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In Topic: Legion Alpha - Arms Artifact Weapon Released!

09 February 2016 - 12:26 PM

As expected the artifact is basicly a + damage \ healing rod.
So no improvement of utility other then the leap ability.
Legion warrior skill is proven by how high you will be up on the damage meters.

In Topic: New to WoD PVP, fucking terrible at it.

09 January 2016 - 02:38 PM

Dudes. I know wod blows. But serious this guy isn't asking if he should play or not. He's asking for tips.
Those tips might all sound useless to the more experienced. But beginners might want to know.

Ye ye. I know the biggest tip is not to play at all. But be realistic.

Some tips:
.Don't underestimate defensive stance. Use it whenever you are taking damage or expect damage to happen soon.
.Don't go overboard with spamming whirlwind. When you do you might lack the rage to use mortal strike on cooldown.
.Keep sweeping strikes up. If anything is nearby and you don't have to worry to break cc just use it on cooldown.
.Same counts for rend. Apply it on as much targets as possible. Try to refresh it when there are 5- seconds left. (easy tip. When the debuff icon has 25% left its pretty safe to do so.)

General tips:
.Pop offensive cooldowns when the enemy healer is cced or can't react to your damage (positioning, interrupts, busy healing another target.)
.A good way to do so is to chain cc properly either shockwave, stormbolt or your fear are a good way to start one off. Both shockwave and stormbolt are good to stop the enemy cc chains aswell.
.Wod pvp relies entirely on cooldowns. Any cooldown that is atleast 30 sec+ is to initiate or counter a cooldown of your enemy. Enemy pops offensive, you pop defensive.

Added enough for my taste. Some of it might sound like useless shit. But atleast it's something.

In Topic: [Warrior] Legion changes

24 December 2015 - 07:03 PM

Im totally fine with the damage shutdown / peel style of prot classes. They already said they will tune the healthpools of prot accordingly in pvp.
If they tune tanks to be the short cc class with damage debuffs without making them too high on damage and survivial they will turn out to be just fine.

Make them deal shit damage will make them unwanted. Make them deal too much damage will make them too strong compared to their dps counterparts.
If they are built so that your loss in dps is gained cause your peels allow your partners to dish out more damage that will be the perfect way for the tanking role.

In Topic: [Warrior] Legion changes

20 December 2015 - 11:55 AM

Overpower acts more like a second Mortal Strike then a slam in this case. The damage is pretty high. Even more with the crit added.
Having it also reset CS makes it become a bit too good i think.
To debate if its better then avatar for pvp is all to whenever you want to burst or pressure play. I think training a target till it dies will become pretty effective in legion. And ofcourse the dodge classes will get destroyed.

Cs sounds pretty powerful. But we don't know it if gets nerfed in pvp. But once again. MS dmg is going to be pretty low compared to now since our mastery changes. (Think of ms dmg without mastery applied right now.)
With that the damage we can put into cs windows will lower aswell. Which is the whole reason cs was buffed instead. Our overall dmg is most likely going up. But the burst from MS only will go down. And smoothened over the use of slam and other abilities.

In Topic: Avatard, bleedbath, bladesterm for 2s?

17 December 2015 - 10:13 PM

Bloodbath is nice for those classes that can spam remove slows. Think of druids and rogues as an example. Secondly mastery lvls are so high atm that 30% extra damage (even over time) is a pretty big deal.