setup for a rogue + paladin.

Edit2: I dont see why ppl complain about the dmg on targets under 35% Hp, that's our (crap) execute. Warrior and hunters have that too on a separate ability, with the difference if you drop under 20% vs an hunter you are just dead.

#1620554 Did WOTLK make us casual?

Posted Trakke on 18 December 2009 - 01:28 PM

When i first heard about all the changes "towards the casuals of this game" i raged like all of us pvp nerds

"-omfg why should idiots gets good gear for free"

"-free BiS for everyone is fkin bullshit"

"-Vault is a fucking lootfest for PvE nerds let it drop pve gear in AV bosses"

Yeah, i was outrageous...anyhow i even from the start off wotlk in s5 and so on stormscale i didnt feel this "i need to play some arenas today" I didnt feel like i had to get gladiator, i didnt feel like i needed a active team, i felt that arena could be cool whenever whatever kinda.

And i've discovered, that wotlk wasnt easy for the casuals, it was turning me casual. I dont invest as much time in the game, i play combos i think is fun, i do arenas with RL friends, i faceroll vault from time to time, i level alts with hierlooms, i have a much better time in WoW now, even tho i play it less and with less passion.

The pace of arena (somewhat retarded burst i agree) is something i enjoyed, specially after doing druid/hunter in TBC.

I've become alot better as a player the last season aswell, learned tons.

If you put a blind eye to wizcleaves and protspecs and RoV, for the sake of my RL life, and the reason i play this game (fun waste of time) i really like WOTLK.

Vanilla was fun coz i was retarded and thought 1shotting mages was fun, TBC was dragged out unbalanced mess with only a few viable 3s combos. I like you WOTLK...i really do.

Cool story bro, dno what you guys think if you really analyze it.

TLDR: WOTLK > vanilla, tbc because i play more casually now and enjoy it.