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You cant get past me with that editing.

#4243984 Skill capped is in blizzcon?

Posted exeodius1 on 26 October 2014 - 11:36 PM

View PostWallirik, on 26 October 2014 - 10:21 PM, said:

lives in denmark.
needs to proof current residency in another country.
try again moron
needs to prove current residency in another country.
try again moron

#4241728 A Guide for the 1600 rogue

Posted Mallorea on 24 October 2014 - 05:52 AM

This is a guide targeted at someone who is new to rogues and doesn't really know how or when to use their abilities. If you're 2k+, chances are you aren't going to learn much from this guide.
I won't be going over talent choices, gearing, or openers as these have been covered in other guides by rogues better than I.

What I will be covering this guide includes:





Doing less dumb stuff




Line of Sight


Energy Management

Doing more awesome stuff

The Opener



Nerve Strike + Prey On The Weak

Dealing with triple DPS mouth breathers

Cloak of Shadows







Dealing with annoying abilities other classes have

Iceblock/Dispersion/Divine Shield

Die By the Sword


Warlock healing and other cast bullshit they do when they're about to die








Getting Better

Getting rating without getting better

Having a good UI is an extremely important part of getting better at your rogue and at the game in general. Having a good UI means that your UI is set up such that it lets you perform your actions efficiently and provides you with a substantial amount of relevant information. In order to accomplish this, we use keybindings, macros, as well as addons. A lot of high level players don't use a ton of addons because they can't use addons in tournaments, chances are you
aren't going to Blizzcon, so don't kid yourself and go ahead and use addons.

I'm going to start with the addons first because some of the addons I recommend help with setting up keybinds and macros.

This addon lets you move bars around easily, and allows you to easily keybind abilities without having to use the Blizzard keybind interface. 10/10 highly recommend.

Gladius v3
This addon provides you with an arena frame that provides you with some important information. It tracks enemy trinkets timers, as well as diminishing returns. Let's say you used a cheap shot 15 seconds ago, it'll show you that the
diminishing returns ends in 5 seconds.

GladiatorlosSA is an addon that alerts you to when enemies use certain abilities, and when they get kicked. If a mage starts casting polymorph it will say polymorph, if a monk uses touch of karma it will say touch of karma. Note that
you need to have audio turned on for this addon to work.

Power Auras or WeakAuras
This one is a bit harder to use than the others, but is one that I find very useful. You can use it to track things such as trinket procs, buffs, and most anything you could want to track. I have it set to show me if my SnD has fallen off, as well as if my trinket has procced, and it also tracks my insight for combat.

I haven't tried WeakAuras myself, but I've been told that it's easier to use and offers certain things that PowerAuras lacks.

This thing tracks cooldowns. It's pretty cool. Drag and drop your abilities onto it, scale it to the size you want, and put it where you want.

Tidy Plates
Clean name plates, not neccessary, but useful for hunters and priests who drop target.

One of the less important addons, it tracks enemy CDs such as CC and kicks.


Macros are really important because they allow you to cut down on the time it takes you to do things. If you need to do multiple actions sequentially on a consistent basis, you're better off using a macro in order to cut down the time it
takes you to do these actions.

One of the  more important uses of macros is focus crowd control. Having a macro to blind your focus is the difference between stopping, changing target by clicking unit frames, blinding, then switching back and pressing one button to
focus blind, or two if you need to switch your focus.

The general template for a focus macro is:
#showtooltip abilitynamehere
/cast [@focus] abilitynamehere

Template for focus macros with modifiers:
#showtooltip abilitynamehere
/cast [@focus, mod:modifiernamehere] abilitynamehere

I use focus macros for kidney shot, cheap shot, kick, blind, sap, and garrote; though you could benefit from adding gouge in there too.

