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#3255025 Suggested 4.2 Mage Changes

Posted Tempestlol on 23 May 2011 - 02:09 PM


  • Spellsteal's mana cost increased by 60%, in addition you will only be able to benefit from a stolen buff every 5 seconds.
  • Prismatic Cloak moved to the second tier of the arcane tree.

  • Torment of the Weak moved to the third tier of the arcane tree.
  • Polymorph is now a 1.4 second cast, but unable to gain the benefits of passive haste, and only 40% of the effects of active haste.


  • Frostfire Bolt now does 15% less damage.

  • Impact now moved into the third tier of the fire tree.

  • Improved Scorch now moved to the second tier of the fire tree.


  • Frostbolt no longer benefits from mastery.

  • Early Frost no longer decreases the cast time of frostbolt by .6 every 15 seconds, and now instead permanently reduces the cast time of frostbolt by .125/.25

  • Shatter now increases frostbolts damage by 20% instead of exclusively vs frozen targets.
(The x3 critical would remain. I'm not sure why people are being confused by this.)
  • Icy Veins cooldown reduced to 70 seconds. Duration decreased to 10 seconds.

  • Fingers of Frost no longer increases damage done by Ice lance.

  • Ice Lance damage increased by 8%.

  • Deep Freeze now causes the target to become immune to freeze effects such as Ring of Frost for 5.5 seconds. In addition deep freeze damage has been decreased by 8%.
  • Ring of Frost is no longer reset by Coldsnap

A quick overview of what these changes mean:

Starting off with the arcane tree mages won't be able to benefit from the buffs from spellsteal as often as we do know on top of not being able to spam it merely as much with the mana cost increase, and polymorph being castable in pvp for once, and the change ensures that in the future poly won't be a 1.1 sec cast like in wrath. The prismatic cloak change would be a nice way of getting us some passive mitigation, and a short out from a heavy focus.

For the fire tree the frostfire bolt nerf is part of the global burst damage nerf that I was thinking about for frost since it IS way too bursty, and no longer letting frost mages spec impact is somewhat needed since it's kind of a stupid mechanic for us.

And now finally the frost tree Frostbolt no longer benefiting from mastery means it's another 15% burst nerf like the FFB nerf, another part of the burst nerf being the ice lance which is 17% less damage from FoF lances which equals out to a 15.6% global burst nerf in exchange for more sustained damage from frostbolt.

Now onto the utility part of the frost tree, nerfed RoF (as needed) no more Deep Ring combos, and icy veins being usable more often, but in exchange for less up time, and coldsnap no longer reseting RoF.

The usual TL;DR

-Global burst nerf to frost (15.6%) in exchange for more sustained damage.

-Spellsteal nerf making it a lot less worth spamming.

-Polymorph being castable, but still easily interrupted in all seasons of arena due to the haste change (so no more haste abuse for uninterruptable sheeps in the later seasons).

-No more impact for frost.

-Deep Ring combo removed completely.

Best part of all of this?

PvE isn't affected at all. Frost DPS will go up by an amount that will be still lower than fire, and arcane but be more viable than before as blizzard seems to want it.

#3250203 Why do Shamans need to be able to drop Spirit Link Totem while silenced?

Posted Vyoh on 20 May 2011 - 05:29 PM


I'm going to try to keep this constructive and hope everyone can do the same, but with the state of this game there is much wrong and as such much should be discussed. We all know Frost DKs have too much ranged damage and Necrotic Strike scales too well with all the strength modifiers Frost has. Also Hungering Cold definitely needs to be reworked. Now that all the obvious DK bias can be put aside, let's talk Shamans.

It recently dawned on me how excited I was when I read the original WotLK beta patch notes. Shamans could now drop totems while silenced or locked out! Much joy was had because we all probably remember how hard it was in between mace stuns, the slow casting of healing wave and the horrible inefficiency of lesser healing wave to actually keep yourself up against a melee. Yes, Shamans definitely needed this.

