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#4270708 spriest gearing

Posted KendrickLamar on 20 November 2014 - 04:52 PM

View PostDerulo, on 20 November 2014 - 04:31 PM, said:

Multistrike is not worse in pvp we are compensated for the one only proc. Multistrike has a double chance in pvp for that one proc. And this i not from my ass was posted by Holinka on Twitter recount shows the same.

Also this is from Howtopriest.com where the best therorycrafters dragonkillers are
Int = 1.0000
Spell Power = 0.8820
Crit = 0.5522
Haste = 0.5796
Mastery = 0.5210
Multistrike = 0.5749
Versatility = 0.4863

This is for Cop talent Patchwerk
But like Lolflay said thats from a PvE damage dealing perspective which is different from PvP.
Personally I like haste because I'm used to basically having an nonexistent gcd and easy of casting, especially in the current game where casting matters so much more and the fact that shadow priests have a lot to do in the arena. I could see where mastery would be nice and multi strike but going for straight up damage as a utility class doesn't seem really make sense. I feel it would be better to use a stat that can help in all aspects of playing shadow. The only thing I would consider close if not better than haste would be crit, especially if you play auspicious spirits. I personally chose haste though and have not been able to test out crit gear.

#4270690 spriest gearing

Posted Derulo on 20 November 2014 - 04:31 PM

View PostHudderr, on 18 November 2014 - 05:24 PM, said:

From my personal experience on live: Mastery -> Multistrike -> Crit -> Haste

Mastery is obvious i guess, really liking the feel of multistrike at the moment regardless of it being worse in pvp. Crit over haste for now, as much as I hate it. I feel like the shift in damage/increase pressure from dp or mb critting is more valuable than haste at the moment, seeing as we can't get much of it. Hope haste becomes main stat again at some point, everything is fun when it's faster.

Multistrike is not worse in pvp we are compensated for the one only proc. Multistrike has a double chance in pvp for that one proc. And this i not from my ass was posted by Holinka on Twitter recount shows the same.

Also this is from Howtopriest.com where the best therorycrafters dragonkillers are
Int = 1.0000
Spell Power = 0.8820
Crit = 0.5522
Haste = 0.5796
Mastery = 0.5210
Multistrike = 0.5749
Versatility = 0.4863

This is for Cop talent Patchwerk

#4269943 spriest gearing

Posted Merkaba on 19 November 2014 - 11:51 PM

I think the stat priority will ultimately depend a lot on whether you use CoP or Spirits as your final talent. But Crit vs Multi is a matter of preference. I posted some math in a warlock thread, but the bottom line is, Crit and Multi on average increase your damage by the exact same amount. This means if you want bursty but less reliable damage, go Crit, and if you want more reliable go Multi.

More bursty is usually better for PvP and you need 2 multistrikes to get the same amount of damage as a crit (a little bit more) .. but this may lead to Crit getting you the burst you need during a short window more often than Multi which would have to proc twice.

Also Multi doesn't proc anything interesting for Spriest like Orbs off the Multi Mind Blast or anything like that.

#2393769 Priest beta junk

Posted blackjack11 on 11 July 2010 - 04:33 PM

Gonna put updates on top cuze nobody reads the updates below and people create duplicate posts and discussions.

Update 1 (14th of July)

The new talent trees are out u can check and whine about them here : http://talent.mmo-ch...?priest#,,12479

  • Desperate prayer is on 45sec cd.

Posted Image

  • MD is 0.5 baseline now

  • Shadowform is now transperant looks really really bad so i cba to post a screenshot..

The same way the warlock topic works. At first I'm gonna share my own experience, considering no good information that actually is of any use is being released on the popular sites.I have multiple gladiator/r1 experience on my various priests during the years and have been playing a priest since Vanilla closed Alpha when u could shackle undead rogues :):priest::priest:. Here I will express my thoughts and humble opinion about the beta.Further changes / suggestions / improvements can be discussed and evaluated here.

First Impressions and tests

In no particular order.

My stats in full mooncloth gear at lvl 80 (Better comparison)looked like this:

Posted Image

  • 36k HP / 37k Mana. Same stats in full satin as well.

  • Haste adds extra ticks to spells ( penance , DH ). With 25% haste u get an 4 ticks of penance for 2seconds casting time. With power infusion and 34% haste you get 5 ticks of penance within 2 seconds.

