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In Topic: 6.0 Arms Warrior Guide

Today, 11:30 AM

And both crit and ms lose 50% off their effectiveness in pvp. So the pve priority is instantly out of the window.

Mas>Crit>Ms>Haste. As most of the time you spend damage on a single target anyways. And it is still effective on two targets with sweeping strikes up.

In Topic: 6.0 Arms Warrior Guide

Yesterday, 07:38 AM

Glad stance also suffers for not being able to pick up anger management. Reducing cc though stuns and burst through bladestorm or similar talents. They can also leap less often. I mentioned it before but i think it is silly people miss it as a fact.
With enough rage spending your cooldowns can be cut atleast by 25%.

That said it makes the defensive and offensive cooldowns of arms and fury much more dangerous. Glad is tankier cause your shield protects you from the people that think you are prot. But as said above. I feel myself last longer vs melee that does not stun me. Rogues on the other hand feel they hurt me a lot when im stunnend.
Vs casters or when im playing with a healer i last far better with def stance, shorter cd leap (not the glyph maybe something to try out in arenas) and ms glyph as arms. And with the shorter stun i can peel more often too.

In Topic: 6.0 Arms Warrior Guide

Yesterday, 01:10 AM

I still feel mastery is the way to go for arms. It is directly tied on your burst abilities. And if it crits it has more burst potential (higher crits) then critting more often. And above all. It doesn't suffer from reduced damage in pvp.
If something feels hard to kill but neither of the parties drop low there is always a lucky chance your SD will chain proc and still make short work.

I might sound stupid here. But in these few weeks i've already have had more fun and great solo pvp moments then i have had through whole Mop.
Sure solo play means nothing. And from stepping into the Glad sanc arena again today i felt i could deal a great ammount of damage. Then flop cause every hybrid has 1 or 2 resets. Counts for every warrior spec tbh. I have had my cool deal of 1v1/2s or even 3 moments in bg and Ashran.
Sure not always the best players. But it is just suprising how you can turn fights into your favour compared to mop where it was more about how hard you could livelord with second wind and how much slam was willing to chain crit.
Mostly due to being able to pick up Anger management. Having a good rage management (pop down a barrier when your about to ragecap and have no globals to spend, here you have a little stancedance) make shockwave/stormbolt and bladestorm feel like they are constantly ready.

In Topic: Most viable spec for 3s?

26 November 2014 - 10:39 AM

Protnerfs are pretty good fotmfag filters. Did you honestly think the season would go live with that? We are not mages / hunters.
Its fine for the people that actually enjoy the spec and keep playing it. But the people that qq to reroll plz gtfo quick. You are no true warriors.

Played a couple more arenas and bgs as arms.
Execute, bladestorm and sweeping strikes seem to make a lot of potential to swap constantly.
Arms feels like a pure heavy cleave class that can do some scary burst if needed.

Not sure why ppl think its boring. If you focus on having rend rolling on multiple targets and try to work to hit multiple targets constantly its fun.

From the posts above. There another small benefit to take arms / fury. And that is that they have the 3% versatality buff. Good if you run a combo that doesn't have it.  And even if so. The warrior version is undispellabe.
Truth be told slam needs a buff to compete with the other talents so we can play without being scared to break cc with whirlwind.  Silly how slam basicly reduces arms aoe and gain nothing for single target damage in return.

In Topic: Ice Nova

22 November 2014 - 04:10 AM

Why didn't they make ice nova proc on the next frostbolt if casted. If not used over x time the buff lasts the cooldown is reduced by half so it doesn't feel wasted. Remove the cc part. Turn it into a 70% slow for 2 seconds or something. Make it one charge.
This makes timed shatters and casting meaningful again and makes mages keep their frost nova.