However, as with so many old mechanics these things tend to get outdated. Warriors taking more damage in berserker stance for example was a horrible left over mechanic from in vanilla that also stuck around way too long. It finally got removed and no one thought bad of it.

Queue the Call of the Elements and the addition of Glyph of Stoneclaw Totem. Woo, another hardcore problem Shamans were having got solved. No longer did you have to stop and spend 2-4 globals dropping your essential totems. There was a bit of an upset about it, with legit concerns from the community. Would this make Shamans too hard to deal with?

All in all people learnt to deal with it and nowadays it's the most normal thing in the world. However, people who played Resto Shamans in TBC definitely remember the long road Shamans walked until they got to the point of not being amazingly frustrating to play. Trust me, I do - I initially rerolled away from my Shaman because it really wasn't appealing at all, there was mechanically so much wrong with them that I eventually just gave up.

Enter Cataclysm. Shamans are struggling hardcore in PvE (trust me, I know from my first hand experience as the RL/GM of a top 30 guild) and Blizzard is apparantly not quite sure how to help them out. Shamans are getting benched left and right for Resto Druids, Holy Paladins and Holy/Disc Priests. The first Sinestra kill happens with 5 healers. 2 Priests and 3 Paladins. Blizzard decides to intervene with a change to Shaman's Mastery. PvP forums are exploding everywhere, PvE'rs are scratching their head. The problem with Resto in PvE was not their healing output, it was literally the only thing not wrong with them. Healing Rain goes from strong to overpowered. Healing Rain became the most broken AoE heal the game has seen since the Holy Nova glyph was so popular in Ulduar. Yet, Shamans were still not used on bosses that required few healers - their problem was the lack of raid damage reducing cooldowns. Holy Priests, Disc Priests and Holy Paladins bring much more to the table when it comes to reducing incoming damage, which is the most important thing on bosses like Sinestra.

Enter Spirit Link Totem. The PvP community doesn't immediately realise the implications of this totem, PvE'rs on the other hand completely understand what this means. Shamans are definitely the strongest healer in PvE now, since their Mastery change is still in effect even though it got slightly nerfed. First week after the patch PvPers catch on - Spirit Link is probably one of the most broken things introduced in arena, the uses to the totem are plentiful... It breaks CC, it immediately tops you if you teammembers aren't drooling over their keyboard.

To finally get to my point, Spirit Link Totem in combination with all the previous changes to Shamans are retardedly overpowered. Locking a healer out on 30% or less should in every scenario be a kill opportunity. However, if you're fighting a Shaman and he has Spirit Link off cooldown it isn't. Being able to save any member of your team or yourself when you are CS'd or Silenced should not be possible. For the game to be moving to a more balanced situation, this is one of the biggest problems IMO and the lack of discussion around this subject got me started on this post.

I know this topic is going to get filled with offtopic discussion about Warriors, Frost DKs, Subtlety Rogues and Frost Mages, but I thought I'd get the discussion started.

#3034945 would this encourage balanced comps

Posted affix on 31 January 2011 - 11:34 PM

Zez said:

Well if you want to encourage melee caster healer comps, it also includes making wizards weaker , fear/poly not sharing cd is just too good.
Poly/Fear on same DR doesn't work because it either means locks have howl/fear on different DRs (as well as psychic scream on different DR than lock fear), or it means that all fears share DR with all incapacitates which is stupid.  Merging incapacitates + fears or letting Locks have access to two DR categories for their fears are both way bigger problems than letting two classes with casted CCs chain those casts.  The latter situation is easily preventable with 1.7s CC cast times.


But I'd like to have priest fear on different dr because it would give priests better synergy with locks and keep mage priest synergy good.
Of course you would ;)  Mage/Lock double caster casted CC synergy = bad, but SPriest/Lock double caster instant cast synergy = good, riiiiiiight

#3004873 Concerns for Holy Paladins

Posted Polizei on 21 January 2011 - 06:14 PM

This is not the ordinary whine post, if whine post at all. Would be higly prefered for other classes stay out of the thread.

