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In Topic: Arms Defensive Stance in Legion = Train Warrior?

01 May 2016 - 02:49 PM

If they train the warrior you are effectively tanking their team. If they are melee you do not even need your gapclosers cause they are already in your face.
Ofcourse you deal reduced damage. But you have a nice talent that makes your rage go through the roof resulting in dealing more damage overall.

Perhaps it becomes a time we have to see defensive stance as our default stance. And battlestance a stance to punish your enemy with when they basicly ignore you.
I cannot speak for the damage on the alpha but maybe they designed arms pvp damage around being in def stance most of the time.
And battlestance in a way of. "You should have punished the warrior for being in battlestance rather then getting your ass wrecked chasing the druid."

The problem is when there is no allied healer involved. You can reduce all the damage in the world. But if your enemy is going to outsustain you with healing you do not stand a chance. Next to that we lose the mortal strike glyph. 10% healing. But gain a 5% less damage taken through artifact. This makes us somewhat more durable in defensive stance. But even less durable in battle.

In Topic: On Pruning, PvP, and Our Goals for Legion

17 April 2016 - 11:15 PM

  • Refocusing each spec around their core concepts
  • Reduced reliance on cooldowns, both offensive and defensive
Isn't this what we want. All you can do is to post more feedback in the right way.

In Topic: Pretty good post on PvP by Harland

15 April 2016 - 09:50 AM

I agree on the major parts of what is being said. Been doing shitloads of pvp since vanilla. Been at glad rating or scratched it every exp. Multiple hotas. (Fu if you hate atleast i play it without disgusting cheats.) I also pve on mythic lvls and fucking rp so come at me. Just to remember im a damn NE warr.

Then came wod. Fml what is up with this exp that makes me play like fckn shit in arenas.
I pull shit dps in pve as arms. While i did great in any other expansion. (Glad i main prot in pve.)
Mainly i have the feeling is cause this game became so cooldown use heavy. Fuck cooldowns. I want it to be things you pop as a last resort. To prevent you from dieing or when you really want to increase you pressure. Not buttons you press when your enemy healer is cced or when you enemy pops a cooldown. Im not saying it doesnt require skill. Ofcourse it does. But it also makes pvp boring and scripted as fck.

I want jukes to matter. Mobility, interrupts, risk reward cc. Remember the time rogues could kite warriors in their charge deadzone. A rogue could outplay recklessness by just "walking" properly. Now he needs evasion up otherwise gg. When arena games slowly shifted into a teams favor by how clever they could pressure, position or could reduce enemy pressure. And that the enemy team could shift it back without needing X cd with Y ccchain to instaflop the enemy that just has been ouplaying them 90% of the time. Oh too bad you should have saved your cooldown to counter mine. Lolol been playing like shit but u got outplayed now cause i swiftyed + rng critted.

Im also one of those that rather wants arena targeting macros removed. Clicking properly can also be a part of "skill".  I want to click that enemy and stormbolt him when i feel he comes around that pillar. Not mash my arena target 3 so he get stormbolted the 0.1 sec he peeks around the corner. A rough example would feel like playing an fps with aimbot. "But what about pve?" Mobs dont move and behave like players do. So that is out of the question.

Salty rant from someone who loves to play all parts of this game. Sadly arena went from the top to the near bottom in. Single xp.

In Topic: Spell Reflect is back!

31 March 2016 - 11:13 PM

Im totally okay with it being optional. This is the last piece that was needed to make warrior feel like a whole class again. (Together with fear being back too.)
Seeming from the tooltip it works for a full 3 sec duration. So a smaller window. But more chance to reflect the spell you actually want to reflect. (or multiple)

In Topic: Legion Alpha - Arms Artifact Weapon Released!

29 March 2016 - 12:07 AM

So. They recently removed the self healing from slam. And the victory rush proc from the artifact. The only stuff thats left is the 5% extra def stance and healing based on MS damage. Which i expect to be lackluster. Since we will also lose on the MS glyph.

Which totals to having the lowest self healing over any expansion. Tho im totally fine of having low self healing. Sitting in def stance to survive is way more punishing then using a global on a self heal (most other classes)

Ofc i can't judge yet. But from having nearly all utility removed and mobility i expect to atleast maintain survivability.