The list of macros that I use:


/cast [@focus] kidney shot

/cast [@focus] cheap shot

/cast [@focus] garrote

/cast [@focus] Blind

/cast [@focus] Sap

/cast [@focus] kick

Focus Shadowstep Kick, hella cool, you press it twice and it kicks your focus after shadowstepping them. It'll make 1600 paladins say "Did I just get shadowstep kicked by a 1600 rogue?"
/castsequence reset=2.5 [@focus] Shadowstep, Kick

To effectively use focus macros, you need an easy way to switch your focus target.
For arena you'll want macros to focus arena1, arena2, and arena3, you'll also want a macro to focus your target for BGs.

/focus [target=arena1]
/focus [target=arena2]
/focus [target=arena3]


Spammable stealth, you can mash this button and you won't break stealth
/cast [stance: 0] stealth

General Burst macro
Replace X by Shadow Dance, Vendetta, or Killing Spree/Adrenaline rush. The cancelaura vanish makes it so that Shadow Dance doesn't bug out if you use this right after hitting vanish.

#showtooltip X
/cancelaura vanish
/cast X
/cast Y Gladiator's Badge of Conquest

Macro to find people in stealth, spam it while looking for stealthies, it'll automatically sap someone when you see them.
/cast sap

Healer shadowstep, use included in the section on shadowstep
/cast [target=healernamehere] shadowstep


Alright, now that you have your macros and addons to keybind easily, you'll want to set up your keybinds. The thing about keybinds is that they have to be functional and they have to make sense.
Now what does this mean?

If you're likely to press buttons in rapid succession, you want to be able to do so without contorting your hands into an awkward position every time you need to do so.
If you need to use an ability on the move,you don't want to have to press it with the same finger you use to move. Makes sense, right?
If you use an ability often, you're going to want an easy to press keybind, rather than one that's hard to press. If you use an ability less often, then you can afford to have a bind that's harder to hit.
If you need to hit an abilty at key times, then you also want it to be easy to press. You don't want to have to hit ctrl-alt-shift-Y every time you need to kick someone.

When keybinding things, you're going to eventually come to the realisation that you can't put all your abilities on your bar without using modifiers.

This is where having binds that make sense comes back into play.

You want to have similar abilities on similar keybinds. Remember those focus macros we have? Why put kick on 5, and focus kick on something completely different like z? Putting kick on 5 and then focus kick on shift 5 makes it easy to switch
between kicking your target and you focus target. You'll find that doing this for all your CC is pretty effective. To save bar space, use focus macros with modifiers, the template is listed above.

Having a mouse with lots of buttons helps. I put my targeting macros on buttons that are close together and similar. Focus arena 123 are on my naga 10, 11, and 12.

I'll include a link to an imgur with my UI if you want to see how pretty my binds are.

Doing less dumb stuff

Alright, so you have your addons set up, and you have your keybinds set up. Time to learn about things that you can easily screw up.

Rogues have a lot of useful cooldowns that can be used both offensively and defensively, and if waste them you can end up without any buttons to press and as a result an easy target.

The defensive cooldowns that are easiest to screw up are your cloak, vanish/prep, and your trinket.


Cloak is a great ability because it can be used offensively and defensively, and knowing when to use it is important and is very situational. You can use cloak offensively to prevent or break CC allowing you to feely burst someone down, or you can use it to not eat a chaos bolt when you're at 20% HP or 2 fingers of frost ice lances followed by an instant frostfire bolt. Knowing when you can get away with using it offensively is something that comes with practise.
But as a general guideline you can get away with using offensively almost all the time against melee cleaves when a healer is CCing you, whether it be to peel or to kill someone. You can use it against caster comps if you feel you're
not likely to be swapped to and you think it will help you score a kill. The lower rating you are the less likely you are to be targeted so you can be really greedy with your cloak, but be careful.


A rogue without a vanish, prep, or cloak is a dead rogue. Chances are, your 1600 healer isn't very good. So having a vanish in your back pocket to use when that TSG swaps to you and gets you to 20% is really useful. With prep you have 2 vanishes, so you can afford to use one and you'll still have an extra one. It's also important to note that vanish will keep you in stealth for 3 seconds before moving you into stealth at which points dots will break stealth. You can cloak off most dots, with the exception of bleeds, this is mostly useful in 2v2 or in BGs where you may not have a healer to dispel dots and you need to stealth or you'll die.

