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#3817164 US gemming resilience EU gemming damage, why the difference?

Posted Vanguards on 07 December 2012 - 11:50 PM

There's a common misconception that PvP Power negates Resilience. This actually isn't true because Resilience is factored in after PvP Power in a sense. Lets say a Frostbomb hits for 100,000. With 50% PvP Power it hits for 150,000. However, if a person has 50% Resilience, it would hit for 75,000 in the end.

Now lets pretend the Mage gemmed more PvP Power and the target gemmed more resilience. The PvP Power became roughly 60%. The Resilience became 55%.
Frost Bomb not hits for 160,000, but with 55% Resilience it hits for 72,000. This is not the exact PvP Power to Resilience scale; but that should give you the picture that Resilience = generally more damage reduction than PvP Power's increased damage point to point with full PvP Gear.

edit: In the end you can't just go one way or the other for everyone. If you play a class like Enhance Shamans, gemming Resilience is probably smart since they get trained over half the time. If you play a class like Warriors, it's probably good to use PvP Power against non-Casters and Rogues.

If you have enough conquest points it's probably best to have 2 sets ready. Wear the set depending on if the team is going to hit you or not. However with the upgrading gear factored in this season it's going to be a lot harder to do this.

#3805460 Why wow is so hard to balance?!

Posted Hyuru on 15 November 2012 - 12:28 PM


#3636456 Disc vs DK

Posted sodahz on 08 February 2012 - 02:44 AM

View PostAc1019, on 07 February 2012 - 05:27 PM, said:

Mm neither of those are true.

Sodah did however play 1-3 games with my teammates while i was gone, though. On his own priest.
His MMR was complete shit, though. So not like it was really worth much. Would have been better off having benys and hornmitten play on the charter like they did for everyone else :P.

Edit: After the season was extended.

No I played on your priest actually.

#3567425 Post your transmogged gear.

Posted Bojjeshon on 30 November 2011 - 06:44 AM

Posted Image

#3325417 Reckoning Wintrading - Nevz, Diziet, Vanguards

Posted Kollektivv on 27 June 2011 - 11:36 AM

The story begins with 2 teams...

Vanguards/Debao/Diziet's team; Sushi
Nevz alt's Team; LoL... Wait what?; The link to this teams armory seems broken because of invalid characters in the name, but they are currently at the top of US Reckoning BG ladder.

The team Sushi has purposefully traded losses to the team Lol... Wait what?.
The team Lol... Wait what? had climbed the ladder to a position close to rank one, and then once reaching this rating, organized games with Sushi, who lost to them, so that Lol... Wait what? could take the rank 1 spot.

Here's a few screenshots of what initially went down;

First Game Win-traded
Posted Image

Second Game Win-traded
Posted Image

Third Game Win-traded
Posted Image

Fourth Game Win-Traded
Posted Image

"Sushi" had nothing to lose by organizing this trade, since they hold rank 1 in 3v3 by a large margin, so can afford to lose rating in 5v5, to the team of "Lol... Wait What?".

Also after professing that his team 'Sushi' would pass the rank 1 team at that time Jim Carrey ft The Mask, Alex was happy to trade wins to secure his rank 1 title in 3v3.
Posted Image

When they traded with each other, neither team was playing with their actual line up, Team Sushi traded without Vanguards (the ret paladin they played all their games with) while "Lol... Wait What?" queued without a mage (who had played all the games up until that point) and instead played with TWO priests (this is one of the main indications that they intended to trade, playing with two priests in one 5v5 team would greatly hinder their ability to climb the ladder, especially when queuing against top-notch teams)

Posted Image
Both teams playing comps they don't usually play while they trade.

The reason they traded with two priests on the team, is because the mage on the team Lol... Wait What? has really low 5v5 mmr
Posted Image
The team, despite the mage's mmr, is 2754.
So if you factor in the mmr gain from the second priest (around 2.5k+ mmr) they would have a much higher team MMR than 2754, so when they traded they would gain upwards of 20 points a win from Sushi.

