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LF 3's 2's partners [WW, EU-alliance]

21 March 2014 - 10:15 AM

Posting here because AJ recruit section is dead.

Hey as stated in title I'm looking for partners for both 3's and 2's for my windwalker monk on the alliance side.

I'm 2.2 exp so far on my monk without serious partners, just messing about with people from trade.
I'd like to play one of the following comps for 3's with the mindset to go glad again:
*Balance dru/rsham/WW

I'm open for other suggestions but these are my prefered comps.

In 2's I'll play with any non bad healer pretty much, for fun and a higher conquest cap in the process.

Please be a non rager/quitter
PM me for my battletag <3