Holy shitballs the trinket. The amount of 1600 players who  will trinket a sap is too damn high. Though the amount of 1800 healers who won't trinket your sap while you kill their warrior in the opener is also high, which is nice. When you use your trinket will depend on the comp you're playing against, but there are some times when you want to save it or you'll die.
Against other rogues. If you trinket a polymorph playing against RMD, and then die in a smokebomb because you didn't have a trinket, that's on you bro. The more you play the more you get a feel for when you want to or don't want to trinket. You get the most value out of your trinket when you trinket at critical moments. If you trinket a cyclone right when you're about to get a kill, and then you get that kill, that's a good use of your trinket. If everyone on your team is 90%+ HP, and everyone on their team is at 90+% HP and you trinket, what's the point in that? You accomplished nothing except you wasted your trinket. The most important times to trinket are when you are going to score a kill, or when they are going to score a trinket if you don't.

Line of Sight
Jesus Christ is line of sight so easy to screw up.
Here's an example of what not to do:
You're on Tiger's Peak and your healer is on one side of the far pillar from you. You go on the left side of the pillar closer to you. You have no trinket. Enemy rogue bombs on you.
You die. That's your fault.
If you have no outs, don't line of sight your healer. They can't heal you if they can't see you.
Here's another example of a warrior screwing up line of sight:
Nagrand arena. Druid healer is in stealth. Warrior runs to the other side ASAP. Goes around the pillar. Pops recklessness (old reck for arguement's sake). Dies to RMP opener.

Kicking people at low rating is pretty easy. They cast a spell, you press kick. They get kicked. The higher rating you go, the more healers actually know how to fake cast.
The exception to this is obviously the resto druid who doesn't have to cast anything (not serious).
Fake casting is when you start casting a spell. and then cancel it in an attempt to get someone to waste their interrupt allowing you to free cast. You can avoid being faked by
kicking ASAP, or really late. The later they are in the cast the less likely they are to cancel it because you're less likely to be able to interrupt it because of latency, and they think they
can get it off because they're greedy. Most DPS at 1600 won't know what fake casting is, so you are more likely to get a kick off on a 1700 mage than a 1700 paladin.

Stop spending your energy when you get it
You don't want to live paycheck to paycheck with your energy consumption. You want to have the energy required to do things when you need to. If you're pressing backstab every time you get the energy to do so, you aren't going to have the energy to keep up feint when you need to, or to focus cheapshot a healer at a critical moment. Energy management is a topic best covered by rogues who are actually good, but in short you want to pool your energy rather than spending it when you get it. Having a nearly full energy pool means you can burst
by depleting it all at once with shadowdance or by mashing backstab, it means it you can keep up feint and still have energy to do things. You can ignore this if you're playing assassination because venomous wounds and 150 energy pool. (semi serious)

Doing more awesome stuff

You have a lot of abilities that you can do cool stuff with. The more cool stuff you do the better the people you play with will think you are, and maybe you'll even win more. Here's some of the cool shit you can do.

The opener
This probably seems really obvious to some people, but at the start of the game you want to get a sap off.
Start in stealth, pop shroud after their rogue if they have one, sprint and sap their healer, cheap shot the non kill target DPS, and open on the kill target.

Shadowstep is one of the coolest abilities we have because of all the awesome shit you can do with it.
Shadowstep can be used to jump back to your healer. Hunter trap? Naw, shadowstep your healer and eat that trap. Do awesome shit that makes 1600 players say damn.
Shadowstep kick. Your 1600 healer is in the middle of the map because they don't know what a pillar is. Their druid starts casting a cyclone? Naw, shadowstep kick that shit. He'll be confused.
Getting trained on Blade's Edge by a mouth breathing TSG team? Naw. Jump off the edge and shadowstep one of them as they're jumping down. Now you're up top, they're down below, and your healer can top you off.
Hunter disengaged/mage blinked/druid used displace beast? Naw. Shadowstep.
Warrior is about to charge you? Naw. Shadowstep at the same time as charge and switch places with him.

