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Priests, what do you think about 5.3?

03 May 2013 - 07:59 AM

Dear fellow priests!

I "copied" the previous thread on 5.2 because I would like to read what you guys think about 5.3:

What are promising comps for SP now that we lose voidshift and have longer cast time on MD? Same as before or do we see a significant shift in the SP-arena-comp landscape?

What are promising comps for Disc now that thugcleave seems to get nerved through scatter+trap sharing DR? Will the focus still be on Disc+Hunter+rogue/ww.. or will we see new types of comps for Disc?

What are the main strength and weaknesses for both, Disc and Shadow, considering the current 5.3 changes?

And how is the overall state of affairs on the PTR? Some classes or specs that are clearly OP or UP?