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In Topic: Ice Nova

Yesterday, 04:10 AM

Why didn't they make ice nova proc on the next frostbolt if casted. If not used over x time the buff lasts the cooldown is reduced by half so it doesn't feel wasted. Remove the cc part. Turn it into a 70% slow for 2 seconds or something. Make it one charge.
This makes timed shatters and casting meaningful again and makes mages keep their frost nova.

In Topic: What would you do to help Arms?

Yesterday, 03:48 AM

View Post~Invictus, on 22 November 2014 - 03:31 AM, said:

I'm sorry, I tried aswell, but I don't see how Arms can be considered viable with the amounts of freedoms and slows in the game and Charge rooting the target.
Rage management has always been part of the class, I don't see how this makes a point.

And Overpower is not "overpower qq" just cause. I mean, don't you feel royally boned by any parry or dodge that occurs? Lining everything in a Storm Bolt isn't always the most optimal thing to do.
We should have a single target filler added in our base kit, not needing to spec into one, I find this the most mind boggling thing ever.

The damage may be there, Execute is something that we can't complain about, but - and I'm being honest here - I can't see how you can tell me with a straight face that Arms is fine.
It feels like an unfinished product the more I play with it, and (I'm going to bold this part to let it sink in) I can't see Arms competing with Gladstance in any way, given that Gladstance has three gapclosers more than Arms has, baseline, barring racials and Enraged Speed (that can be used way more efficiently by Fury and Glad/Prot than Arms due to Arms not having an enrage anymore for god knows why).

I agree on the mobility part. Strangely both glad and fury are more mobile then arms. Even if the spec clearly states Mobility in the tooltip. All they could do is to give arms a speed buff on its own. Perhaps when rend is applied on a target you move 10% faster. This can make fun things happen like rending pets just to get faster to their masters. Or make you catch up when they disengage/ blink right after your first global. (most likely rend)

In Topic: What would you do to help Arms?

Yesterday, 03:17 AM

From spending much more hours in Ashran and now the tarren mill vs southshore bg arms feels about right. It makes quick work of people.
Even from 1v1 or even 2v1 points of view it feels fine to me. Especially vs the glad stance hype boys that go all in and think they are invincible.
What i did notice is that the 4 set bonus helps a lot with staying alive with shield barrier.

Who rlly cares about whirlwind. It is a filler. Something to spend your rage on if you have enough of it. Atleast it has a second purpose.
Cs + Ms deals enough dmg to be viable. People act as if the 5 second cooldown Ms takes an eternity. The 2 set bonus is huge to make burst.
For me charge doesn't have to stun either there is already enough stuns in the game.

And about execute. What are ppl talking about. Arms execute is the strongest of all the specs. You don't have to wait for 30 rage to finish someone off. Just do it right off the bat. And if you see the 20% comming you can always save some extra rage just to execute straight through their defensives as if they do not exist.

Rend? Why hate on it. It's a bleed that also enhances your auto attacks if applied. It ticks pretty hard. Good vs those armored targets to atleast have a bleed. It has a goal. And makes more sence then having another does % of weapon damage strike.

First concern is the thunder clap range. Due to lag it hardly seems to hit people running away from you unless you force yourself to take the glyph. Which is pretty dumb.

Second concern is. Buff slam. To have it compete or even be a lower dps then whirlwind makes the talent completely useless. To all the overpower boys that want this back. All they have to do is to buff slam to be competitive and you got your new overpower.

Requireing to have rend applied to proc overpower only gets you into these annoying scenarios. Especially vs those people you want to finish off fast but have to spend a global extra on cause you want your overpower proc. No sorry. We have had our clunky rotation in Cataclysm. Rather not see it back.

Tbh make the third slam deal more dmg for the same rage cost. So that CS>Ms>3x slam becomes a thing if succesful. You get awared for the extra stack if you have the uptime on the target and saved the rage. This will make managing rage much more important. The 3x slam should feel you are hammering someone like a nail into wood or making some kind of combo breaker. Not 3 bitchslaps.
And this also makes the rotation less boring without going into the clunky have to apply X first in order to do Y bullcrap.

Oh and no need to heroic strike either. The part on managing rage is to think ahead. If you feel you are getting a lot in the future you should have spent it earlier. Giving arms a off gcd strike only makes them too bursty and force blizz to nerf MS. Which should never happen. + there is always the option to spend your rage on a shield barrier when sitting in a root or right before your planning to charge in.

As for defensives. Maybe make shield barrier heal the warrior for a % of the left over absorb if it manages to last over the 6 second. This will make shield barrier feel less wasted if not touched by damage. And gives warriors to heal themselves atleast a bit without blowing a cooldown. And it will not be spammabe as you have to wait the full duration to recieve the heal. Once again. If you have enough rage you will have more chance to have the absorb last till the last second and recieve the heal. This makes a warrior that knows when to pull back and recover much better. And the ability not being able to used as some kind of second wind / conversion.

Sorry for the wall of text. But i just think there are more simple options to tweak the spec without making them shit annoying or op for others to fight against.

In Topic: gnome or human?

18 November 2014 - 05:14 PM

The cooldown on avatar doesn't seem too bad if you get anger management.

In Topic: 6.0 MS Stat Priority

17 November 2014 - 11:19 AM

Crit pulls ahead in pve cause mastery has no value in aoe fights. However it is on par with crit in single target scenarios. Secondly crits deal less damage in pvp. Making crit less effective. But it still generates extra rage on auto attacks.

So i think.

Might even take haste over crit as it lowers the cd on ms and globals. I think you need 10% to fit 1 more global into a ms window. Still i think the combining of crit and multistrike can make some unpredictable bursts happen.