Some of you may still want to run burst of speed. Cool. You can run at the same speed as the other rogue running burst of speed and watch him get a restealth.

Feint is cool. If you run elusiveness it's a defensive CD you can spam. If you're likely to get swapped to, glyph it before the match and keep it with 5 seconds up at times when you might get swapped to. This way you'll have it up for the
entire duration of whatever stun you're likely to get stunned with.

Nerve Strike + Prey on the Weak
I don't know how many of you have read these talents or how many just saw them recommended in a guide and took it, BUt shit's important. Nerve Strike reduces damage dealt by the
target by up to 50% and their healing by 10% for 6s after a kidney shot or cheap shot ends; that's huge. Imagine this, you're playing against TSG and the warrior and DK pop their swofty
macros and go ham on your healer. You cheap shot both of them because you're running subterfuge and now they're doing 50% less damage.
Prey on the Weak increases the damage take by people who are disabled by your kidney shot, cheap shot, gouge, sap or blind by 10% from ALL sources. That means your partner does more damage
when you stun or silence someone. That's tons of damage.

Dealing with triple DPS mouth breathers
At low ratings you'll find a lot of mouth breathers running triple DPS. This is one of the few times that I would recommend Cloak and Dagger. With Cloak and Dagger you can apply
nerve strike to all of the DPS stopping their idiot damage train right in its tracks. With focus macros this looks something like setting your focus on one, cheapshotting your target
and focus, then swapping focus and cheapshotting focus again.

Cloak of Shadows
I've previously mentioned some of the stuff that can go wrong with cloak, but here I'm going to mention some of the cool stuff you can do.
Pre-emptively cloaking CC.

If you're 1600, chances are your healer isn't going to dispel a blood horror, so you may find yourself needing to pre-emptively cloak blood horror  if you think it will help land or prevent a kill when you aren't likely to get swapped to.

If you see a priest run into melee, chances are he's going to fear and you can cloak it.

If a warlock sees 2 or 3 people around him, he'll probably howl of terror and you can cloak it before it goes off.

If you're running GladiatorlosSA, you'll have better awareness of when people are casting CC. If you see someone hard casting cyclone/poly/fear/hex on you, and you can't kick it you can cloak it.

Against frost mages, cloak basically lets you go ham on their ass without any CC. The logical equivalent of freecasting but for melee.

Remember, don't cloak if you're likely to get swapped to. Cloaking CC is best done when it'll help you score a kill or prevent one.

Gouge is great. You get Prey on the Weak, and you get to just stall. This ability is great for peeling. You just press it, and they stand there for 4 seconds while your healer fixes stuff.

"What does this ability even do? Do I even need it on my bar?" You might be asking yourself. It applies a better version of crippling at a 70% slow, and dispels an enrage effect.
It is what it is. Keybind it, use it when you need a better slow that won't get dispeled or you need to remove an enrage against a warrior.

BUT THROW DOES NO DAMAGE (rip shuriken toss)
Correct. But it keeps those pesky rogues and feral druids, as well as those drinking healers, in combat. Throw knives at people, keep them in combat.

Sap is great, but its targets can't be in combat. Luckily for you a lot of CC lasts 8 seconds, and it takes 6 seconds to get out of combat. So if you blind someone, you can vanish or shadowdance and get a resap.

This thing is pretty straightforward. Chances are if you need to spam feint, you need to have this up. It gives you health. Because you die when your health gets to 0, this can help prevent your death.

Smokebomb is one of those CDs than can be used offensively and defensively, though usually you'll be using it offensively. Smokebomb has a 3 minute cooldown, that's a really long
time so chances are you won't be seeing 2 of these in your average match, so make it count. You ideally want to bomb on someone when you can kill them. Sometimes this means when
you have all your burst CDs, sometimes it's when you and your partner can connect on them and they have burst. You want to make sure that you can keep them in the smokebomb.
This means that you want to make sure their trinket is down in most cases. With mages, you want to make sure that they can't blink. They can't blink if they are silence, have just blinked, or are arcane locked. As far as defensive use goes. You can't cast into an enemy smokebomb. So you can drop it on a team mate who is getting trained by ranged.