  • Spirit buff and abolish disease are gone ( cure disease is still here )

  • The  Power word : Barrier is bugged , when u leave the zone the buff stays for 5-7seconds and you still get the absorb.

Posted Image

  • AoE spells have suffered a significant amount of damage nerf. Holy nova and Mind Sear doing 500 / 1000 hits in that particular order.

Discipline Impressions

  • Flash heal heals for 9500-10500 depending on grace stacks. Costs 1081 mana. The Improved flash heal talent / glyph dont seem that worthless now.

  • The "new" Heal spell is absolutely broken costs the same amount as flash heal on live servers and heals for about the same / 1k more. It has the same casting time as greater heal so I expect it to be rarely used ( probably never ) since its gonna be worthless even in 2s in its current variant.

  • Greater heal on another hand heals for 14k / 16k with Archangel up ( Amazing talent really , but gonna discuss it later on ). Costs 1050 mana.

  • The Extra 15% crit added to penance and smite is amazing. On another hand offensive dmg ticks for 3000 damage each.

  • Evangelism & Archangel are absolutely amazing , the more u smite the more mana u get / at the point u have to heal up / penance u can use archangel and have an extra 15% healing to help u catch up on healing , so u dont fall behind as easily.

  • THE MORE U SMITE THE MORE MANA U GET , offensive play will be rewarded , defensive play ( ala druid s6 tree form spam ) will be instant loss. Also THE MORE U SMITE THE MORE DMG IT DOES.Using Archangel doesnt currently consume evangelism charges ( hopefully not a bug ).

    Penance while moving is NYI , but its still planned even tho the Archangel tooltip doesnt currently say it.

Summary : I think the smite/evangelism/archangel design might turn out to be the best thing blizzard has ever done for priests.


Not much has changed , I hope the tree has yet to be remade.

    Mindspike x3 , into mindblast shadow word: death when having a shadow orb is absolutely retarded burst ( think chaos bolt conflag / lava burst  in a deathcoil! )

    You will want to shatter your orbs with mindblasts on every cd to maximize damage output.Which leads into the next issue.

    The shadow tree is too bloated , Improved mind blast needs to be 2/2 or 3/3 because mindblast will be absolutely used on cd in most cases

  • The talent Shadow Apparition at the moment works in this way : Pain has  6% on tick to summon a shadowy apparition that deals  damage , if u are on the move the % is increased by 60%. The interesting thing about this is if u multi pain many targets ( think of 3v3 ) all the shadowy apparitions that spawn will explode into your current target. By multi tagging alot of mobs like this i solo-ed all the elite quests so far.

Summary : Setting up burst with mind spike seems interesting but the shadow tree doesnt really have that "new" cool feeling when u got shadow word death or when your dots started to tick faster :). The tree is still too bloated and i hope that when the talent trees get reduced to 31 something changes!

This probably isn't everything but thats what i could think of as of now. I will be updating with new patches / changes .Lets turn this thread into something useful.

#1985543 Lolflay is ugly

Posted Duckers on 23 March 2010 - 01:19 PM

Lanien said:


Everything he has ever said can now be discredited because he's one ugly mofo irl.
Normally I'd delete this, but I figure if you're going to go to the effort to publicly make fun of someone's real life picture for no reason, I'll just leave yours here so people can make a fair comparison.

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#1978345 GM's are SERIOUS BUSINESS

Posted broseph on 21 March 2010 - 08:21 PM

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Posted Image
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#1978406 Shadow/Moonkin/restoshaman

Posted jizoke on 21 March 2010 - 08:38 PM


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#1915817 [2v2] Trick against mage/rogue for sp/rogue and ret/rogue

Posted Evergray on 05 March 2010 - 09:49 PM

Hi everyone,
I would like to give a tip to those who enjoy 2s and still play it.

Mage rogue was always an uphill battle  for sp rogue.
Mages usually invis as soon as gates open, you  get sapped, spellstealed to zero and blown up really fast.
I was thinking a lot on how to beat them, when i finally  came up with this idea which noone seems to use.
I just wrote a cancelaura all magical buffs on me macro which i immediately press after i get sapped.
With this, when the mage comes out of invis
a, get a sap on mage, coz hes not in combat, dispel him and than force him to block instantly. Here you can score kill on both of them, coz mage is ccable or killable.
b, mage icelances you out of sap, you just jump to los, dispel+dot him and solo him with close to 0 effort.