Another thing to note is that "Sushi" has not Q'd 5's for MONTHS and the first time they all log on and Queue 5's, they vs the (at the time) rank 2 team. This means that they clearly ARRANGED to play with each other, which is "selective Queuing" and is against Blizzard's rules.

"Sushi" also picked up some random priest (most likely with High MMR) to play with them, instead of their own team mate "Vanguardy", who they had played with all season long.

Posted Image

Following these initial trades three members from the 5v5 team Sushi; Venoma, Diziet and Alex
traded with 3 members from  the 5v5 team Lol... Wait what?; Zephcow, Worstlock, Worstspriest

They were repaying the favor, by attempting to feed Venoma and Diziet into personal rating range, so that they could receive the rank one title from the 3v3 bracket in their team Sushi Day.

Both teams vs each other 3:14 am
Posted Image

Same again; 3:21 am
Posted Image

Nevz's (Zephcow, worstspriest, worstlock) team goes 0-3
Posted Image

The funny thing here, is that the rank 1 3v3 team, Sushi Day, had not queued for months, sitting on the rank 1 spot on the ladder. Then today, they just happen to immediately queue into the players they traded with in 5v5 only moments before.

So lets recap on all the things they've done:

1 - Win-traded; Both teams were online for about 3 hours Queuing and the only teams that either team managed to VS were themselves. Note: They Q'd at 1AM and onwards, hoping to avoid legitimate 5's teams. Following 5v5 they traded 3v3 wins.

2 - Arranged to Queue against each other.

3 - Also possible ACCOUNT SHARING - Look at "Worstmage" armory page http://us.battle.net...tatistic#21:152 ,  a whole host of new achievements and his highest 3v3 Personal rating - 2282. A 2300 player becomes a 2700 player over the course of 2 days. (Most likely affiliated with Arena rating selling websites).
We also have reason to believe that the shaman "Zephcow" , "Worstpriest" and "Worstspriest" are account sharing as well.

Something cute that Nevz said in skype:

[8:43:22 PM] Aetarius: holy fuck
[8:43:29 PM] Aetarius: 2747?!
[8:43:36 PM] Aetarius: dayummmm
[8:43:46 PM] Aetarius: who are the dudes your playing with dude?
[8:51:04 PM] Nevz: mad?
[8:51:13 PM] Nevz: you don't q up and you lose out
[8:51:28 PM] Nevz: q'd for fucking 6 hours straight
[8:51:46 PM] Nevz: I even told you all the teams we fought
[8:54:09 PM] Aetarius: o well
[8:54:18 PM] Aetarius: you guys worked hard for it
[8:54:22 PM] Aetarius: congrats
[9:01:10 PM] Nevz: rofl you thought we wintraded
[9:01:12 PM] Nevz: thats classic

Thread on the wow forums saying the same shit.

Feel free to make the following GM Ticket and report these trouble makers (you will have to edit in the links yourself, aj shortens them);

The arena team Lol... Wait what? (http://us.battle.net...a/reckoning/5v5) attempted to gain an unfair advantage in obtaining the rank 1 5v5 arena title by trading wins with the team Sushi (http://us.battle.net...nmaw/5v5/Sushi/)

For further evidence please view this thread:

This is a serious matter and against the terms of service, as it ruins the competitive playing experience for PVPers.

Naughty little Nevz  :lol:


Nevz own partner calls him out;

"Hey more fuel for the fire: :lol:

[3:23:43 AM] Mukul Dixit: dude i am fucking tired
[3:23:49 AM] Mukul Dixit: you should be thankful i am doing this shit
[3:25:15 AM] Ankit: YEH
[3:25:17 AM] Mukul Dixit: i dont want to fucking trade and this isnt even my fucking shaman
[3:25:19 AM] Ankit: i know
[3:25:27 AM] Ankit: i dont either but
[3:25:31 AM] Ankit: theres too manys ells shit