Dealing with annoying abilities other classes have

Iceblock/Dispersion/Divine Shield
Generally when these happen you won't be doing any damage to the target. But what's important to note about these abilities is that you can't cast them if you are locked in that school of magic.
If you kick a holy paladin who is at 40%, which is realistic at 1600, and you can kill them in the next 5 seconds, they're likely going to die because they can't bubble.
Mages can get out of this lock by using Cold Snap, but likely a lot of 1600 mages don't know this and won't do it, or won't be able to if it's their second block.

Die By the Sword
DBTS makes warriors parry everthing and take 20% less damage. However you can't parry from behind, or while stunned. So if you can get behind them, maybe via shadowstep, you can stun them and they can't parry.
Alternatively if you're playing with a or mage, they can shadowfury or deep them, at which point you can follow that up with a DRed stun. If you're playing with a pretty good shaman
they can cap totem and then totemic projection it, but that's asking a lot at lower ratings.

Fucking monks, how do they work? Beats me. But what I do know is that you can use cloak on touch of karma. If you're doing 2s with a bad DPS, they won't notice that a monk put karma on you, and they'll continue to  train the monk.
This is where cloak comes in handy. Touch of karma is a debuff on you that then applies a dot which hurts like hell. You can cloak off the dot, but you can't cloak off karma.
So after you pump out damage you can cloak off the karma dot.

Warlock healing bullshit/Other caster bullshit they cast when they're about to die
Silencing the kill target is usually a great idea. Thankfully you have a silencee called Garrote. Garrote the kill target and they can use less healing bullshit.

Death Knights have a lot of abilities classified as spells, so silencing them can be pretty devastating. Most anything that does spell damage can be silenced, you can also silence
AMS and Death Grip. It's basically like silencing a caster.

Hunters bullshit
Feign death. Tidy plates. Do it up.
Disengage, do I have to tell you? Shadowstep.
Traps. You can eat them for your healer using shadowstep or cloak if they're not likely to dispel you or you can get away with cloaking it.

Mages can blink and stuff. Blink breaks stuns. You can't blink when you're silenced. Garrote into a cheap shot means you can actually stun mages.
Roots. vanish breaks roots, and cloak let's you do the melee equivalent of free casting. In duels mages will often save block for dance and or cloak.

If they're holy just tell your mage/priest to dispel hand of sac before you CC them.
If they're ret see this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMxtLLY8cRo&list=UUiITnfxXjZzYrBupmMIdnoA (not sure if I can post links yet)
But real talk though. Ret healing is going to be a pain in WoD.

Silence them and kill them? They heal and stuff so silence is important.
Shadowstep the displacer beast.
Cloak faerie fire if your 1600 healer won't dispel you.

Train the blue.
Kill totems. Pre-emptively cloak cap totem if you need to. Train the blue?

Pre-emptively cloak things if you need to? Give up on killing things when pain supp comes out. Swap during life swap if you think you can score a kill, don't if you think you can benefit more from the pressure of getting another DPS low while the priest tops themselves off.
Tidy plates helps for when they drop target with spectral guise. Effective focus macros help you reapply focus when they drop it.

How to actually get better

Play the game.
You get better at 3v3 arena by doing more 3v3 arena.
When you lose a game, try and realise what you screwed up and what you could've done better. Why do you think there's a section on stuff you can screw up? Because I've screwed stuff up.
You can benefit from dueling a lot. Dueling helps you learn what other classes do and how to beat them.
2v2 arena past 1800 when you're queuing into Healer/DPS can help you learn how to set up kills.
Get a microphone. Communicating with your team helps a lot. Tell your 1600 healer when you're rooted and need a dispel, call out CC chains. You don't need a 120$ mic, just go get a 20$ mic from your local electronics store.

How to get rating without actually getting better.

