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Optimal BM Hunter Spec

24 March 2010 - 01:09 AM


The extra point can be placed anywhere but the setup allows you to max out AP and focus less on hit. While providing a good amount of survivability as well as being able to spam dmg while a DK or hunter pet munches on your face.

The extra point can be placed in 5% increased Arcane Shot dmg but i feel like the 2 yrds allows me to out range classes that i would not otherwise be able to because of latency.

Not to mention the extra 2 yrds makes shooting from the pillars on Blade's Edge Arena or "Circle of Blood" much easier when the apposing team is sitting on the ramps.

Double Healer Overpowered?

12 February 2010 - 11:48 PM

I'm curious as to what everyone's thoughts are, on Double Healer Warrior teams.
It seems to me that they are too OP in which Single Healer teams have an impossibly hard time trying to beat a good Double Healer team with mana burn spam and CC to prevent the single healer team from getting a kill.
In What way can this problem be addressed?

My thought is to Nerf Mana Regen so intern Double Dps will have an equal chance with setting up a kill.