Anyone else seen a downward trend in holy paladin representation from the start of the season? At the start of the season we were easily comparable to resto shamans, maybe due because not having that much resilience or whatsoever. Now if you see the representation for top50 3v3(who cares about low representation), you can easily see a trend on all BGs that top3 classes on almost all are: shamans, mages and druids. Inb4 representation doesnt say a shit, hunter number in top50 is easily comparable to their general shittiness: if you are lucky you might find one hunter team in top50 on your BG.

Most of those druids and shamans are sadly healers. Sure there are few enhas and ferals (doubt we will see either too much after 4.0.6) but the amount of healing druids or shamans easily outweigh the amount of holy paladins out there. My main concern for holy paladins in 3v3 is 4.0.6. Shamans are getting nerfed, druids only little and priests getting buffed by a lot; but this far there hasnt been any paladin buffs. Paladins simply do not bring enough crap on the table to even outweigh a nerfed resto shaman. We are considered to bring "shit" load of defensive utility on the table but considering our main 3 helpfull defensive CDs (HoS, HoF, HoP) are purged in 1 global what do we bring on the table then? My guess is that after the patch, druids will dominate like never before (over S3-S4 levels), priests will be usefull for some control setups (such as S1-S8 RMP) and shamans will still be used as mana-efficient shield-wearing version of priests with little less help for the team. Where does this leave us paladins? One might argue that we are still the most mana-efficient healing class of the game, but what exactly does that extra mana-efficieny bring us in top50? Our heals are easily interrupted, we dont CC the enemy, we can heal anyone from 10% to 100% in 2globals once in a game and after our HoS is purged and bubble is used, we eat most CCs.

The future of holy paladins is looking grim in 4.0.6. The patch is favouring meleecleaves for paladin healers and we all know how stupid you can feel for playing that. Sure WLP might be decent, or even WMP but its not looking too bright for paladins and melee+caster+paladin setups.

TL;DR Holy paladins not getting any extra utility, no reason to bring them to any team except meleecleave.


I guess its time to switch brackets or roll ret if it works out.

#2994697 Would a glyph like this fix feral shapeshifting?

Posted Eatspie on 18 January 2011 - 04:05 PM

nijuu said:

Yeah - sitting in casterform after shifted for 5seconds is probably the way to fix a feral because we have the best offheal output and our 100y range to cyclone people is op aswell

It would add a weakness to instant cyclone, which is an absolutely retarded mechanic right now.

#2959264 Unholy Death Knight arena burst rotation.

Posted Cuddlybunnydk on 07 January 2011 - 11:26 PM

I was starting to regret making this post because of trolls, but im glad ive helped some of you. Thats all i made this post for, to help alts and newcomers. Dont hate! =D

#2938772 Parents fuckd my wow up:((

Posted Blodkors on 31 December 2010 - 09:55 AM

And when you´re an adult, you fail relationships and jobs ´cause of WoW. Not that I´ve done such, though...it´s just that the game is so goddamn addicting you actually start to think shiny epics are more important than everything else, heh. I know people who actually lost a marriage due to excessive gaming.
An addiction is an addiction, and people who have it won´t propably even recognize it even "...if it painted itself purple and danced naked on top of a harpsichord singing "Addictions are here again""

As a parent, gamer and an "adult" (being 32 years young, hehe), I´d suggest you do what the other people told too- make a deal with your parents. Don´t mess anything on that matter behind their backs- they will rip your keyboard in half and cancel the goddamn internetz for EVAH if you do so and (sonner or later) get caught.
12 hours regularly is way too much for anything, really, but occasionally I love 12 hour sessions too (which I can do maybe once a year due to having a family :D ). It´s just the moderation of all things in general. Your parents are worried and want you to succeed in life, that´s all. Make a deal with them and show the world, damnit! :D

#2827883 More macro space ?

Posted Xunae on 19 November 2010 - 01:00 PM


is awesome!

#2768680 Arena MS paint rage thread!

Posted Lozeh on 28 October 2010 - 08:48 PM

Posted Image

#2780979 Priest compared to Other classes ATM

Posted jizoke on 02 November 2010 - 08:00 PM

I need to rant, someone put me in my place.