Play combat and go balls deep in the opener with RMD or play some stupid cleave. You can beat a lot of bad teams by just doing tons of damage and CCing healers who trinket dumb stuff.

This section will be updated once I'm sure that I can post links.
i.imgur.com/u6NArLg.jpg  - UI

#4241041 Arcane Power

Posted Clamnesia on 23 October 2014 - 02:57 PM

View PostDewkee8392, on 23 October 2014 - 02:45 PM, said:

Arcane power needs to undispellable like everyone else's CDs in the game.

Demon soul, Ret Wings, Barskin, PS.. all made untouchable in last 2 xpacs.

MOOOOOM, you gave timmy a toy and a hamburger, i deserve a toy ad a hamburger toooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

Does that help you to see how childish and annoying you sound?

People like you are the reason that in the last few expansions, every class received a self heal, an interrupt, 50 def CDs, etc. You make me want to vomit.

#4235665 So I find myself in following situations ( Affliction ) :

Posted Celaurthor on 18 October 2014 - 07:30 AM

View PostWallirik, on 18 October 2014 - 01:15 AM, said:

you are delusional.
the only reason fear didn't break is because the dots you had on did no dmg, because the warlock either didn't have dots on you, or had horrible proc uptime.
if you get sheeped and lava bursted for 300k do you also think sheep doesn't break on damage?
if i had a single agony on someone in s15, fear would break after 2-3 ticks, which is about 3seconds.

now i clearly understand how op fear was in mop (and earlier), but saying it didn't break fast enough in mop just proves you're a moron (like most other people) that doesn't realize that the only reason it's not breaking is because you're not taking any dmg, until those 3x 100k lava bursts hit you.

Something else that contributed to fear not breaking faster was shitty server responsiveness (i'm guessing) which they now made better?
i cannot count the times i have been disorient roared or chastised with 5 dots on and it lasted for 1 or 1.5 seconds (which should instantly break on any dmg as well).

edit: if you played early wotlk you would've known of fear thresholds. it used to be 20% health to break fear :) now that was insanely retarded
You're defensiveness over this is kinda moot dont you think? Calling me a moron over something that is clearly true and was frequently complained about just kinda makes you look like an ass. If I sat 3-4 seconds of a poly and got lava burst procd out of it at least poly was healing me those 3-4 seconds so thats the worst example you can use. The damage threshold on fears with only dots up was very high in mop but like you said if a warrior or ele was pveing the fear sure it would break. But I have sat 4 seconds of a fear with a full row of demon soul dots ticking away on me multiple times. But there is no point in having a discussion with you if you are just going to call me a moron over and over again so I probably won't respond to your reply. GL in WoD.

#4235152 Thoughts on the Prepatch so far?

Posted Sweatyfingrs on 17 October 2014 - 02:16 PM

View PostNmplol, on 17 October 2014 - 12:36 PM, said:

Not to be rude but there's a reason you have no glad titles.

Not to be rude but didn't you wintrade 5s for R1?

#4228918 Enhance sham and Warlords

Posted Okayenhance on 12 October 2014 - 12:16 AM

View PostJonatan, on 11 October 2014 - 11:38 PM, said:

Must suck to acually have to CAST the only "reliable" cc you got.

Poor shamans (fuck shamans)

Oh wait. I forgot you had an instant ranged stun and your CC doesn't have a cooldown and can't be dispelled by many dps. Oh and that you can get interrupted in arcane and then cast ring of frost. Must be cool. I understand your hate though, shamans are the only class that can stop you and your druid buddy from CC'ing the entire team for 3 minutes ;).

(whining mages)

#4228651 Shadow

Posted Barriery on 11 October 2014 - 12:45 PM

View PostLolflay, on 11 October 2014 - 11:30 AM, said:

Feels like they completely butchered Priests and Mages ( and to lesser extent Locks ).

lol good

#4225873 Is WoD really good or it's just a MoP 2.0 with same mechanics ?