I would suggest it to everyone at least to try it out.
If you have tried please give ur opinion on it, thanks!

Edit: Here are two macros that work
1. /cancelaura power word: fortitude
/cancelaura shadow protection
/cancelaura divine spirit
/cancelaura power word: shield
/cancelaura renew
/cancelaura prayer of mending
/cancelaura abolish disease
/cancelaura shadow weaving
/cancelaura fear ward

2. /run for i=1,40 do local n,_,_,_,t=UnitBuff("player",i) if not n then break end if t=="Magic" then CancelUnitBuff("player",i) end end

Edit2: 2nd macro also works for ret rogue!

#1874015 High Rated Elitists

Posted Moonies on 23 February 2010 - 11:03 AM

avoid said:

are you at the limit of rep?

idk, probably

#1856625 Black Magic

Posted Nixxy on 18 February 2010 - 03:04 PM

I wouldn't say it is, because you would need to redot every time it procs to get benefit from it which just isn't effecient - added with the fact that most spriests alrdy sacrifice quite a bit of sp to stack haste.

#1848807 [Blizzard] PvP is harder in WoTLK

Posted Velv on 16 February 2010 - 12:26 PM


#1845820 SWDing CC

Posted Schnorki on 15 February 2010 - 12:39 PM

thanks to lag and the like, once you get enough haste you can reliable have sw:d up for poly simply by casting "in sync" with the mage.

hence you watch his casting bar, if its anything other than poly, you're free to get another spell in quick. if it is poly, just spam your sw:d as you'll be off cooldown quickly enough to just barely catch it before your client knows that you actually just got poly'd. (started working reliably for me at ~600-700 haste depending on how much the mage is stacking. that's including that there little haste totem the name of which i keep forgetting tho...of air? whatever)

if you know you desperately NEED to get a number of spells off before having the 'spare time' to watch for a poly to sw:d though, your options range anywhere from silencing or fearing the mage, to simply LoSing him, to telling your shaman (if you have one) to be sure to shear/ground his next sheep, to having your third throw a quick cc on the mage, to sometimes even just running at the mage while using an instant cast and meleeing him as he casts his poly because the pushback will buy you enough time to have your global up again. obviously, the right choice is here pretty much dictated by how the game is going atm, what map you're on and how far you are from los :)

but yeah, sometimes (rarely) its simply unavoidable after all. (read: a better choice to just ignore the possibility of sw:d'ing that sheep and doing something more important right now. such as barely managing to get a rogue re-dotted before he ducks behind the corner for a re-stealth or stuff like that)

#1845901 SWDing CC

Posted Legendara on 15 February 2010 - 01:54 PM

mage's haste combined with client lag makes los-ing polymorphs much harder than ever before.  honestly I end up getting sheeped behind pillars so often it's ridiculous.

#1842055 Shadowplay(Spriest/UALock/rsham) is Gladiator/rank one viable in S8

Posted Kelberot on 14 February 2010 - 05:36 AM

This thread was made to make fun of disperse's thread though...

shadowplay works very well with both sprit/crit, actually so does shatterplay, but I just enjoy satin better.

#1837454 Shadowplay(Spriest/UALock/rsham) is Gladiator/rank one viable in S8

Posted Widowned on 12 February 2010 - 09:15 PM

Fauxy said:

Kelberotz is infinitely better than both you and Shouri and he's missed rank 1 multiple times now.  Is it because he's bad and doesn't deserve it?  Or because rank 1 is about playing the system?

Perfectly stated. The association of Rank 1 titles and skill is tenuous at best.

Because Shadow had been so bad for so long, the Shadow Priest community got very small, composed of only the most die-hard fans. It became very close-knit. Now that Shadow is good again, we have all these people who previously abandoned the spec because they couldn't handle it, coming back to it in droves and trying to throw their weight around.

No one cares what your MMR is, what your win/loss ratio is, or any of that. You're inexperienced compared to the rest of us, and therefore we don't take your opinions seriously yet.

It's only the second week.