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#1939312 My take on the Bladestorm change.

Posted Jacklin on 11 March 2010 - 07:07 PM

In short - It's a gimmicky change, that doesn't solve the problems with the class effectively.

Now, I'll continue, with stating that in my own eyes, warriors may be slightly overpowered, and in any case - need tuning for sure. The reason for which you see such an outrage is the overall feeling of helplesness. Helplesness in the sense that yet again Blizzard shoots in the dark with a band-aid fix which serves no end. Helplesness in the sense that we're obviously misunderstood once more. Helplesness in the sense that Developers forge changes with a sledge-hammer when a more intricate solution is needed. And because of a loss of a new-found symbol. More on that later.

Now, I've been around this game for a good five years, and I dare say I've been very observant of events around it, and how the general public reacts to them. I'd say that there is a very sensible trend for just about anything, and hardly anything surprises me anymore, I'm sure thats true for many of you who have been sticking around through good and bad. I've always thought, for example, that whatever the change to the game is, there will always be a positive and negative part to it, rarely has there been changes to the game that have been viewed positively/negatively by all. Never has that happened when a PvP-oriented change has been made. Reason I'm saying that, is because before trying to understand a change and attempt judging It's usefulness, you should attempt to open your mind that extra yard, to stretch your view a tinsy bit more, to encompass as many view points as possible. Sadly, this is no walk in the park, and naturally, many have failed and continue to fail (count me in that number, too).

That short prologue was to prepare you for the fact that you'll always have people who devilishly grin on someone else's grief, and in a game world - thats just about normal. Don't mind these people, they serve no purpose. There will, also, always be people that don't quite see the depth of the game/change and will misjudge it (the so called noobs), don't mind them either. What we should try is change the opinion of people who are actually knowledgable and respectable sources. Those people should know that a change like this is a gimmicky change serving no end. These people should be reminded of the various other problems the class has that should have a far higher nerf-bat profile. They should be made privy to all the different and far better approaches that can be taken to fix said problem.

Here's a bit more practical take on the change. Bladestorm is no doubt a very powerful tool, which in the hands of the correct person can be a very dangerous offensive ability. It is also sometimes easily avoidable by some classes/scenarios, but nevertheless still being a very good ability. No one ever argued on that. What we can and do argue about is how unneeded a change to bladestorm is. What people should understand is that by making Bladestorm disarmable you put several classes in absolute disbalance in comparison to the others. What I mean is this: Yes, Arms warriors will be now weaker against comps that include at least a hunter/rogue, but what about the rest? What about comps that do not have a disarm to their arsenal? Why should they not get the benefit of that nerf, If a nerf is so very needed? How are you going to cater them, non-disarmers? Or is it that, because you do play in a class or a comp that can disarm that you feel so good about the change? Can you possibly put yourself in someone else's shoes and understand how gimmicky and useless that change is? A proper FIX should be made so that a certain event in game is fixed for ALL participating in the game. Not just 10%. Or 50%. Or 80%. ALL. In that sense, the change is a clutchy one, and as such is rightfully downrated and frowned upon.

For the sake of the argument, lets pretend that warrior's Bladestorm is by far the most OP thing in game, currently, and things like Hunters, or Shadowpriest's scalling with Bloodlust do not exist (or just about anything which should be given immediate attention). Is nerfing disarm going to fix all issues? Is that disarmability to it going to help the priest in that priest/mage comp (lets pretend they do bad against us, again for the sake of argument)? No. People without disarm will still suffer a swift death for various reasons, not limited to MS + UA stacking - something that has been in a DIRE need of changing for a long time now, because it is downright absurd. Overall class scalling with gear - the class follows the same patterns like in Vanilla and The Burning Crusade - the more the gear scales, the more we do, until in the last arena season we become downright beastly. Seems to me, like there are far better things to tune that will make a difference in ALL cases, not just the said few. Turning down warriors damage by 5%, 10%, 15% or whatever the number, across the board, is a far better fix to the issues people have with our class, than making Bladestorm Disarmable (oh, and death-grippable).

And I think the reactions you see of warriors, is justifiable. And I think that Bladestorm is far from the only case where this endless loop has occured. Many changes in the game have been made that simply stick a band-aid to something, only to have it slowly ripped apart, by a gapping wound. And I think this change should be re-thought, reverted. And I think a different approach should be taken.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one feeling so about this. I'm also glad various non-warrior classes also consider this a silly change. I'm sure that many warriors who have been playing one feel just like I do about the ability. It's our way of screaming "SCREW YOU!" and whirlwinding away from the fact that we can be CC'd almost endlessly if needed, and not that much can be done about it. It's a symbol of a change for many, a transition of being absolutely shut down for extended periods of time, to something where you feel slightly more in control of your own toon.

Flame away.

#1951025 Probably the MOST important macro

Posted Squanky on 14 March 2010 - 04:20 PM

This nice little macro I created posts your current ArP(battle stance and Mace spec already added), crit chance, AP and resil into party.

/run local arp=GetCombatRating(25) local p="player" local a,b,c=UnitAttackPower(p) SendChatMessage(format("ArP: %d (%.2f%%), AP: %d, Crit: %.2f%%, Resil: %d", arp, arp/14+[B]25[/B], a+b+c, GetCritChance(), GetCombatRating(16)),  "Party")

So you might be saying now YO I'm not mace spec so this macro is useless.  But don't worry.  Change the bolded part in the macro to 10 instead of 25 and your ArP without mace spec will be shown.

Took about an hour to make so any rep+ would be nice <3.