Posted Breadstick on 06 October 2014 - 10:31 PM

somewhat related, i was really hoping with the item squish we'd be going back to bc or wotlk healthpools, pretty disappointing to see wod is going to have cata/mop amounts of hp

#4225939 The 8 Teams for Blizzcon

Posted Pinka on 07 October 2014 - 12:41 AM

Posted Image

#4225762 The 8 Teams for Blizzcon

Posted mirox on 06 October 2014 - 08:09 PM

Wow, Hogwartscon of 2014 is sure gonna be fun to watch.

#4225750 The 8 Teams for Blizzcon

Posted dreschnuu99 on 06 October 2014 - 07:59 PM

push push (korean WMD / kfc) is gonna win


^ playlist of the korean / asian regionals if anyone is interested-

#4225396 The 8 Teams for Blizzcon

Posted Namechange420x on 06 October 2014 - 09:45 AM

But these hunters and ferals man, broken as fuck

#4223779 World of Warcraft 3v3 pvp, courtesy of Russia.

Posted Namechange420x on 04 October 2014 - 02:19 PM

Allowing that scum into the EU battlegroup/servers is just another shot fired at PVP from blizzard

#4224331 Warlocks in WoD

Posted DanAction on 05 October 2014 - 05:45 AM

I have a few random thoughts to add since I've played beta some more. Some of these things aren't specific to warlock, but they do apply to us in some way. Most of my testing is through 2v2 skirmishes.

Spec viability:
Affliction: My affliction testing is very limited, but I think it will be alright. Damage seems good, soulburn:haunt will be critical to doing huge damage. You have to cast dots again, which is not as stupid as idiot mode MoP soulburn SS, so at least affliction locks will be fearing a bit less. Other than that, you can expect a more cata like play style I would suspect, except without a 30 second soul swap for free.

Destruction: being my main spec, I really did try to make destro work. It is pretty damn terrible. You are pidgeonholed into taking Charred remains as a 100 talent because ember generation is abysmal without fel flame; you are literally cemented in place in order to do any damage, since incinerate and conflagrate do almost no damage, and you must chaos bolt for any real damage. Even then, chaos bolt does not hit hard enough to even cause great pressure when allowed to freecast. And god forbid anyone steps out of your casting range, or runs around a pillar. You can't actually do damage to someone who is running from you anymore.
Also, 6 second fear for destro is actually a huge nerf to our setup. It's already quite difficult to cast into a full fear even now. and with you being force to run howl of terror. it will be your only setup, aside from someone else's cc.
Ember tap was also nerfed, so healing is pretty meh, not to mention healthstone being able to only be used once until you drop combat. So yeah, destro is pretty much dead. Not quite cataclysm-status dead, but not too far off.

Demo: demo is not too bad. Because it has axe toss, demo can set up easier than the other two specs now, while still having howl. I see demonbolt getting some serious nerfs, because it's honestly too strong. build up to 500-600 fury, pop dark soul and spam demonbolt with cross cc into 2x chaos wave, and you can basically solo people. The weakness is that you obviously need to cast, so melee will be on your dick the entire time. But if you can cast, you can wreck people. It sort of reminds me of current destro, not as godlike as affliction, but it has its place in arena.

Pros and cons about general gameplay:
- You can actually juke MoP blanket master mages, and not be silenced afterwards. It's pretty great.
- Interrupts and execute delays have definitely been reduced. It's much more responsive to shadowburn a target than ever before, and interrupts have much less lag.
- Tremor totem change: it's about time.

- Melee mobility is still out of control, for the amount of instant control casters have, melee should not have so many ways to immediately get back on a target, especially post-gateway nerf.
- Gateway is completely worthless now. Either get rid of it, or make it not useless. You can't even get gates between pillars on some maps.
- Mage/druid synergy is still too strong, even without soul clones or POM poly, their cc is huge. Rdruid is still the best healer in the game
- Giving silence to disc priest just seems like a huge backward step to reducing retarded instant cc. Imagine the melee cleaves. Now give them a 5 second blanket silence (which most cleaves do not have). Cya healers.

I'm sad they removed so many abilities that definitely had a place in every good warlocks toolkit, but I guess we can live without them.