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#3869803 Shadow Priests nerfed

Posted by Btothaloody on 02 April 2013 - 02:17 AM

World Of Meleecraft. Time to play a melee class or a hunter, and drool all over my keyboard, tell funny jokes in skype and hit 2700 yeyeyeyeyeyeye
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#3833890 mages in 5.2

Posted by Btothaloody on 11 January 2013 - 05:48 PM

We'll see how people like the game when it's kfc/melee cleave 30 games in a row, tunneling healers until crits / stuns are aligned.

That's all it is right now. I love how people are calling S12 a wizard season, when in reality I maybe see 1 wiz cleave every 15 or so games and they're always 1850-2000. Every other game is KFC or kitty cleave slapping their cocks on the keyboard till they find their one swifty macros and target the healer.
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#1576327 Releasing movie, need music suggestions.

Posted by Btothaloody on 07 December 2009 - 06:35 AM

I see that I was beaten to a machinae supremacy song. Ethier way this one > by them is very good, I've listened to that song while watching a couple priest streams and it seems to go perfectly to me. But it depends on the mood you want the vid to have.
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