Fuck man, why is shadow so lack luster? Just about every other class got a plethora of new shit and we got what? Mindspike is awful in just about every situation, dot pressure is AWFUL, mana efficiency is worse than ever, and we can BARELY heal. I thought the purpose of hybrids was to have a good balance of damage and healing when needed?

I was hoping for some sick ass playstyle changes with the addition of mindspike, but they fucked that up. It is STILL locking out your shadow tree which I thought was not supposed to happen, but I suppose we would be too OP if we could cast something other than dispel/shield when we're locked out on shadow.

Seems the only thing that has changed going from wotlk -> cata is a major drop in skillcap (not like we had a high one anyways.) Full row of dots and mindflay spam till 3 orbs is just fucking boring and makes me want to be gay.

The best part is, shadow is our strongest spec. The only thing we have going for us is the buff as fuck shadowfriend.

#2721436 What are you guys doing until Cata?

Posted Zandire on 16 October 2010 - 08:33 PM

Nothing... SC2?

#2616093 Wand Macro

Posted Synze on 14 September 2010 - 08:52 PM

So, maybe all of you already do this, but I was looking around the general macros section on AJ and came across a wand macro that lets you spam the macro without resetting your swing timer:

#showtooltip Shoot
/castsequence !Shoot, !Shoot

I however have been using a mouseover macro for wanding:

/cast [target=mouseover] Shoot

So I combined them:

#showtooltip Shoot
/castsequence [target=mouseover]  !Shoot, !Shoot

Allows you to spam shoot without restting the timer, on a mouseover.  Maybe everyone has this already, idk, but it wasn't under the macros section so I decided to post it here.

Edit: only problem is if you wand a mouseover, cast on your target (i.e. fear) and then try to mouseover what you had previously mouseovered, without moving your mouse off and back on to the target, it will wand your targetted target.  this shouldn't happen in arena though, as if you wand a tremor, it will be gone and if if the tremor is thrown down again, you by default have to move your mouse back over it (the new tremor).

#2586764 [Blizzard] GC on warlock dispel

Posted jopotsi on 06 September 2010 - 10:12 AM

i dont actually even mind which pet i have to use as long as i dont have to switch it that often(OK ITS WIZARDCLEAVE I'LL GO UP THE BRIDGE TO HARDCAST MY FELHUNTER, OH JK HEALER SHEEPED FELDOM IMP TO DISPEL IT)
and if locks actually change to a class that has to use different pet against each team and switch it in different situations i guess im back to playing with my priest or mage.

#2583438 Queuing Strategies

Posted Hakfu on 05 September 2010 - 08:55 AM

It does NOT guarantee to get a team of your own MMR, though it will increase the likelihood by alot.

My theory about the system is this:
Team A= Your team, say 2600mmr
Team B= Random team, say 2200mmr

When team A starts queue, it will search teams within 100 mmr. When the wait time increases, the search range widens gradually.
But then you have to take in account also the team B's queue time. (Hypothesis: 100mmr per minute)
It means that when both A and B have been 2 minutes in queue, they will face each other, since 2600-200=2400 and 2200+200=2400. If A keeps dropping queue after 10 seconds. A's mmr search will stay at ~100mmr. But if team B has been in the queue already for let's say 5 minutes, their range is already ~300-400. Then the teams will face each other again because 2600-100=2500 and 2200+3/400=2500.
Though, the chances of team B being in queue for 5 minutes without NO other teams closer than team A (Aka, 1900-2500), are playing, is very low.

Conclusion: High and low team might face each other even if high team keeps dropping queue, but it is highly unlikely.

PS. I have no clue what the exact numbers are (mmr / minute), but to me this theory pretty much explains most of the queues.

#2342869 Shared rank 1 titles

Posted Felic on 28 June 2010 - 03:19 PM

Zez said:

neither should smourne 2healers get titles :D

Thank god I have it in 5v5 aswell then!!!

Ow wait.. still 2 healers and 1 smourne there :( fail