[3:26:30 AM] Mukul Dixit: this is fucking stupid
[3:26:43 AM] Mukul Dixit: i dont want any mouth breathing retarded idiot talking unruly to me
[3:26:53 AM] Mukul Dixit: i shouldnt be doing this shit and we were q'ing legit earlier, and wouldve gotten it today
[3:26:55 AM] Mukul Dixit: yet we traded
[3:26:57 AM] Ankit: yah i dont want to either
[3:27:01 AM] Mukul Dixit: and you guys are showing me attitudes now

And then later on in the night!:

[3:59:09 AM] Diziet: got what shit
[3:59:29 AM] Diziet: that is why
[3:59:30 AM] Diziet: I told you
[3:59:32 AM] Diziet: to fly in theair
[3:59:33 AM] Mukul Dixit: diziet you sound like you have 3 penises down your throat, you should try to pull em out at some point
[3:59:34 AM] Mukul Dixit: faggot "


Another interesting conversation:
(Aetarius plays in the team currently in 2nd place on the ladder)

[10:32:30 PM] Aetarius: you sir are a fukin legend!  mad respect!
[10:32:38 PM] Mukul Dixit: Mukul Dixit has shared contact details with Aetarius.
[10:32:45 PM] Mukul Dixit: lol
[10:33:10 PM] Aetarius: (h)
[10:33:24 PM] Mukul Dixit: didnt wanna do that she and we were beating every single team LEGIT yet those guys wanted to trade to speed it up
[10:33:32 PM] Mukul Dixit: shit*
[10:33:41 PM] Mukul Dixit: we wouldve gotten it legit but nope, idiots wanted to trade
[10:33:42 PM] Mukul Dixit: fuck em all
[10:34:04 PM] Aetarius: ye if you legit pass us, good on you
[10:34:25 PM] Aetarius: but getting like 100 point lead while wintrading
[10:34:29 PM] Aetarius: fuck that rofl
[10:34:38 PM] Mukul Dixit: we did legit pass you, we were about 2690 and then these guys wanted to do it the easy way
[10:34:50 PM] Mukul Dixit: making me play a shaman that i dont own (nor am getting paid for to get a rank 1 on it)
[10:34:53 PM] Mukul Dixit: fuck that
[10:34:58 PM] Aetarius: rofl wow
[10:35:34 PM] Mukul Dixit: feel free to post this convo on AJ too if you want.... fuck diziet :D


Posted Image
The person who talked with me here, later said that the mage is champy, not vile.

#3287431 Season 9 Ending Soon

Posted Revitalized on 07 June 2011 - 06:49 PM

"As early as June 21st"


#3286350 Unban Lopez

Posted Vtec on 07 June 2011 - 04:40 AM

Please, he pwns.

#3245294 Golrath and Exploitz back to the wintrading yet again my friends

Posted praetorsol22 on 18 May 2011 - 01:12 AM

View PostMochatwist, on 18 May 2011 - 12:58 AM, said:

You smoke blunt wraps we smoke swishers fuck that swisher i roll phillys.. im on cloud 9 firin up a fat one.. let's smoke..
please... shut up yoggy!

edit: +rep if this helped.

#3241856 Interrupts not interrupting.

Posted Gutter on 16 May 2011 - 02:51 AM

View PostKushhx, on 15 May 2011 - 10:40 PM, said:

sounds like that shaman outplayed you

And if he didn't, theres a totem for that.

#3241812 Interrupts not interrupting.

Posted jmcqueen3 on 16 May 2011 - 02:03 AM

Wow, I just typed in the URL to check this place out. The quality of posts is terrible. All you trollers/idiots: you're a waste of matter. You're all going to die one day. Try to make your years meaningful.

#3218707 no more zerker stance?

Posted Dardre on 03 May 2011 - 02:34 AM

# Retaliation, Recklessness and Shield Wall no longer have stance requirements.

#3050037 Quartz Profile Resetting

Posted jaredd on 08 February 2011 - 06:40 PM


4.0.6 removed Drain Mana, and Quartz is confused by this.

Open modules/Player.lua, find the line with GetSpellInfo(5138), and remove the line. Or if you prefer, comment the whole line out. I can't say that this is the -only- bug occurring since the patch, but it's the only one I encountered personally, and removing 1 line fixed it.